Is there a big market for blonde teen 18 year old girls to offer themselves as escorts in Glebe and provide intimate girlfriend experience to their clients? 

Not every 18 year old teen student studying at NSW University, and keen to make money is going to think about how she is going to feel about having worked as a female escort in Glebe, or giving blowjobs in a NSW massage parlour in thirty-five years time. These girls might, at any time, and in any situation in the future, bump into their former clients when they are out with friends or colleagues in a corporate work situation. What a disaster. Consider this! They are being proposed for the post of some company position and their own children are about to go off to university. Will the stigma of having worked their way through university as a prostitute, working in Glebe brothels  might have a negative impact on their future? No doubt the terminology the media would be delighted to flaunt on their pages, haunt them with their past as they sit waiting to hear if they have been appointed to the top post? No doubt it would, or maybe not, it depends on how much society’s attitude towards prostitutes, escorts and massage girls changes in the next twenty years. Hey!

It seems all the conversation regarding Glebe escorts and the women that work in NSW brothels is about the sex workers. But what about the clients of Glebe escorts? 

Why do people need the services of Glebe escorts even when they are in a stable and happy relationship? Studies reveal the reason as primevally basic, the desire for a good, physical sexual feeling with Glebe prostitutes, in most cases with no emotional attachment and without the need for any social engagement apart from the act of sex, whether it be just a blowjob, Cum in mouth or reverse oral with a sexy blonde or a young 18 year old Indian escorts in Glebe. The clients may use the escorts to undertake sexual acts that their partners, wives and girlfriends dislike, or revel in the excitement of an illicit act. They feel free emotionally and physically from the Glebe escorts and massage girls that are providing the service. They often do not see it as a betrayal to their partner, but as a service fulfilling a need. In the case of some single people, it is the outlet for sexual desire without the expense and energy they have to put into developing a relationship. There is little doubt that the majority of significant others in a relationship would feel completely betrayed if they knew that their partners were making use of Glebe strippers and prostitutes, but the knowledge of that fact leads the partner using the sex worker to keep secret the act.

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