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Isn’t it about time we legalized the sex industry once and for all?

The sex industry, which includes everything from pornography and cam modelling to stripping and telephone sex, has  more than its fair share of stereotypes and stigmas. In the age of the internet, people in these professions can be sooner labelled ‘whores’ and ‘attention seekers’ than actual human beings with thoughts and feelings. From a distance, it’s easy for some to dismiss adult content creators as something lesser – someone undeserving of the same rights and protections  as any other professional – rather than budding entrepreneurs getting by in a competitive world. This stigma, upheld by  men and women alike, perpetuates the idea that it’s impossible for a sex worker to be a feminist. I call bullshit. 

There will always be a need for prostitutes in Sunshine Coast, whether they are called escorts, massage girls or call girls. Isn’t it about time we stopped the hypocrisy?

Before we continue, let’s get the elephant out of the way. The sex industryis deeply flawed, marred by a history of systemic  abuse and the maltreatment of its lowest members to line the pockets of those at the top. But instead of a reason to call it  quits, this is a grossly overdue call for reform. For years, activists have been fighting for better rights within their  community, all in the hope of securing a better standard of living that polite society is hellbent on denying them. 

Has society’s viewpoint changed towards Sunshine Coast escorts and girls who work in massage parlours?

The harmful misconceptions surrounding the sex industry show that we desperately need to be listening not to or pandering politiciansbut rather to the people who know the industry best. In a legal sex worker Alice Little makes the point that “you’ve got to see the person before you see the  profession”, going on to highlight the sad reality that many who oppose the industry see her as a sex worker first and a  human being second. 

Should women that work as escorts in Sunshine Coast be given the same rights as any other worker? 

In a recent interview, social media personality and ex-porn star Mia Khalifa spoke out about her time in the industry and  its resulting effects on her mental health. Mia, who went viral in 2014 for a controversial scene in which she wore a hijab, admitted to making just $2,000 from her brief industry stint, despite the producers purportedly having raked in the cash  from her two-week-long career. She calls into question a major issue with these big-time companies – that the girls on  camera are almost never the ones making the real money. And yet, they are the ones with everything to lose. 

With all the avenues that sex workers can make money these days isn’t the government missing out on millions of taxable dollars the the sex industry can produce?

Despite these reservations, Mia is not against the sex industry. In fact, she praised the likes of OnlyFans, an adult website offering members the chance to produce, manage and monetise their own content in a way that puts them in charge. In  Mia’s eyes, this innovative platform is a step in the right direction, away from companies that for years have exploited their actors for profit, coercing them into convoluted contracts that have them relinquish any control over their own bodies. 

For all of history, women have been used to sell products and make money, invariably at their expense. And yet, instead  of supporting the recent move towards female empowerment, these women are demeaned and told they’ve made the wrong  decision. However, is it not contradictory to claim that a sex worker’s choices (providing they are a consenting adult) are anti-feminist? Does this not underpin the very goals of the feminist movement, to uphold the right of every free-thinking  woman to make her own decisions? 


What’s the difference between escorts Sunshine Coast and a prostitute?

People who follow this line of thinking now have a name: sex worker-exclusionary radical feminists. This  particular brand of feminism maintains that women in the sex industry, despite their calls for legitimisation, cannot be  feminists because they are operating within a patriarchal society. This belief is founded on the misinterpretation that all sex work is oppressive and that consent is impossible. And yet, with each day that passes, new sites continue to challenge  this notion by giving its content creators a chance at owning their brand, gaining a sense of control where once they had  none. 


Should Sunshine Coast escorts and sex workers in general be legalised?

No matter what the army of sex industry protestors might decide is the ‘right’ way to be a feminist, the sex industry will continue to exist. Acknowledging this fact should be uncomfortable because it means that, if we deny basic rights for sex  workers, we inadvertently condemn them to harm for the sake of a misguided sense of duty. As a modern society edging  slowly towards tolerance and freedom of choice, we must ask ourselves a question. Are we willing to place our own  comfort over the rights and safety of others? 


The law on escorts in Sunshine Coast is obviously flawed and Ineffective, Isn’t it time to try something different?

Opinions towards the sex industry have changed drastically over the years, especially in light of progressive adult sites puttingcontrol back intothe hands of creators. However, when it comes to the legitimisation of sex work, the concern isn’t  that society is becoming too accepting or liberal, but that it still has far to go. Given that many countries have yet to  decriminalise sex work, this leaves behind a host of human rights violations that continue to be ignored each year. By  having their work deemed criminal, both male and female sex workers are given no protection in cases of rape or abuse  for fear of prosecution. To paraphrase Alice Little, we must be willing to unlearn our outdated concept of right and wrong,  and to relearn an important truth. That above anything else – above our professions – our humanity always comes first.

Are sunshine coast female escorts offering actual sexual intercourse to their clients? 

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Why are trans escorts becoming more popular with heterosexual guys?

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What is the difference between crossdressers and tranny escorts in Sunshine Coast?


The short answer in summary is a transvestite enjoys wearing clothes of the opposite sex but acts and dresses like a man when not in fetish mode, whereas a transsexual will become very feminine all the time, wanting breasts, hormone therapy and always wearing make-up and becoming a real woman 24/7. There are many terms for transsexuals, below is a list of terms used on this site. TS escorts are lifestyle girls. TS escorts  and crossdressers will usually be found on adult classified ads advertising for men to have sex with and spend their days as a man but dress as women when the urge takes them, they often want to have sex with men but only when they are dressed in there alter ego.

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