My life as an St Johns escort; Natasha is a 25yo female escort in St Johns who works from her own apartment in the city centre:


How did you become one of the top blonde escorts in St Johns?

Top? Haha, I'm not sure I am. Starting as an escort in general? I Had too. My boyfriend walked out on me and left me with 2 young kids to feed. Working in the beauty salon that I was at just wasn't going to cut it. I'd make more money just claiming benefits. I wanted to give my kids a great start in life so I needed to find a way to make serious cash. Erotic massage girl work pays me a couple of grand a week cash. There's nowhere else that I can get that sort of money


Do you remember your first booking?

I've been doing this 6 years now and yeah, my first booking is still memorable. It's funny, I remember walking away from the St Johns massage parlours that night thinking, ''damn, the money is amazing but I can't imagine doing that with a new guy every day''. The reason I felt like that was because of the emotional investment and time investment. It was like I'd been some guy's girlfriend for the last few hours. It was emotionally draining. I felt like I needed a couple of days off afterwards because I really got into the role and gave it everything. Now, I've learnt how to be sincere and please the client without getting so emotionally and physically drained by the end of the encounter. Being a St Johns escort is like going to the gym. You get more used to the workouts and build resistance after a while. 


Did you have any sexual encounters with your first booking?

Yes, as just said. He wanted the full girlfriend experience. I spent a couple of hours with him just kinda talking and being close. Only at the end of the session did we have full sex. 


How did it feel the first time having sex for money as a female escort in St Johns?

Great. I remember looking at the wad of cash on my kitchen table. It was about 1 am on a Monday or Tuesday night. My kids were sleeping and the babysitter had just left. I went into their rooms and kissed them goodnight. It was an amazing feeling looking at that money on the table. I knew that everything was going to be alright from then on. My children would never go without anything. 


After being a Cockfosters escort for so long, do you still enjoy sex?

Yes. I didn't get into it for the sex but I must admit, there are some clients that I enjoy seeing and have good experiences with. I've always felt it very hard to cum - even in my personal life - so it's extremely rare for me to orgasm with a client. But it has happened. My personal sex life has suffered because of my St Johns back page escorts in St Johns life. Obviously I'm not really interested in the likes of dating clients or Tinder and such. If I'm going to have sex in my personal life then I want it to be with someone I can see a future with. At the moment, I'm not really worried about meeting anyone. I have my two kids and I'm doing my own thing. Maybe in another 4 or 5 years, I might change my mind and start looking for a life partner. Maybe I won't still be in the game by then. 


What is the most requested service you get from clients to the girls at your St Johns escort agency?

If you look at the online escorts you should see a clue. All of the girls list 'the girlfriend experience' as the first service on their profiles. It's certainly my most requested service too. I don't think that's unique to Newfoundland and Labrador escorts. I have some friends who work in Toronto in the escort girl game and they say the same. Clients are just lonely guys. They're not bad or vagrants. We're talking about hard-working professional men, most of who are married. They just want some intimacy. Maybe their wives aren't interested in them anymore and they're just looking for someone to show them some care and attention. 


Are there any tranny escorts in St Johns?

Yes, my best friend at the massage parlour in St Johns is a shemale. There are quite a few in the city I think. Most are of South American origin and they have that darker look to them. My friend is the same. I know that they do very well for money and generally have a very steady client base of regulars. I think, on average, they make more money than normal girls, actually. My friend is a little older and doesn't work so much anymore but still makes great money. Ladyboys and tranny’s in Newfoundland and Labrador are becoming very popular with straight guys. 


Do you regret this career choice at all?

Absolutely not. What else would I be doing? I told you, I was working in a beauty salon before this for barely over minimum wage per hour. I had no skills or education. No other career could have made me the money I've made over the last 6 years. We are talking more than a 100k a year - cash. I'm not saying every girl will make that. Some might even make more! But that's what I've made and there is no way I could've done that any other way. My kids have a good childhood thanks to their mother working as an escort girl. I've also been able to spend more time with them than if I'd been working all of the hours under the sun at another job. I'll probably go into independent escorts in St Johns . This will give me even more freedom and more money. We'll see. Working at the St Johns massage parlours is so easy and I've become very comfortable there with lots of friends. For a new girl just getting into the game, I recommend you go try a few different escort agencies and then find the right massage parlour for you. All have their own characters. Don't judge the industry on one massage.


Should brothels in St Johns be legalised, and would the girls that work in them be more protected under the law?

In this generation, sexual desire in men is increasing to the extent that it seems to be difficult for a woman to satisfy a man. And with the hope of getting satisfaction sexually, most men prefer to be unstable with just one or two partners. Sex between two genders has gone from the engagement of two opposite sexes that loves each other too; just meeting of two genders to satisfy each other for that moment of sexual aroused. That is, most people are no longer interested in having sex with whom they love but whom they believe can make them happy sexually. With the awake of this, beauty and other quality attraction that could spring up love in man are no longer essential but much interest is put in any opposite sex that can satisfy the desire.  Age, height, weight, shape, colour and other qualities are considered by many as long as they can get what they want.


What type of girl becomes an escort in St Johns?

Most men are ready to spend their money to satisfy their sexual desire and to make the matter compatible, many ladies or women require money and in which the easiest way for them (out of working with their hands) to get it, is to offer their bodies to those who want to satisfy their sexual arousal in exchange for cash. First or in generation back, it is shameful to be used for a sexual tool by men based on one's need and because of that, it is a personal engagement that is done secretly. But nowadays, it is fast-growing and now involving groups of people or females coming together to make prostitution as a Job. It has grown to the extent that there are many young teen escorts in St Johns around the cities for this job. Such acts might become hereditary to the next generation which might later be difficult to control or stop.


Should female escorts in St Johns be allowed to work in pairs for safety? 

Of course, It will allow men to satisfy their sexual arousal without much force or violence on their partner. This will hereby relieve women of sexual stress from their partner. It will reduce the level of criminal offence committed by men in order to satisfy their sexual urge. It will give Newfoundland and Labrador escorts involved legal rights as the same with others in society. It will save the women involved from illegal prosecution. Even though there are positive and negative effects of legalising brothels, the risk of making it lawful is very high to that of making it illegal. But it is up to the decision of the citizens to vote and determine what they want and create what they want their nation or environment to look like. 

Is working for St Johns escort agencies easy money for students?

Students face more financial pressures than ever. Increasing numbers of universities are charging the maximum fee status of $18,000 for their courses, and with institutions offering little aid in the face of rising rents and stagnant maintenance loans, mounting levels of debt have been found to be one of the main factors behind the high levels of stress and anxiety keeping students awake at night. Given such pressures and their impact on wellbeing, it's not surprising that many have made the connection between financial burdens and the number of students involved in adult work, which has more than doubled in the last three years. However, it's not always a story of desperate, cash-strapped students resorting to prostitution in order to support themselves. Sex workers and St Johns escorts have diversified beyond the traditional services of sex and porn, as sugaring, webcam models, travel companionship and selling nude pics on social media have gained greater popularity amongst both consumers and clients as well as students. Rather than FSSW (Full Service Sex Work), students involved in broadcasting yourself to men can stream live or pre-recorded content from behind bedroom doors. From sugar daddy matchmaking websites to content streaming platforms, myriad competing websites bring students into their networks with just a few clicks. Whether it's paid-for cuddling sessions or selling used bathwater, the power of the internet is swiftly blurring the defining parameters of sex work. What's for certain is that with the promise of quick money from minimal effort – even without the requirement for physical contact – it's never been easier for students to get involved. 


Are sugar babies asking for money from their sugar daddies the same as St Johns escorts asking for money from their clients?

Sugaring, in particular, has experienced quite a growth in popularity among students. As part of a standard sugaring service, a wealthy (typically older, and most often male) participant (known as a sugar 'daddy/mommy') treats a less well-off (typically younger, attractive and most often female) sugar baby to regular dates, along with material compensation either per meet or in the form of a monthly 'allowance' in an ongoing contact (known as an 'arrangement'). Allowances can range from paying a few energy bills to sums of money which could blow any bartending wage out of the water. Websites bringing together sugar parents and babies - bright with images of suited silver foxes draped in glamourous young women, advertising 'elite' dating and 'mentoring' - look and feel much the same as the average dating website, with catalogues of profiles to choose from. There's even a market for the Girlfriend Experience', a type of arrangement which prioritises 'genuine' romantic connection over solely sexual hook-ups, offering role-playing as a couple, complete with dates, flirting and emotional support – intimacy on demand, for a price. Some offer opportunities for international travel, as 'successful' members seek beautiful teen escorts in St Johns for all-expenses-paid trips to exotic places. So rather than just the appeal of easy cash (and a lot of it), diverse sex work avenues such as sugaring are presented as offering a whole lot more: the mystique of a rich, older 'sponsor', empowerment, and even the ability to be your own boss, managing your own time, commitments – and boundaries.