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Would you say that societal viewpoint has changed towards women working as escorts or girls working in Winston-Salem massage parlors?

Sex business is one of the oldest professions and the business will always find its way back no matter the encumbrances. People will always want to rub a negative paint on it but the truth remains that the business is still in high demand and this is because the customer and the business person are on a mutual benefit.

Are Winston-Salem escorts only in it for the money?

“Growing up in the ghetto is tough for any beautiful growing girl, especially if she is from a poor background. Men will always be kind to her and if care is not taken, that kindness can open one’s eyes to an easy way of “making money” Anonymous narrated!

Who believes that the majority of ladies in the business are not in it for money alone? Who also believes that some ladies are natural pleasure givers? But that does not conceal the fact that some aspect of the business has also illegitimately introduced slavery.

In 2016, it was recorded that 3.8 adults and 1 million children were victims of sex trafficking, 99% were women and girls. The business encourages profit hence, building wings underneath the surface. If the demand isn’t high enough, obviously the brain behind the business would have diverted the energy into something else. There are 40 to 42 million prostitutes in the world! 

“Who inspires this business?” Anonymous one asked

Anonymous two sat back on his chair with a bottle of beer and pointed to the crowd of men loitering the brothel lustfully looking at the detailed anatomy of the ladies serving drinks and then to the beer in his hand. “This and this”

“I don’t get it! These ladies” Anonymous one paused as he took a look at the buttocks of a nubile lady in pink skimpy gown who just walked passed him with a tray of empty bottles of beer and he kept looking until she disappeared through a bend before he turned to his friend who was grinning at him. “These ladies...where are they from?”

 “They are sweet Caribbean girls bro! I don’t know how the owner of this joint gets them, but he sure knows how to pick good stuff!” Anonymous one bragged.

Many business products sell because of the kind of ladies marketing them. The nature of a man is always responding to his lust, even a well respected religious person often fights to resist the urge. That is to say, the man who condemns the business in the open is a customer at heart.

We know that in every sex business, ladies are always prevalent with 80-90% more than men. Should this empathically trigger the hatred for the business?


According to 2006 estimated revenue from sex movies, US alone recorded about $13 billion and $97.06 billion was generated worldwide. 28,258 users watch porn every second, $3,075.64 is spent on the internet on porn every second. It will shock you that 70% of men between the ages of 18 and 24 years visit a porn site at least once a month and the categories who constantly visit the sites are men between the ages of 35 and 49.

What is your take on porn? A question asked a 25 years old single mum.

Anonymous: (she smiled) I think porn is not a bad business, as long as it serves the right purpose (She laughed and looked away).

What is the right purpose?

Anonymous: well, not everyone can do it. (Then she laughed) porn teaches us how to do it right!

Another question was asked by a 50 year old man. Have you ever watched porn?

Anonymous: Of course! In my younger days, it was a boy thing.

What about now?

Anonymous: (He smiled and shook his head) Once in a while.

The internet always keeps record to curb misquotes. The larger congregation who speaks ill about sex related businesses has one way or the other partook in promoting the business. By only clicking on the page, a person has increased the statistics for the year.

There are societies that prohibit pornography and any kind of sex business. It is also known that 67% of the people in that country engages and patronizes the business outside the restricted area. This is because people like to go for what they don’t/ can’t have.


  1. An interesting venture

People who go into sex industry are in a way influenced or motivated by the benefits they gain. If the ones who condemn it are true to their critics for the business, then the situation will be completely eradicated. But now many people are beginning to recognise that the business can actually pay the Bills and this has greatly reduced the damning perception of people towards the business. This notion is actually propelled by civilization and only a civilized society sees it that way.

  1. It helps to tame sex addicted men

The invention of sexual easing outlets has curbed the rise of rapes and sexual frustration.

  1. A form of distraction

Many people often find haven in brothels and peace in watching porn. These distractions help mostly depressed and introverted people.

It is only developed societies and societies with no prevalent religion or rigid cultural stand can understand the intent of the people venturing into sex industries.

Alas, many societies will consider it a crime and a defaulter faces grievous sentences. As of 2017, prostitution is legal in 53 countries, limitedly legal in 12 countries and illegal in 35 countries.

Having seen the above statistics, we can clearly see that the 53 countries that allow related businesses is an indication that today’s society is accepting the sex industry and the influence of these countries is already indirectly influencing other countries.

In conclusion, I dare to say that society's point on the people entering the entertainment business has changed to a large extent.  Aside from sycophants and hypocrites who patronise the business at night and throw stones in the morning, if everyone can be sincere to themselves, then we will see that perception and notion has changed positively as regard the industry.