Is the attitude towards students becoming Morwell escorts changing? 

When motivation for work has always been to earn money. Working for a Morwell escort agency, or becoming someone’s sugar baby allows students especially the time to concentrate on their studies while earning to pay rent or for food. It allows you to work just a couple of hours a week and not be too exhausted to study effectively. This is why there are a lot of Victoria students who take up the opportunity and can you blame them?

Are students being targeted by Morwell escort agencies? 

So it's a controversial subject, however it appears that there are more sex workers out there to try and make ends meet. Sex workers include many services and range from working on a phone chat sex line , stripping, being female escorts in Morwell, in addition to "sugar dating" which is younger people going out with someone a lot older than them. It's very common for students who are in further education and at university who can see no other way out. It's a sorry tale of affairs but some students are left with no choice so they can survive. It is surprising how many students turn to this type of work in pure desperation to get out of their financial rut.

Is working as a Morwell escort a good choice? 

Unfortunately in the student world they feel like they would rather earn money quickly and in this way, rather than have a massive debt hanging over their heads once finishing their education. So working as a Morwell escort does have many advantages, mainly that students can work whenever they want and earn as much as they want. The cost of living is so expensive that some students are left with no choice and have to call on desperate measures to survive.

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