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Hi Gents,.mm'm just starting for the day at 6pm going threw til 7am .. I'm avail If u like SMS **So u like to get norty can i help put bk in yr luv Yes its true im tight where it counts. .tighter than tigHter than what u would dream of and nawty Pussy muscles that know just what be more than amazed of how tight I (I did mention tight didnt I?? Lol) I'm bad girl Very nawty Lil SLUT in .im not jus sayinG really am- actions speak louder than words*also many say my pics dont do me justice im beter in real life!( I am popular n weLl known so.,stop thinking√... Text me u won't regret u did ..u jus b wishing u found me earlier lol)(0sms)..u have any doubts, dont il proove how goood i am in real all my sexual I know how to work u u on edge til u can't take it any more. 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Im also very trainable-wink:"love to wear a collar n leash mmm b yr kitty very flexible mind n go all way over my head n toes touch the bed n go past the beds edge lol- Back mysekf 110% that I'm very Good at what I I love that I'm good at it ..and I know what to do n when to ..n ) 1,**2** get the tightest Lil pinkest pussy I am really tight !! 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(Don't judge me atall don't judge me by make up or colour hair -I'm makeup artist in past life and new abstract artist like colour n being arty unique (different every time u come see me)I put a lot of this into what I do and effort into role character fantasy u Im a fit athletic sz8/9-55kgs 169cms tall that's without long smooth athletic legs /pocket rocket -body nice n light to firm bum -give it a little squeeze when u walk in -I like that :)))I move n groove all over u n round u teasing u workin u up !!!wink.:""also great viewz when I stand over top of u ..I'm firm ,toned., smooth skin .. Allover ! I know how to moove n groove my sexy Pink self -all over u /behind-- reverse cowgirl with twerk n figure 8grooves n shimmys to doggy style n xtend one leg around u ..! 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You will feel like a new man a relief n satisfaction like no bounce n funk in yr step u been wanting in a ilong while-winks") Maybe u are from outa town wana Get up to some norty u are here_Its ONLy mins zip down freway from 0))for those like read more about me or give yrself a suprise)) ...I'm rocking in and grooving afew new looks or SEXY Saa'ssy Zany,I'm quriky mischievous funnfun j .blonde n pink popping hair ...n purple so far all luv,,(I'm constantly changing my looks from morning til night please request if u like one of my funkii looks and want othat xact look"" or more or less of funkii makeup looks want the funkii))I am me as MiSs Pinkyfunkii with colourful make up ..I'm not fake I don't judge., i really am me I'm super friendly hope to make u more than happy when u here . best to reach me ASAP SMS prefer 0 Come on guys Im good at what I do - you will be amazed !!You will b glad u had a visit any doubts I put them at ease more time . 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Into most things jus ask and il let u know what I do when u contact will b smiling and wanting more by time we finished if u wish xtend u can and please allow a little xtra time as also take requests of how u like me to with make up or no make up or want certain style gothic .. Or funkii or fantasy school girl ,secretary retro girl ..nurse ..or my new kitty cat on prowl dress up and ur my new owner,,I come with collar n leash ; 1hr-#255gets xtra 15 mins free til 2pm 45mins-# 195
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.to 360inc kitty cat on the prowl who luvs tp dominate her pray__meow ,,purrrs up against I as she has I right where she wants u to b at her pink purring pussy >###\ ,*

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