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Loyalty,Duty,Respect,Honor, Integrity,and Selfless my favorite is selfless
I like to think
P be
Hello dear you can call me Annita!
I’m from Brazil 🇧🇷
Im new here in America, the first thing about me you should know is that family comes first. I believe that family is a priority which is why t’s important to keep your loved ones close by. I’m very conservative and big on my beliefs. I believe in The one true God. My faith is strong and that I value respect. I think The second thing you should know is I love to dance,I do samba$ I love bachata,salsa, etc.
I enjoy meeting new people, when it comes to having conversations I like to share different ideas about politics, food, and places. I speak mainly Portuguese and English. Although I don’t understand a lot of slang I’m learning every single day along with some Spanish.
I believe in God ... he is at sunset, in beautiful, cool, super-animated people ... I also do not believe in another life. This is life right here, and we have to enjoy it while there is time. I've worried a lot about death and I was even afraid. Today, despite being a subject that I don't like to talk about very much, I face it naturally, because I also believe in the energy of things. In the transformation of things into energy. I may even return to this world, but as something else, in another way ... I don't know.
I am person from the inside out. My beauty is in my essence and in my character. I believe in dreams, not utopia. But when I dream, I dream big. I'm here to live, fall, learn, get up and move on.
I am that today ...
Tomorrow, I have reinvented myself.
I reinvent myself whenever life asks for a little more from me.
I am complex, I am a mixture, I am a woman with the face of a girl ... And vice versa. I get lost, look for me and I find myself. And when necessary, I go crazy and let it roll ...
I don't give in half, I'm either everything or I'm nothing. I can't stand half terms. I'm silly, but I'm not stupid. Naive, but not holy. I am a person of easy laughter ... and I cry too!
I’m easy to talk to if you want to know more about me text me


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  • Age 20