My life as an Red Deer female escort; Natasha is a 25yo female escort in Red Deer who works from her own apartment in the city centre, she is party friendly and offers an unforgettable experience:


How did you become one of the top blonde escorts in Red Deer offering adult entertainment?

Top? Haha, I'm not sure I am. Starting as an escort in general? I Had too. My boyfriend walked out on me and left me with 2 young kids to feed. Working in the beauty salon that I was at just wasn't going to cut it. I'd make more money just claiming benefits. I wanted to give my kids a great start in life so I needed to find a way to make serious cash. Erotic massage girl work pays me a couple of grand a week cash. There's nowhere else that I can get that sort of money


Do you remember your first booking?

I've been doing this 6 years now and yeah, my first booking is still memorable. It's funny, I remember walking away from the Red Deer massage parlours that night thinking, ''damn, the money is amazing but I can't imagine doing that with a new guy every day''. The reason I felt like that was because of the emotional investment and time investment. It was like I'd been some guy's girlfriend for the last few hours. It was emotionally draining. I felt like I needed a couple of days off afterwards because I really got into the role and gave it everything. Now, I've learnt how to be sincere and please the client without getting so emotionally and physically drained by the end of the encounter. Being a Red Deer escort is like going to the gym. You get more used to the workouts and build resistance after a while. 


Did you have any sexual encounters with your first booking?

Yes, as just said. He wanted the full girlfriend experience. I spent a couple of hours with him just kinda talking and being close. Only at the end of the session did we have full sex. 


How did it feel the first time having sex for money as a female escort in Red Deer?

Great. I remember looking at the wad of cash on my kitchen table. It was about 1 am on a Monday or Tuesday night. My kids were sleeping and the babysitter had just left. I went into their rooms and kissed them goodnight. It was an amazing feeling looking at that money on the table. I knew that everything was going to be alright from then on. My children would never go without anything. 


After being one of the Red Deer female escorts for so long, do you still enjoy sex?

Yes. I didn't get into it for the sex but I must admit, there are some clients that I enjoy seeing and have good experiences with. I've always felt it very hard to cum - even in my personal life - so it's extremely rare for me to orgasm with a client. But it has happened. My personal sex life has suffered because of my Red Deer back page escorts in Red Deer life. Obviously I'm not really interested in the likes of dating clients or Tinder and such. If I'm going to have sex in my personal life then I want it to be with someone I can see a future with. At the moment, I'm not really worried about meeting anyone. I have my two kids and I'm doing my own thing. Maybe in another 4 or 5 years, I might change my mind and start looking for a life partner. Maybe I won't still be in the game by then. 


What is the most requested service you get from clients to the girls at your Red Deer escort agency?

If you look at the online hot female escorts you should see a clue. All of the girls list 'the girlfriend experience' as the first service on their profiles. It's certainly my most requested service too. I don't think that's unique to Alberta escorts. I have some friends who work in Toronto in the escort girl game and they say the same. Clients are just lonely guys. They're not bad or vagrants. We're talking about hard-working professional men, most of who are married. They just want some intimacy. Maybe their wives aren't interested in them anymore and they're just looking for someone to show them some care and attention. 


Is there a tranny escort service in Red Deer that offers incall outcall escort services?

Yes, my best friend at the massage parlour in Red Deer is a shemale. There are quite a few in the city I think. Most are of South American origin and they have that darker look to them. My friend is the same. I know that they do very well for money and generally have a very steady client base of regulars. I think, on average, they make more money than normal girls, actually. My friend is a little older and doesn't work so much anymore but still makes great money. Ladyboys and tranny’s in Alberta are becoming very popular with straight guys. 


Do you regret this career choice at all?

Absolutely not. What else would I be doing? I told you, I was working in a beauty salon before this for barely over minimum wage per hour. I had no skills or education. No other career could have made me the money I've made over the last 6 years. We are talking more than a 100k a year - cash. I'm not saying every girl will make that. Some might even make more! But that's what I've made and there is no way I could've done that any other way. My kids have a good childhood thanks to their mother working as an escort girl. I've also been able to spend more time with them than if I'd been working all of the hours under the sun at another job. I'll probably go into independent escorts in Red Deer . This will give me even more freedom and more money. We'll see. Working at the Red Deer massage parlour is so easy and I've become very comfortable there with lots of friends. For a new girl just getting into the game, I recommend you go try a few different escort agencies and then find the right massage parlour for you. All have their own characters. Don't judge the industry on one massage parlour.


Can a marriage remain monogamous with so many sexy Red Deer escorts and Asian girls working in Alberta massage parlours on offer?

Monogamy as a cornerstone of a healthy marriage - often the only cornerstone - is now an outdated concept. Many people are in polyamorous situations, with multiple partners, many couples enjoy threesomes or ‘open’ relationships, and there are now several shows on Netflix that feature ‘thruples’ (monogamous’ relationships of three people). People exist on a spectrum, and we all have different needs that change over time. What is important for a relationship is trust, communication and compromise. massage parlours in Red Deer, like all other internet services, is just that - a service. If you or your partner is willing to break the relationship’s trust, fail to communicate or compromise - shutting down massage parlours (or indeed, all dating sites) will do nothing to prevent that. 


Is it the fault of the wife that so many married men are visiting massage girls in Red Deer?

Like ‘blaming the other woman’ people love to blame the sexy Thai girls that work in Red Deer massage parlours for the actions of an unfaithful spouse. It’s time that stops. Massage parlours is but a tool, and how people choose to use the tool is entirely up to them.  Instead, let’s look at the potential for sites like massage parlours to be used by people in healthy relationships to expand their definition of what a relationship means, in a way that works for all the people involved. 


Is it because men get bored having sex with the same woman that they visit Red Deer escorts for adult entertainment?

When the excitement goes away, men will look to get that back again, in whatever way they can. When you really think about it, spending money for companionship isn’t that bad. Some might even argue that men have paid for you to be with them; dinner, flowers, theatre tickets, romantic getaways all cost money. Could it be that the escorts in Red Deer are just more upfront with it? Pay this much money and I will be there for this much time for this activity. Sure, the obvious Albertament will arise “But, that’s because he was wooing me”, yup he was and with the intention of you between the sheets too. So what if there is more than just companionship from the escort or the Red Deer massage girls, what if they have sex – surely that’s cheating – right? You remember that analogy about the TV series earlier – if we were to use that to describe your sex life, when you start out together everything is new, fresh and super exciting much like the TV series. But after a while the oral sex becomes a “birthday treat”, the number of sexual positions dwindle down into missionary only – you might as well just watch the same episode of the same series over and over again it’s gonna last longer because that sex life just got really boring.

Before visiting escorts in Red Deer should men talk to their wives about the reasons they want sex without emotion?

A sex worker from The VIP Lounge even appeared on TV revealing that men are seeking something in her what they should be seeking in their relationships. Their wives are no longer catering to their egos anymore because they have had enough of listening to their husband’s same story 50 times. Either way, if the marriage of a couple is in trouble then it is up to both parties to admit that there is a problem and seek professional help. However, if it’s all about one person’s needs then they would have to question why they got married in the first place and go seek professional help. Being in a marriage is a 50/50 partnership which means communication is paramount for a happy married life. Is the sex stale? Talk to each other.

What can a Red Deer escorts give to a married man that his wife can't?

A marriage is like a business isn’t it? Thus a business is all about finding out what your buyers need and giving it to them. It’s that simple. So…Fellas, TALK TO YOUR WIFE! Express those thoughts and feelings. Find out what your wife needs and give it to her and give it to her hard! Women, find out what your husband needs and give it to him harder…Unless going to escorts is his fetish. Then it’s up to you whether you accept that or not. It is known that men can separate love from sex and so if you do accept it, then it is only considerate that he is wearing protection. If you don’t accept it, not many people do, seek advice from a trusted source or a professional. So married men, what are you waiting for? Go home now and treat your wife like how you treat an escort! 


Should sex workers be decriminalised?

Prohibition in the 1920s was an interesting time. In an attempt to create a safer America, this amendment placed all the power, and all the money, into the hands of criminals and criminal gangs as alcohol production and consumption continued unabated. This represents a powerful aspect of the debate around the criminalisation of sex workers, that by decriminalising we can move this job out of the shadows and into the light. The workers can feel safe, free from violence, free from prosecution, and free to choose. The reality seems less black and white. This article will seek to try and understand the current thinking, and, clumsily perhaps, attempt to reach some kind of compromise. The profession is, by its very nature, a dangerous one. A job that requires a Red Deer escort to be alone, and vulnerable with, a stranger, as well as a degree of submission skewing the balance of power in favour of the buyer. Decriminalisation offers some degree of protection, that is protected from prosecution, and so lessens (although does not remove) the fear of contacting the police, should the worker feel, or become, threatened. Some countries offer decriminalisation for the seller of sex, but not the buyer (the 'Nordic' model). This has some problems, as the majority of the work would be carried out in secret for the protection of the buyer, driving sex workers to operate in secrecy and seclusion, increasing the danger should anything go awry.


Are escort agency girls working legally?

In the UK, it is currently legal to both sell, and buy, sex. Theoretically, this offers greater protection, yet escorts in Red Deer must still operate alone. Working together with other escorts, or operating out of a communal dwelling or shop, is deemed managing a brothel, which is still illegal. This appears incredibly short-sighted, as it would be an enormous step in protecting sex workers from violence from their clients. Massage parlours in Red Deer run as businesses, however, do open the door to trafficking and coercion, however implementing frequent inspection of premises, and perhaps even unionisation may provide further protection and support in this area.So far, so good? Decriminalisation protects sex workers from prosecution, and then goes further to protect their place of work, keeping it safe. So they are now free and happy to charge for sex. Our government can even tax them on their earnings, so everyone wins! Right?

If the law allows women to sell sex for money why not allow Red Deer escorts to work from a single premises for safety? In some counties, where sex work is decriminalised, and brothels are legal, there is still much sex work going on illegally. When sex work is decriminalised for the seller and the buyer, but still illegal for those on short visas, and migrants- arguably those at highest risk from trafficking and coercion into the sex trade. Furthermore normalising sex work, by giving it the label of a 'regular' job potentially risks something more for our society. Will career advisors sit down with young people and tell them that sex work is valid future option? Sex work brings with it connotations of victims. The entry route for many sex workers is financial hardship. Dig a little deeper and you will find the income and the flexible working hours allow some sex workers to make money around other commitments such as caring for others, or even substance abuse. Surely these people need to be helped? We constantly tell ourselves that they cannot enjoy doing this.  Would they do a different job if they could have similar flexibility in hours and receive a similar income?