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Do Tarragona whores provide an essential service to their clients?

Studies that seek to ask sex workers these questions surprisingly uncover some sex workers who claim to enjoy their jobs. And who are we to remove the right to work? Workers sell their labour every day, so who decides that sex work is any different? And yet in the minds or the majority of society, it is different. Some people, at some time will use sex to procreate, but the majority of sexual encounters we have will be actively attempting the opposite. Masturbation can provide physical reaction and release, so what do we need another person for? The answer is human connection.


Our lives mean something to us through the connections we make, and sexual connections are powerful. They involve just one other person, and so there is no danger of feeling invisible, or being overlooked, or any of the usual anxieties that can accompany us as we make our way through our life. You are there, with another person, sharing an experience unique to the two of you. This encompasses the fantasy Tarragona sex workers sell to their clients.


What type of men visit Tarragona massage parlours?

But in the process of reducing this connection to a tradable commodity, there is a feeling, and some evidence, that they risk losing the ability to enjoy that connection themselves.  A report from Tarragona University found that sex workers were unlikely to purchase sex themselves from other sex workers, very telling, as they perhaps appreciate the emotional difficulties they themselves have when selling sex. Perhaps, like prohibition, it is time for us to accept that sex work cannot, and should not be illegal, and instead of police man hours and prosecutions, our tax money should be spent on making it a safe occupation as we are already starting to do, and perhaps in providing free education to sex workers, be that basic Maths and Language skills all the way up to degree-level and beyond, so that we as a society can be sure we are doing everything we possibly can to place power, and more importantly, choices, into the hands of the workers themselves.


What type of girls studying at university becomes Tarragona whores and starts dating men for money? 

Many parents are left bereft, anxious and lost when their child goes off to university, it is also a very expensive time for many families. The empty room and the silence in the house leaves an aching gap in their lives.  They might be even more unhappy to discover that of that years' university undergraduate intake, around five per cent of the female student population will turn to become escorts in Tarragona to support themselves.  Either as a means of funding their studies, of relieving themselves of debt at the end of the course, or perhaps to pay their rent. And more than a few do it because they enjoy sex. Parents of boys have even more reason to be concerned, as in some Uni’s, more male students sign up to an escort agency than women.


Are University fees too high, is this the reason so many college girls are turning to Tarragona massage parlours to earn money, by giving blowjobs to clients ?

A student's concern may be the possibility of the university finding out about their secret occupation. Institutions, however, are not known for actively seeking out individuals relying on sex work, unless illegal organisations or agencies seem to be operating directly on campus. Even in case of intervention, the noise is usually kept down. As years go by and university life becomes more expensive, the elephant in the room has grown exponentially in size. Should institutions be more strict to prevent students from becoming teen escorts in Tarragona? Debatable. Before applying such measures, with either the student in question being expelled or prevented from working, there should be a wider support system, such as more scholarships and on-campus jobs with high wages. 

The sex industry operates in thousands of ways, and to understand their implications, moral judgement should be the last thing on our minds. Our contribution and concern should not apply to proud whores in Tarragona, we should instead offer support and viable alternatives to those who turn to escort after being left with no choice.

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