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Are Wollongong dating the new norm for forming long-term relationships?

Not too long ago, it felt like a bit of a confession to tell people that you’d met someone online. It wasn’t too uncommon to be met with comments such as ‘oh, that’s… nice?’ whilst clearly being able to sense that ‘wow that’s weird’ ran like ticker tape across their mind, itching to get off the edge of their tongue.

Far from the hushed-up secret, it used to be, online dating agency girls have had a swift popularity surge in recent years. Profiles bearing the tagline ‘I’m willing to lie about how we met’ are becoming rarer and the stigma attached to swiping on faces to find a partner is rapidly diminishing.

I guess the real question is why. Why are we suddenly putting our faith in comprehensive surveys and algorithms when looking for something as precious and coveted as true love? Studies have suggested that with increasingly work-heavy lifestyles becoming more commonplace, dating apps provide a convenient method of interacting with fellow single humans without having to take the time out from pressing professional demands. Because heaven forbid, the company goes under while you were propping up a whisky bar making eyes at the cutie across the room despite being the only person who could have stopped the impending economic collapse. Ah, capitalism… don’t you just love it?

But of course, there is a lot of sense in allowing a piece of code to match you up to partners who you are most suited to. It does a lot of the wedding for you. There’s no longer any need to make agonising small talk with your colleague’s god-awfully dull cousin or waste endless nights in seedy nightclubs harbouring a dwindling flicker of hope that The One might grind against you. Users of dating apps can -and are- more selective about those who they choose to spend real-world time with, so it stands to reason that these connections will be long-lasting.

While the anonymity of dating apps can bring out the worst in people, this very same aspect can prove hugely beneficial to some demographics. Apparently, 55% of lesbian, gay and bisexual adults have used a Wollongong dating app with around 20% finding, long-term love, through them. Of course, the internet offers a unique space to explore your true self freely and openly, which may be one reason why so many LGBTQ+ people choose to flock to online communities. This may also explain why 47% of those surveyed in the Future of Dating Report believed that it is easier for introverts to find love online. Fact: the internet is a portal into a social plain that was previously only occupied by the extroverted conformists.

So, is online dating the new norm for forming long-term relationships? The short answer is yes. Dating in Wollongong are only expecting their customer base to grow as we spend more of our lives on the internet. As the way that we live and work changes -which it has done at an alarming rate this year for COVID-related reasons- it makes sense that our ways of socialising would too. Once upon a time, online dating was a concept that was considered only for the weirdos of the world. They’re still there but their previously perplexing methods of finding love no longer raise any eyebrows. Apparently, around two-thirds of people would be willing to try online dating, so if you’re lucky, you may find someone who is the same brand of weird as you.

Should Wollongong prostitutes, escorts and massage girls be legalised?

The sex industry has been a taboo subject for as long as we can remember. Yet, unfortunately for those who despise the idea of sex work, the industry has been around for much longer than the cynical attitudes held against it. Furthermore, rallying on the side of sex work making more of a reputable comeback, societies ever-changing views seem to frown upon sex work less and less as the years go by, leaving the sex work cynics to question their outdated morals.

Sex is arguably one of the few things we humans have in common as a collective. It’s as common as eating, albeit done with a little more discretion and is seldom seen in public. It’s not necessarily a secret, once we’re old enough to understand our sexual organs and how they work we tend to succumb to the irresistible desire of sexual satisfaction as often as our privacy will allow. It’s the time when pre-pubescent teens become more reclusive and find solace in being alone in their bedrooms (perhaps only for a matter of minutes) and yes, we’ve all been there, there’s no denying that! Once developed, our curiosity and sexual appetites take over can lead us down a myriad of diverse pathways.

Why is it then, that sex work has been branded as criminal and Wollongong escorts can be charged and sent to prison for being in the same profession as their ancestors may have been? What makes this natural act of passion and desire that we’re all interested in (some more covertly than others) a taboo industry?

The porn industry is estimated to take in around $15bn (USD) per year, which is more than the likes of mainstream media including Netflix and Hollywood! This more than compensates the actors and actresses for their work and some of the top tier entertainers can earn up to $2000 (USD) per scene. They even have their own awards ceremony (the Adult Video News, AVN) which this year saw its 37th annual event and even has its own Hall of Famers.

Strip Clubs are another outlet for sexual entertainers to work in a much more moderate environment; whilst still performing erotic and sexual dances in a rather limited uniform, physical sex is not a part of this line of work. This is a legitimate working industry in which the girls are paid and looked after very well by the managers of the clubs and its security service that keep a watchful eye over their employees. Far from what people may assume is a degrading job, women in this line of work have often felt empowered by earning good money and working on their own terms in whatever situations they are comfortable with. Anyone that oversteps any boundaries with these girls would be quick to regret it after being ordered to leave the club by security staff. Contrary to popular belief, these establishments are run professionally with the workers’ best interests in mind.

Escorts in Wollongong is basically the professional description of new age prostitution, whereby there is an exchange of money for any services rendered – tending towards the sexual kind. Similar to that of an adult entertainer or stripper, escort workers have the ability to work how and when they want, giving them the empowerment of being their own boss and having their clients adhere to rules and regulations that they deem fit the criteria of their desired work. A high-priced escort in Australia claimed to make up to $10,000 (AUD) in one weekend, with not much sex involved.

These escort services are usually solicited online in the new technological age, which can aid towards self-marketing in a more professional approach than the constructed version of standing on a street corner enticing passers-by with very forward questions or suggestions (thanks a lot, Grand Theft Auto).

It has taken a long time to shake the negative connotation surrounding sex work, as with all things deemed criminal in the world. Hundreds of years ago, sexual activity was just as ripe – if not more so – than today, with much less knowledge of girls and contraception. This would have made for a cesspool of diseases given the nature of sex work and how close people get to one another. The prevalence of massage parlours in Wollongong during these times made for an easy argument for the outlaw of brothels, forcing the industry underground. Once in the belly of the underworld, where regulations and legitimacies take a back seat for crime and corruption, no good was ever going to come for the sex industry once there. It is easy to take advantage of people with more violent means, as would-be employees of the sex industry would be forced to hide what they do for work and rely on the shady, sleazy characters who thrive in the gruelling depths of the underworld.

Fortunately, as we develop more and more through the years and recognise that certain needs of society can be met legitimately through business, there are ways to provide services for some of our most primal needs. As we progress into a more inclusive society, adult contacts in Wollongong can become a welcome part of the business world. With legitimacies being returned to the world’s oldest profession, regulations can be put in place to further protect employees, employers and customers and implement safety methods where criminal discretion once was.

This openness to accept sex work as a legitimate business and job prospect has only promoted the safety and security of its employees above all. Let’s face it, whether we like to admit it or not, we all love to work in the sex industry and here on xlamma you can find adult jobs in Wollongong. Some of us aren’t blessed with Hollywood good looks or charm, so why should we suffer sexual deprivation? There is money to be made, people are a lot more open about their views on sex workers, and, if nothing else, it might reduce a little stress and blood pressure on a global scale!