It is estimated that a high percentage of clients who visit escorts are married. So why do married men visit Thunder Bay escorts? 

Imagine eating the same sandwich for the rest of your life. So you ask for mayonnaise for a change but the waitress just stares back at you in disgust as if you’ve insulted the chef. From then on you’re mechanically masticating, staring out the window, fantasising about devouring that chick wrap sold across the road. To put it in layman's terms the relationship has got stale and there’s hardly any communication between the couple. So what does any sensible man do in this predicament to make their wife happy again? That’s right they think about their own needs instead and pay for an escort! Can some men be that self-centred? He believes that some guys cheat because they are sociopaths, they have trouble with emotions and just think about their own drives and needs. Then there are sex addicts who were injured during childhood who act out in all kinds of ways which are hurtful to themselves and other people.


Q; Do you enjoy working as an escort in Thunder Bay?

A; I have good days and not so good days, on the whole I like my work especially when you get nice men who bring me presents. I started working when I was 18, in those days I was working the beat in the red light district of Thunder Bay, working as an escort from my own flat is much safer. I’m sure many girls fake orgasms to make their punters feel good, it’s not such a bad thing really, most decent escorts want their clients to become regulars and if faking an orgasm makes the guy feel good about himself then everyone is happy. Personally I love sex and what better job is there if you like the thought of having sex with lots of men this is the job for you.


Why are more young students becoming escorts in Thunder Bay? 

In 2018, the average student in the UK graduated from university with $36,000 in debt. A startlingly high figure for a new graduate to contemplate repaying, and this will be much higher again if you study somewhere more expensive like London or Edinburgh. While we all try to reassure ourselves by saying things like, ‘you don’t need to repay anything until you’re earning over $25,000’ or ‘apparently you don’t even notice the payments coming out of your monthly paycheck’, imagine being able to leave university having made enough to cover that daunting figure, tempting right? This might seem like a wild dream, but it could be a captivating-enough idea to persuade young students into trying escorting. 


Can visiting Thunder Bay massage parlours ever replace the need for a girlfriend?

Usually, these things are heroic – even if just in a small way, Asian massage girls in Thunder Bay are always willing and up for a good time. Waking up early, doing push-ups, going to work, chopping vegetables. They all serve a kind of greater good, and are often thought of as sacrificing the present for the future. Generally, the higher the number of difficult, impressive and sacrificial duties we perform, the more experienced, competent and all-round better a person we become. This is part of why adopting responsibility is such a fundamental part of building a meaningful life. The problem with Thunder Bay massage girls, of course, is that they get boring. People are people. We have off days, we get distracted, we spend days scrolling through Facebook and avoiding the report that should be on our boss' desk by five pm. 


What can a guy get sexually from visiting Thunder Bay escorts that they can’t get from their own wives or girlfriends?

Anal sex, rimming, BDSM, Cum in mouth, the list is endless. It obviously depends what a mans wife will do sexually that will determine whether or not he will seek extra sex with Thunder Bay massage girls. But even if his wife does all the things mentioned above, and more, there is a good chance that the guy will still wander into a massage parlour in Thunder Bay at some time in his marriage. That’s just the way men are!


Isn’t it better for a married guy to visit massage parlours in Thunder Bay than to sign-up on a dating site looking for no strings sex?

With so many sexually erotic Asian massage girls in Thunder Bay we believe that it’s better for a guy to have uncomplicated sexual trysts than to engage in an affair with a woman from a dating site. What’s wrong with married guys visiting escorts in Thunder Bay if no one gets hurt? Or finding erotic massage girls that satisfy your afternoons lust? Finding someone to remind you how much you love and enjoy hot sex, the type that comes with foreplays and last more than 2 minutes is a fantastic way to spend some time in Thunder Bay massage parlours. Someone to remind you it’s not a chore you have to get over with or even completely avoid, someone to laugh with and with no responsibility but discretion. What’s wrong with hiring Thunder Bay escorts for an afternoon of passion without any relationship or real emotion, just for pleasure?


What’s the difference between a Thunder Bay escort and a prostitute?

Of course, local prostitutes also has its fair share of dangers. Many people share personal details about themselves too readily with people they don’t know. Then there is the obvious risk that the person you think you are speaking to isn’t who they say they are. Scammers use dating apps to prey on potential victims, not to mention the modern phenomenon of dating Thunder Bay escorts. However, despite the inherent risks of sex workers, more and more people are still turning to it as a way of meeting their next partner. As internet privacy becomes more important, it is hoped that platforms will continue to adapt to keep their users as safe as possible.

Are Thunder Bay escort agency girls becoming the new way for single guys to have sexual encounters without the preamble of taking dates out to dinner first?

At the moment, more people are still forming relationships in real life than online, but it certainly looks like this will change in the near future. On top of many older people turning to online dating, the next generation of kids and young adults are growing up in a world that is dominated by the internet. Any stigmas that once existed about the supposed shortcoming of online dating are quickly drifting away. Plus, we have the accelerating impact of the Coronavirus pandemic which we mentioned at the start, which has caused even more reliance on the online world. Years of development has happened over the course of a few short months.

How many clients does an escort see every day?

Largely dictated by the aforementioned frequency of meetings, are the number of partners massage parlours and Thunder Bay escorts will have.  Sugar babies are expected to have fewer partners, if not just the one.  This however will be dependent on the agreement which the sugar baby and daddy decide upon early on in their relationship.  Escorts however can have multiple clients as timeframes are shorter and more clearly defined, allowing for multiple clients a week, sometimes even in an evening. A larger client book, however, does present greater potential dangers for Thunder Bay escorts.  Whereas sugar babies can more carefully vet their potential daddies before agreeing to anything concrete, escorts, by taking on more clients and with less time to vet them, put themselves at more risk of violence, rape and STI's. 


Do Thunder Bay escorts always have sex with clients?

With greater risk comes great rewards, however, as escorts have the potential to earn much more than sugar babies by carrying out more transactions with more clients.  The trade-off here is money vs comfort.  Sugar babies, while earning less than an escort in Thunder Bay per month, have the luxury of a more relationship-style arrangement with a daddy who they have taken care and consideration over choosing. The interesting difference between the two practices now becomes clearer, as to who is more dependent on whom.  In a sugar baby relationship, the baby is financially reliant on the daddy.  They enjoy the lifestyle of a sugar baby, the gifts, the expenses and as such are materially reliant on the daddy.  The escort however is not materially reliant on any one of their clients, by taking on a larger number of clients the escort becomes more financially secure and is able to cut off any of their clients should they start to abuse their agreement.

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