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Much like the ancient delicacy, I’m timeless, I’m olive. I’m a five-foot-three powerhouse serving you a petite frame with an hourglass figure that is beyond this earth. Every curve and contour of my body is perfectly sculpted, from the arch of my neck to the gentle curve of my hips. With limbs like branches, I move with a fluid grace that is almost otherworldly. My skin is smooth and ethereal like a porcelain canvas with hidden piercings and bundles of tattoos perfectly laced throughout, winding like vines up my arms, some are an inky black whilst others are vibrant and striking cheekbones that perfectly complement my heart-shaped face drawing attention to my eyes which are a similar colour to the sea on a clear day. A mesmerising shade of aquamarine that sparkles in the light and is bound to catch yours. With silky, plush lips that can talk for hours with a bubbly and confident demeanour that will instantly make you feel comfortable. I have a laid-back attitude that tends to go with the flow and not take life so seriously. In short, I have a bubbly, coy and playful personality, and I offer a wide range of services and styles within my work. I’ve listed below details of my skill set and would encourage you to ask if you’re service tends to be quite enthusiastic and passionate, with things like toys, strip twister, and just having fun dancing in the sheets. Services range from a saintly girlfriend experience, or a more pornographic kinky one, or if you’re looking for something more fetishistic you could try my sybaritic porn star experience. I tend to be more submissive in nature but I can definitely dominate a room. Double the trouble is always fun but I just say the more the merrier. I offer a large assortment of services, so don’t be afraid to ask otherwise you might miss ’m always happy to see all clients whether you’re looking for a woman love women service, a bisexual girl to your relationship or if you’re gender-diverse or disabled. I don’t judge based on race, sex, gender, abilities or anything like that and am happy to do my best to accommodate your needs so you have a fun and safe id -

Personal Details

  • Age 24
  • Language English

Shoot me a message and I promise I’ll reply!

Shoot me a message and I promise I’ll reply!

Hey guys I’m Kelly, a girl who has a lust for life and a lust to please men.