Eve X, 30

Ad Description

PLEASE NOTE - I am not a Full Service provider. I offer Tantric Explorations and Ritual Kink experiences.

A pornographer, tracing currents of shame and desire in self and society.

Fluid in sexuality & gender, a lover of exploration and transgression…

I Study the Artistry of Love,
The Language of Movement,
The Song of the Body

A Scholar & A Hedonist,
Devoted to the Pursuit of
Sublime Experience and
A Life of Glorious Sensuality

A constantly moving creatrix, compassionate yet wicked, I am open to offers of intriguing erotic trysts as I flow through the world. Tempt me…

Email only. Pre-bookings & Deposits are essential.

My sessioning time is limited; I will only accept articulate and tempting offers.

All clients are welcome. Respect is essential.

Personal Details

  • Age 30
  • Language English