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The notion of 'sex workers' often leads to visualisations of seedy underworlds, cheap escorts in Ennis exchanges in dark and decrepit Enniss. To most of us it is not available, an industry that does not register within our naive and virtuous minds. Though the loans were, and continue to be, payable over thirty years, those that were able to continue with study found themselves struggling financially. A group that supports the decriminalisation of prostitutes in Ennis said that a lack of jobs and increased tuition fees led to more students turning to lap dancing, working as Ennis escorts and prostitutes in Ennis as a means of earning. Whilst disconcerting, it is easy to understand, given the potential earning figure of  £1000 per night compared to just  £10 per hour in a bar or restaurant. The greater concern here is that whilst financial matters are resolved, the effect of the work on an individual may be dangerously detrimental to both physical and mental health. 


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