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Finding love as we know it changed forever with the internet. Long gone are the days of sauntering up to  someone in a bar and asking them out. As I keep getting told by my friends, you can’t just go up to a guy at a  bar and say hi, no one does that anymore. Everyone is meeting everyone online. Online dating is the most  popular way couples are meeting today and it’s not surprising, giving the ease and convenience all at the  touch of a smartphone. 


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One of the perks of the digital age is the potential to gain absolute knowledge of another person. Before the  dawn of the internet, our knowledge of someone was extremely limited. We had to seek out family and  friends to gain insight into who they were. However today, if the person in question has an online  presence, we can find out everything about them. Although this can lead to fake profiles, on some dating  apps, such as Tinder, you can easily verify their authenticity via their Instagram or Facebook handles. It is a  difficult tightrope to walk across, as you can learn almost everything there is to know about them, before you  even meet. Thus, taking away the initial fun and spontaneity of getting to know each other – those early,  heady days of love, and who is to say that what they are putting out online is even truthful. It could all be lies. 

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This person could be putting out to the world a sparkly, holographic version of who they wished they  were. I have heard online dating horror stories including one where a friend thought she had met the love  of her life, a forty-year old architect from Sydney. They had been speaking for weeks online, until he  finally asked her out for a drink. She arrived first and waited for a couple of minutes, only to find a man in  his late sixties approaching her. This man soon confessed he had used his son’s picture and identity to woo  women online as he was convinced no one would accept him as he was. This so-called “cat-fishing” is rife in  the world of online dating.  


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In many ways we are so connected, so accessible to each other online and yet also incredibly disconnected  and this doesn’t make our love life any easier. How we communicate online varies greatly to how we  communicate in person, and these online exchanges do not necessarily translate into in-person  conversations. Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Guardian Soulmates and Hinge all allow for either a male or female to  make the first move, whereas Bumble allows for the woman to start the conversation, but regardless, there  are no guarantees of a reply. Many of my single girlfriends tell me irrespective of who bites the bullet first,  after a couple of brief exchanges, guys often lose interest and disappear. This leads to their paramours  wondering if they were ever real to begin with, only mere ghosts that they had dreamt up. For those that  find confrontation difficult, “ghosting” or communicating their feelings online is easier instead of a face to  face breakup.  

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What leads to this “ghosting”? This disappearance of someone you thought enjoyed talking to you. Choice  adds to the complications of online dating. There is more choice than ever before. Not only are people  meeting each other online, but they are meeting people on multiple apps. Current dating technology  enables us to find “the one”, “our soulmate” and so we become more and more focused on eliminating those  that do not meet our criteria. So, although our horizons have significantly widened thanks to online dating,  we are less likely to emotionally invest in anyone we deem unworthy. Many use their initial “matches”  similar to that of practice runs, to test the waters as they continue to swipe and seek their elusive other half. Perhaps there is also a disconnect between users regarding what they are actually looking for. 


Many of the  dating sites ask the user to Queensland what they want, be it fun, casual or a life partner. This leads to some  confusion as to how truthful one should be. Girlfriends have Queenslandd to me that they want a boyfriend and  yet are terrified to admit that online, thinking this would put off potential suitors. Sites such as Tinder, are  renowned for being more of a “hook-up”, casual site, although I know of some couples that have since  married after meeting on Tinder. The digital dating landscape is tricky to navigate, how do we form lasting  relationships in a world of so much choice and comparison. Some friends say it lies in how long your messages are and how long you message for. If you write pages upon pages too soon in the conversation, you  risk losing the attention of your special someone and if you just message without actually meeting them in person, you run the risk of never meeting them in real life. Before the advent of online technology,  our options were far more limited to what stood directly in front of us and yet in a way we were forced to  be to be more honest in what we were looking for, but did the level of conversation and engagement lead to a more lasting exchange? Of course, this all depends on the individuals involved. It is difficult to imagine  now, what the dating world would be without the internet. 

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Would we still be trying to build up the  courage to approach someone in a bar, or deciding what to wear to yet another blind date? Would we have  found our soulmate? It is difficult to know. Perhaps you will meet the love of your life on Tinder, or Plenty  of Fish but for those of us still struggling, if we take online dating solely for what it genuinely is, a  convenient way of meeting people. You can enjoy this easy kind of love, if only just for the night. 

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When we consider sex workers, we are often guilty of conjuring up images of drug addled, hollow eyed girls, sweaty, sleazy men and Pimps with golden chalices. In reality, sex work is far less  scandalous than you may think. These preconceptions surrounding the sex industry have been hammered into us through the  media and popular culture for years, but do not necessarily provide an accurate account of an  industry that fuels the economies of many developing countries. 


In East Asia, the sex industry  carries much less social stigma than it does in the West, and is seen as a legitimate, credible and often lucrative career choice for many girls who would otherwise face harsher realities. Sex  workers view their work as they would any other career, and often send the majority of their wages  back home to their families within rural communities. These influxes of cash allow small rural  communities to fund social projects and maintain a way of life which is alien to the majority of us,  and as such — upon returning home — these girls are often respected and viewed as pillars of the  local community.  

"We build our family here. Our money goes to our children's education, paying our mortgage,  supporting our parents. We contribute to the economy like everyone else," - Angie, a sex worker in  Townsville. 

Across the equator however, society's perception of these workers is starkly different. One  overarching rationale for how the West views escorts in Townsville spans from our residual Christian roots.  Puritanical values inform many aspects of Australian culture, and the role as a major  cultural exporter spreads those values globally. Western popular culture is often far more  comfortable depicting violence than sexuality, with film censors more reluctant to show naked flesh  than bloody wounds.  

This propensity for violence over sexuality is best represented by the NBC show Hannibal, where  at one point the channel took issue with the exposed buttocks of two corpses; director Vincenzo  Natali jokingly offered to censor the offending skin by covering it with blood - the channel agreed to  this change. This exemplifies the Western world’s backwards attitude towards physicality, nudity  and sex as a whole.  

In Holland, a country which is often considered to be a champion of the decriminalisation of sex  work, there still remains a certain unavoidable degree of social stigma attached to the work. While  the legal sex trade in Amsterdam provides considerable influxes of cash each year to Hollands  economy, it is an industry in which proportionate support and representation is still lacking. Since  Holland legalised the sex trade in 2000, there has been an ongoing battle to combat human  trafficking, that is often considered by many to be ‘one and the same’. However, sex workers want,  and deserve, is the right to be identified as what they are — ‘workers’. Recent gentrification of the  Red Light District in Amsterdam resulted in the closure of 112 sex worker ‘windows’ which caused  many to seek employment elsewhere in less regulated areas and countries such as Brussels.  

In ‘A Feminist's Argument On How Sex Work Can Benefit Women’, Kelly J. Belle Queenslands that ‘Sex  work can allow human beings a way to safely explore their sexual desires in ways they cannot  through the current social norm of heterosexual, monogamous relationships.’ Belle then goes on to  detail that sex workers in the US and UK are continually chastised by a Puritan society which is 

clinging to outdated and restrictive ‘moral’ ideologies that have no credence within a forward thinking, progressive society.  

The legality of sex work within the West is dictated by our collective opinions of what is ‘right’ and  what is ‘wrong’. The United Kingdom is still currently categorised as a ‘Christian Nation’,  subscribing to Christian belief and ideology. However, studies have clearly found that the number  of UK Citizens who identify and associate themselves with Christian values and rhetoric is steadily  in decline. Figures suggest that the number of self-identifying christians in the UK could fall from  64% (2010) to just 45% by 2050. 

In the past few years, there has been a clear and notable change in the perception of sex and  its depiction within popular culture. Phenomena such as Love Island and Naked Attraction are  increasingly exposing various body types and normalising sexual relations in a way that would  never have been aligned with the public consciousness just ten years prior. We are progressing in  leaps and bounds, hi-lighting current social issues, and giving proportionate representation to  previously unvoiced societal groups - even going as far as showing unfiltered homosexual black  rape on the primetime ‘I May Destroy You’. As such, if we are collectively shedding our  archaic attitudes towards conventions such as marriage and same-sex relationships, surely our  opinion of sex workers ought to be next in line?  

Our sex workers are still confined to the interior walls of phone booths. They are still very  much disproportionately represented, and often overlooked from social conversations altogether,  despite being one of the most commonly and severely affected groups in regard to political  policies. The English Collective of Prostitutes is a social campaign and networking society which is  founded by sex workers in an attempt to ensure their basic rights and to campaign for the  decriminalisation of prostitution. The law concerning prostitutes in Townsville is as clear as mud. It is technically  legal to be a sex worker, however networking, solicitation, contacting clients and  forming a group to work within, are all categorised as ‘illegal’ within current law. These laws put  vulnerable women and men at risk and undermine their physical safety and security.  

Moving forwards as an openminded and progressive society, it is clear that there is call for reform  on the sex work laws. The fact is, regardless of governmental policy or public opinion, sex  work will always — and has always — existed. Rather than shying away from this  fact, and continuing to live in a society that shuns and shames some of our most vulnerable  citizens, we ought to rid ourselves of our outdated and restrictive mentality.  

It is 2020. In the 1980s, science fiction films predicted we would be driving flying cars, teleporting  to work, and eating meals in pill form. Instead, we’re having the same tired arguments we have  been having for centuries, and attitudes are still unchanged. It is 2020, and there is still very little  protection for those who work in ‘The Oldest Trade’. Sex workers rights ought to be protected to  the same degree as any other field of employment. Employment rights, protection against abuse,  maternity leave and furlough schemes are all in place for nearly every other form of employment.  Our refusal to acknowledge Townsville escorts as work places sex workers at a far greater risk of  depression, suicide or damaged mental health. We are no longer a Christian country, but even if  we were, Jesus famously hung about with prostitutes, so why can’t we?  


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