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Welcome, lover Are you looking for a genuine heartfelt connection that involves not only your physical body but also your mind and soul You are at home with me. My name is Anais, an alluring, intuitive, and beautiful woman from Latino America. I am Psychotherapist and since 4 years I've been walking the path of Neo-Tantra, devoted to live in the freedom of the Self and it's Loving Awareness through Yoga, Meditation, Sacred Sexuality, Erotic Embodiment, Energy and Body work. I am trained in different Bodywork and Energy healing modalities, and I am passionate in using my skills and knowledge to hold the space for men and women who long to discover and embrace their sensuality, pleasure, and power, through my Tantra and Erotic Devotional Bodywork. I am here to create a warm and intimate container for you to be as you are, unwind and receive my Divine Feminine gifts of nurturing, loving and sensual touch, that will take you in a journey to awaken your erotic energy. My Tantric journeys are are built on the elements of breath, sound, movement, energy work, whole body bodywork, Yoni and Lingam rub (delicious genital rub) and beautiful body-slides. The combination of those elements will allow you to drop into deeper levels of presence and pleasure, supporting you to increase your sexual awareness and orgasmic potential. Please note all Tantric Relaxation sessions are performed in the bed and with coconut oil. TANTRIC LINGAM AND YONI RELAXATIONAll my sessions include Lingam (for males) and Yoni (for females) shiatsu. This is a Tantra and Tao inspired practice focused on rubbing the genitals. This isn't only about having one orgasm and being done. Instead, it's about trying to feel more and more pleasure that could become waves of multiple orgasms. TANTRIC BODY TO BODY RELAXATIONThis is a very sensual and intimate moment, we are both naked, and the levels of pleasure reached are as close as you can get to intercourse without involving any penetration. Body-slide followed by Lingam/Yoni (genital) rub is pure bliss. You are very welcome to adore my soft beautiful body with your hands while I'm taking care of you. However, Yoni (genital) touch on me is not on offer. 2 hours $ hours $3201 Hour $300 TANTRA BODY FOR COUPLES RELAXATION A Tantra relaxation is a beautiful way for couples (lovers/friends) to deeply connect and strengthen their loving and sexual bond. We rub/touch him together, and we rub/touch her together. You will find a new emotional connection. Both sexually and emotionally, your relationship will be taken to the next level. Lingam and Yoni bodywork is included if desired. hours $4402 hours $ hours $360 TANTRIC PROSTATE RELAXATIONOpen your mind and experience a whole new level of pleasure with a loving prostate bodywork. The prostate is known as the male G-spot and when stimulated, it helps you to preserve your sexual energy, cultivate your sexual health and increase your libido. This practice is done with all my respect, care and desire to bring selfless pleasure to you. Feel free to add this to any of the sessions described above for extra $60. SACRED EROTIC DANCEWitness the beauty, sensuality, grace and power of the Sacred Feminine through a seductive erotic dance. I invite you to feel me, to worship the divine feminine through me and receive in your body this sacred form of a woman’s sexual expression. Feel free to add this Sacred Erotic Dance to any of the sessions described above for extra $40. Please note: *My Tantra Relaxation sessions described here DO NOT involve sexual intercourse**** If you can’t host, I’m happy to arrange a Hotel room for extra $$$ If you are lucky, you can get that for free.* I am rarely available at short notice. Booking 24hrs in advance is highly recommended.* I choose to attract the clients that value what I offer. Rates are not negotiable. In exchange of the time and energy, I expect you to: - Meet me in a sober and conscious state. Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking prior to the Be kind, respectful and polite. Make the payment at the beginning of the session. My vision: I believe that we have the power to raise our sexual energy within ourselves and use it to directly experience mystical states of consciousness, where our heart opens up to a deeper state of LOVE and PLEASURE, and our bodies are transformed into temples of male and female divinity. I believe that PLEASURE is our birth right and our deepest longing is to LOVE and be loved as we truly are. I am here offering you a safe space for you to be seen, to be loved and adored, and fully receive the pleasure that is available for you. HOW TO BOOK Please send me a text message with the following information•Your name•Your desired location•Your desired date/time•Your desired Massage experience and booking duration With wild love,Anais del Mar.

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  • Age 28
  • Language English