Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between an independent escort and the girls that work for an escort agency?

An independent escort is a girl that works by herself, whereas an escort agency will have several escorts available and will be booked through the agency.

Are there any porn stars escorts that are available to hire here?

Many porn stars are now working as escorts, why? Simple, porn stars can earn more money working as an escort than they can working in the porn industry. With the advent of tube sites, where porn is free and amateurs are making porn films for everyone to watch, porn stars have to supplement their income by working as escorts. Porn star escorts are not cheap escorts they can command the highest VIP escort rates, they are elite escorts who usually work in Capital cities because clients will pay top prices for escorts who appear in porn films.

What is girlfriend experience?

Girl friend experience, usually depicted in ads as GFE, is where the escort will act as your girlfriend for the alloted time with lots of kissing and cuddling.

What is the difference between an escort and a prostitute?

Referring to a woman that sells sex as a prostitute today is a somewhat derogatory term, calling a sex worker an escort has, to a degree, sanitized the oldest profession. Female escorts in today’s world are happy to promote themselves as an escort rather than a prostitute, it could be argued that the difference is negligible but to the escort and punter the openness of the trade is refreshing. Twenty years ago clients would not be forthcoming about visiting prostitutes, but in todays online, social media society, clients are happy to review escorts they have seen and openly discuss the different attributes of escorts and prostitutes they have visited.

Is there a difference between the girls that work in a massage parlour and an escort?

 A massage parlour will usually have a selection of girls, sometimes Thai and Chinese girls on site which you choose when you visit the premises. An escort is chosen usually online and then she visits you or you can visit her if she has an in-call location.

Why are Indian escorts so popular?

Girls from India who decide to work in the sex industry are always at a premium. Although Indian and Pakistani escorts are still in the minority compared to western girls who escort, Indian escorts are increasingly popular because of their rarity. Seeing Indian women in sari’s and knowing that they are available as an escort you can meet for an hour or two is alluring for many hobbyists.

There are lots of acronyms used in escort directory ads, for example OWO, CIM, COB, what do the mean?

OWO means oral without condom, CIM means Cum in mouth, COB means Cum on body. If you’re not sure about other acronyms simply phone the escort and ask what services they offer.

What is a male escort and where can I find rent boys and twinks near me?

Male massage service will start at the age of 18 years, so by definition they only have two years in which to promote themselves as an escort in their teenage years. For this reason male escorts and especially teen rent boys are at a premium in the industry. Another reason rent boys in location are so popular with clients is there freshness, they are comparatively new to the sex worker business and many new escorts want to satisfy their clients by offering all services. Finding a gay escort near you is easy on xlamma.

What services do teen 18 year old blonde escorts offer?

Teen escorts are very open-minded when it comes to offering sexual services. Lots of teenage girls will offer oral without condom, cum in mouth teens are common in most areas of the UK. There are many escort teens who will do anal sex in return for an extra consideration. Teenage escorts 18+ are new to the sex business so they have no real agenda as many more mature escorts will have.

Can I find a particular type of escort on this site?

Yes, you can refine your search to find any category of escort, for example; Asian escorts, Indian escorts, Black escorts, Asian massage girls and Mature escorts, etc, almost any combination of searches are available and you will find results that match your search.

Where can I find Indian escorts who offer all sexual services?

There are many escorts from India on this website, and indeed throughout lots of towns and Cities. In areas where there is a large population from India and Pakistan, escorts will usually travel to an area away from family members. Searching to find Indian escorts for example will result in finding Desi girls, Bollywood girls who now escort, and the sexiest Indian girls who has traveled from a different town to offer adult content to clients.

Is it best to contact an escort by phone, text or email?

 Once you click on a profile the escort will usually tell you in her bio her preferred way of contact. Most escorts will want you to phone them first. A tip; escorts do not answer calls for “no caller ID’ calls, this is for their safety.

Do mature escorts like to be taken to dinner before they will engage in any sexual services?

Booking with a mature escorts can be many things, if you want a mature companion to have dinner with you and maybe enjoy an evening together then you will be in for a treat. Mature escorts can be versatile and be very personable in company, whether you want your escort to accompany you to a function or works conference they will be discreet and affectionate towards you and you only. This scenario is played out more times than one would think, many times you may have been at a function somewhere and seen a beautiful women on the arm of a colleague and wondered how he got her? Chances are she is a mature escort that he has booked for the evening.

Do you have shemale escorts or trans escorts on your site?

Yes, click the escorts tab at the top of the page and you will see three categories; female escorts, male escorts and TV TS escorts, click on TV/TS escorts, this will show all the transsexual escorts in London on the site.

What’s the difference between a teen 18 year old escort and a sugar baby?

Teenage escorts on xlamma, 18 years old and above will always meet with the potential clients who either call them, video call or text as a means of meeting.  Once a date has been arranged with a teen escort she will tell you the services that she offers and the prices for such services. A sugar baby won’t tell you the prices for her company or for any sexual services that may be on offer, but she will expect her sugar daddy to be generous.

I am a salesman travelling, can I find escorts and massage girls in every town?

Yes, on xlamma you will find escorts, massage parlours, strip clubs and escort agencies throughout the country on the biggest, most comprehensive escort directory.

What is bait and switch?

Bait and switch is a practice where an independent escort or unscrupulous escort agencies will upload pictures of glamor models on their profile pages and suggest to the client that these girls are available to hire. In reality they then send a different girls to visit you. Bait and switch gets more complaints than any other aspect of the escort business.

How can I be sure that the female escort in the picture are not operating a ‘bait & switch/cat fishing scam?

Always best practice to call the escort first and ask to have a FaceTime with them if you are unsure.

Can I visit a teen, 18 year old escort for girlfriend experience in their apartment?

Yes, most femal escorts who begin their journey in the sex industry will start by offering sexual services from a massage apartment or indeed from their own apartment. Teen escorts are usually not cultured enough at the age of eighteen to work for an escort agency, their confidence in dating mature men and walking confidently into 5 star hotels comes in time and experience, so when a new teen girl becomes an escort she is still learning the trade and in time will probably move to working for an agency. Before a visit always discuss the services that the escort is willing to perform, on this website you will see the ‘things I like’ section which will have terms such as OWO, GFE, A levels.

What sexual services do teen 18 year old escorts offer?

Teen escorts are very open-minded when it comes to offering sexual services. Lots of teenage girls will offer oral without condom, cum in mouth teens are common in most areas. There are many escort teens who will do anal sex in return for an extra consideration. Teenage escorts 18+ are new to the sex business so they have no real agenda as many more mature escorts will have.

What is a prostitute?

Prostitution is known as the oldest profession. Before the advent of the internet prostitutes were forced to walk the streets in order to meet their clients, almost every town would have had a red-light district where local prostitutes would ply their trade. This practice caused problems for local residents, the police and indeed the street-walkers themselves. Since biblical times prostitution has always ben part of society throughout the world. The earliest mention of prostitution from the Bible itself; The Whore of Babylon, referred to the sinful behaviour of the women of the Roman Empire. But even before the Bible clay tablets were found that mentioned Lilith a local prostitute. Today, prostitutes are known by many terms, hookers, call girls, working girls and more recently escorts. The whole sex industry has been transformed by the internet and prostitutes now have a certain respectability within society.

Where can I find ladyboys near me for escort services?

Ladyboys traditionally come from Southeast Asia, Thai ladyboys and Tgirl escorts are very sought after in places like Bangkok, the Philippines and Japan.  Ladyboy escorts are all available here, they can be very cute looking, being petite and very sexual. Thai ladyboys are a particular draw for thousands of men who visit Bangkok every year.

I want to advertise myself on the site as a male escort, how do I do this?

Placing a profile is very easy, simply click the post an ad button and follow the prompts. You can place photos of yourself and write a bio to attract clients. Also you can add more locations to attract more potential clients.

Where can I find escorts near me?

Searching the internet for phrases such as; local prostitutes, escorts near me, red-light districts, call girls will bring lots of Google search results. Although there are still red light districts in many towns, the safest and most convenient way of searching for sex workers is on escort directory websites where you not only get a multitude of choice but you can see pictures of the escorts who are available in your area.

 Is it legal for an escort to offer sexual services?

When you book an escort you are paying for the escorts time only. If the sexy escort chooses to engage in extra sexual activities, actual sexual intercourse, oral sex, cum in mouth or anal sex, it is because she or he likes the client. The matter of sex is a choice between the escort and her client. So the question of whether or not it is legal is not an issue. The client chose the escort and agreed to pay the escort for an allocated amount of her time. The contract between escort and client is for time spent only. I hope this answers the question.

What is a MILF?

MILF is a relatively new term for ‘Mum’s I’d like to fuck’, this term is widely used in mature porn videos on sites such as pornhub and xvideos. The term filtered into the escort business when more local housewives turned to escorting to supplement their income. Housewives who escort or local housewife massage apartments started to appear in the sex worker categories and escort directories in recent times. It’s very alluring for men to be able to visit a local housewife who offers sex as well as a good conversation. MILF escorts can give their clients compassion and understanding that their younger counterparts cannot give, this is one of many reasons why mature and MILF escorts are now, and always will be sought-after by their admirers and clients alike. By searching Milf or mature in the search bar at the top of all pages you will find your perfect mature escort to satisfy you most intimate desires.

Do all clients who visit massage parlors expect to have sex with the girls that work there?

 I would say 99 percent of guys expect to have some form of sexual intimacy with the Asian massage girls. In fact, of all the masseuses we spoke to only couple of clients have ever come to the massage parlor for a straight massage.

Do all punters who hire escorts expect some form of sex?

In some ways escorts are quite disappointed when a client doesn’t want sexual intercourse or at least oral sex. I mean, there I am all dressed for sex, stockings suspenders, high heels and exotic lingerie only for the guy to not want to have sex with me. That can be quite hurtful to a working girl.

Are webcam girls available to visit as escorts?

Most live sex webcam sites like or do not allow their broadcasters to promote themselves as escorts, even though lots of the webcam girls do offer themselves as escorts they have to do this secretly.

Where can I find a mature escort who gives girlfriend experience?

Mature escorts know how to give a client what they desire, experience counts when a client wants the best erotic service with girlfriend experience. Experienced sexy mature escorts have seen it all before, whatever your preference is, a mature escort who has been in the sexual services business for many years knows what a man wants from his GFE. Searching for a MILF or mature escort, a potential client will look for a sexual partner with a host of benefits, which a younger, teen escort lacks; sensuality, relaxation and most importantly experience. Mature escorts give a sense of security to gentlemen callers, with their wealth of knowledge through years of working as a mature call girl is something that can only be achieved through time.

Do Indian escorts offer full sexual intercourse with clients?

Many girls from India and Pakistan who work as massage girls and escorts were born here and have become more westernized, throwing off the traditions of their parents and becoming liberated in their attitude towards sexual freedom. Women who make the most dramatic change to their culture and become Indian escorts or escorts from Pakistan will probably be outcasts from their own community. Indian escorts can be found on the search bar by typing Indian or Pakistani this will highlight for you where the local Indian escorts and Pakistani massage girls can be located. Once you have contact details you can call them or video call them before you visit to make sure the girl in the image is the girl that visits you.

Why are Brazilian escorts so sexy?

Brazilian girls pride themselves on their ability to attract men. From an early age girls from Brazil preen themselves in order to make an impact on men, they learn how to please men with their walk, their demeanour and their physical presence. Brazilian escorts are the hottest and sexiest girls with their big tits and tight pussy, few men can resist  these beautiful South American beauties.

Is there a difference between a teen 18 year old escort and a sexting teen?

Although a sexting teen girl will promote herself in a sexual way it is only with salacious images and suggestive and sexy text talk, it is very rare that a teenage girl who is sending sexting images of herself and erotic messages to her clients will actually meet them on a date. Teenage escorts 18 years old, on the other hand, will always meet with the potential clients who either call them, video call or text as a means of meeting.  Once a date has been arranged with a teen escort she will tell you the services that she offers and the prices for such services.