RUTH, 27 - 54 9 221 418-3125


54 9 221 418-3125

Por favor, díme que has visto mi anuncio en Xlamma


I'm nice. I like good company. Respect is essential. Call me in advance so I can coordinate. (Minimum 40 minutes). Shifts are with commitment. If we coordinate a shift and you stop me, I will charge for the cancellation of the shift. I DO NOT TOLERATE DISRESPECTFUL. DO NOT MOUSE. I DO NOT CARE FOR MINORS. I provide many services. I also do threesomes with a friend, or with you and your friend, ask me! I CONSIDER CHAT HOT I PAY TO SEND ME EXPLICIT PHOTOS/VIDEOS. IF YOU DO IT YOU OWE ME PL4T4. DON'T BE DISLOCATED.

Datos personales

  • Age 27
  • Nationality Argentinean
  • Hair Colour Blonde
  • Language Español