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  • Ever thought about becoming an escort? Ever wondered how much money you could make? Escorts reveal how much they actually earn.


  • What’s the difference between working as an escort, dating clients and then having sex with them and a prostitute who is soley a sex in exchange for money transaction?


  • Thinking about entering the world of the sex worker after you graduate? Here is everything you ever wanted to know about the money you can make from sex work!


  • What is pimping and pandering?Pimping and pandering are two closely related sex crimes that deal with facilitating and receiving financial compensation for prostitution. While these two crimes are frequently charged together in the same case, they have different elements that must be met under the California Penal Code. › Practice Areas


  • Lawyer works as prostitute in her spare time

Katie Sears works as a criminal defense attorney in Iowa but in her spare time she flies to Nevada to work in a brothel. While attorneys going into prostitution have made news before, the narrative is usually an unfortunate tale of women who went into sex work because they needed the money. Thankfully, Sears is available to offer the counter-narrative that gets overshadowed by troubling tales of coercion and human trafficking — a lot of sex workers actually just like their jobs: › 2019/09 › people-may-think…