Has the independent escorts in Ballarat embraced the Internet  in the same way as the dating industry has? 

Escorts online celebrates and looks golden. Analysts predict that it will be worth over $9bn in a few years’ time as the growth of apps continues to drive our online obsession with finding the sexiest Ballarat massage parlors, private escorts and the best brothels in Ballarat for all things pleasurable.

I have lost my libido, will escorts Ballarat be sympathetic to me? 

A comedian describes a cringe-worthy moment from the mid 1990s when a young man at a dance finally plucks up the courage to take the lonely walk across the dancehall to ask the object of his desires to the floor. Despite being stung with rejection, he turns sheepishly to her friend and asks her, and then a third. If it had been 20 years later, he would have been sitting on his sofa and swiping left or right on his phone, shrugging off any or all the rejection he faced, and putting his faith in the ever-evolving algorithms to ease his lonely heart. The great thing about hiring a Ballarat escort agency girl is that there is never any rejectionI


Okay, the basic premise of the escorts game is the same, and always will be. But how we identify, vet and hook up with our partners will never be quite the same since the move online. Before incall escorts went online in the mid 1990s couples were introduced by their friends, they met in the workplace or in a pub or a club at the weekend. Some first laid eyes on their future spouse at a friend's wedding, others at a sports club or library. But then online happened.

The first online personal columns appeared around 1995 and were quickly followed by the launch of Match.com, a subscription website that split dates into categories and promised to make introductions to like-minded people. Filters that started off with age, income and Ballarat have grown and can now be used to eliminate the most petty of your hates from your ‘perfect match’.  And from its beginnings has grown the Match Group, which earlier this year boasted almost 10m paid subscribers worldwide, throughout its stable that includes the current most-used escorts app Tinder. 

That’s a lot of people looking for a lot of love, but it’s only a fraction of the total meat market.

According to Statista there are over 35m users of escorts on the world's stage.

And, by the year 2024, they forecast that those paid-users will number 51m, paying billions every year in their quest for companionship. According to the same stats, the number of escorts app users who are logging on and having a look, but not paying for online escorts services, is currently 160m and expected to rise to 226m in four years’ time. But how have all these people overcome the stigma that was associated with online escorts in the early days, and still exists in some quarters today?


Older people who held those views are still less inclined to meet an online partner than their Millennial counterparts, who were always more at ease with all-things technological. Generation Z may not even really understand the need for the question. Almost half of all Americans aged between 18-29 in a study by the Research Center had already used a Ballarat escorts website or app by last year. And as technology marches on, the escorts apps add new features which further empower the users and instill more confidence. Bumble introduced a customer to the best Ballarat brothel so you can now chat face-to-face with your match without having given away any of your personal contact details, in a move stripping away any fear that the person is not the stunning beauty that you thought you had been swapping sweet love notes with for the past few weeks. Other apps have similar features to bring the online escorts in line with the Zoom explosion we’ve all unfortunately witnessed these past few locked-down months.


So, the notion that online escort sites are refuges for weirdos and the desperate is disappearing with the realisation that these people were hanging out in bars and clubs the whole time anyway. The ease of the online meet up just makes it more attractive to those who might be shy or just simply don’t have the time and or money to be out on the prowl for a partner. And often they no longer want the seal of approval over their choice of first dates from their family or friends. Vetting was a big issue when seeking your perfect partner, you used to rely on your pal’s word on Mr or Mrs Right. Now you have your own online snooping skills to check out your suitor’s credentials through their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter presence. 


For better, or for worse, before setting out to meet in person for the first time, you may already know everything there is to know about your new date. You no longer even need to be in the comfort of your own home to log on looking for love, the march of the smartphone has seen the use of mobile escorts app soar since 2007, the Ballarat-smart devices paving the way for the likes of Tinder to take a strong foothold in the market since its 2012 launch. As with everything in the 21st century, escorts is at your fingertips 24/7 allowing you to check out the available talent, without having the embarrassment of young Kevin. Whether you’re in Pret ordering your lunch, or in a quiet moment between endless Zoom calls, you can check how often you’ve been swiped right.

So, with the growth in users having been phenomenal, has it been worth it for those in search of love?

The simple answer is yes, otherwise there wouldn’t be billions in revenue. Researchers at Stanford University suggested by 2009 more than one in five couples had met online. Sure, the traditional introductions by friends and family were still getting people together, but they were diminishing rapidly while online was continuing to soar. A paper last year by the same academics suggested that the number of couples who first met via the internet had soared to 39% by 2017. That figure has doubtless pushed beyond the 40 % mark by now and will continue its upward trend. So, as Ballarat escorts celebrates 25 years, our love affair with escorts apps shows no sign of slowing.

What’s the difference between a Ballarat female prostitute and a private escort who offers anal sex?

In 1940 a dashing young man in uniform would gallantly cross the dance floor with a spring in his  step. His chosen target…a beautiful woman on the other side of the room. He would ask her if she  wanted to dance. This simple invitation was the start of countless relationships for decades.  Face-to-face. Person-to-person. Eye-to-eye. Heart-to-heart. 

Relationships are the bedrock of humanity. They can enliven mediocrity, energise apathy and  invigorate despondency. They provide hope for the future. However, the recent rise in online  escorts has thrown the world of escorts into the air. Ballarat escorts have changed the way people discover each other. It has altered convention. It has brought about a new way of proceeding.  People are no longer adhering to the practices and skills of their parents and grandparents. The  modern world has brought about modern escorts. Modern connection. Modern bonding. 

One must rely upon a few pictures and phrases to determine whether someone is worth getting to  know. It’s akin to reading the blurb on the back of a book or a review for a product online. You are  no longer able to look into someone’s eyes - to look deep within their soul - to sense that initial  spark of attraction. A live performance is infinitely more informative than a static picture. It’s far  easier to deceive online than to fool someone standing in front of you. Some people will counter that apps like tinder and allow people a far broader selection of  potential mates. People can also siphon through hundreds of people every day. This surely  increases one’s law of averages. It should therefore - in theory - be far easier to find that special  someone by heading online than by heading to the nearest pub or gathering place. Some people  will profess that it is purely an exercise in efficiency. It saves time and money. It is the best way to  find true success - it also makes rejection far less painful. 

This approach has appealed to millennials and introverts. It allows them greater flexibility and  opportunity. It also provides introverts with a less courageous means of meeting people.  Approaching an Asian babe- for someone who is shy or introverted - can be an incredibly  difficult manoeuvre to perform. It can feel so foreign and escorts that one doesn’t even  attempt it for fear of rejection and embarrassment. The online escorts world allows for a far more  inclusive call girls experience. Anyone who is apprehensive about procuring a partner may do so  from the comfort of their home. It is far easier to swiper right than it is to say hi. It makes  connection far simpler. 

It also allows people to tailor their efforts towards their specific desires. They don’t need to waste  valuable time and energy on the wrong target. There are countless number of sites that cater  towards certain desires. caters for slim and petite men and women. Websites cater for those above 5 foot 9. People can quickly find their oasis in the desert. They can find their niche far quicker. They can find a place where they will be accepted  and desired without having to filter out people who aren’t their type - or who aren’t attracted to  them. 

As a need arises, so does an entrepreneur. Online female escorts in Ballarat will send pornographic pictures and apps have monetised the most  basic of human needs - connection. Extra swipes, more “super-likes” and even exclusive apps  where you can meet “special” or “premium” people are now par for the course. Tinder produced  revenues of $805 million in 2018. Even Facebook has jumped on this goldmine with “Facebook  escorts”. People are evermore willing to gain an advantage in courtship. Anything that will elevate  their chances of success is worth paying for. It’s seen as an investment, not an expense. People  prioritise relationships. It is worth it. It is an essential part of being. 

This industry was booming long before 2020. Now that the world has been sent into a pandemic,  it seems only inevitable that online escorts will continue to grow. Revenues will increase as people  find it difficult (or scary) to transition back to person-to-person meetings. Will people feel safer  perusing online? Will it become the ethical way of courting? Will it become the norm? 

With the coronavirus causing caution throughout the world, it could make perfect sense for  people to stick to online escorts for their love life. Could teen escorts in Ballarat  even produce a 

certification for users? Would this be the way to calm people’s nerves? Could Tinder become a  veritable health passport? 

Is online escorts more successful than traditional escorts? A Research Centre report indicated  that 12% of American adults had found a long-term partner through online escorts and that 30% of  Craigslist adult personals in Ballarat have used an online escort app or website. This will surely continue to rise in the  coming months and years as future generations become more and more tech savvy. Online escorts  will be seen without a shred of taboo but as the lingua franca of personal entanglement. 

The principle of call girls in Ballarat and super horney guys has stayed the same: connecting with another human being. People will  always find ways to connect and bond with each other. People will continue to value relationships.  The only difference is that the application of this principle will change. People will look for more  efficient and effective ways of finding that special someone. Whether it is online or face-to-face,  people still clamour for the flame of attraction and acceptance. They will get their fix in the most  effective way possible.

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