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How has the sex industry changed in Ireland?

Claudia is a blonde woman who turned to working as Greystones escorts to meet the needs of her family, she now owns her own home has a new car every 2 years and sends her two children to private schools 

With the use of the multiple sites like xlamma & various escort agencies in Greystones that've made the seedy and abusive industry come to the forefront of our lives by coming into our homes, on our laptops and is fast becoming a normality. I have friends who've struggled this past year with the prospect of having no career in the future, their parents have lost their jobs, their homes are on the brink of being lost & they have no way out. What would I say to my friend about starting a career in the sex industry? 

What did you think about girls who worked as prostitutes in Greystones before you started?

My first thought was they are just escorts. My second thought was being scared for my safety, what would my parents think? But I was wrong. That shouldn't have been my first thought. My first thought should've been I’m taking control of my own life, it's my choice. They are independent, free willed and accepting that they can make change in their own lives. So at this point during a pandemic, i would like to say we sat down over a coffee to discuss it, but sadly it was over zoom, still with a coffee of course.

Are male escorts just male prostitutes in Greystones masquerading as courtesans?

They were deemed to be above the common prostitutes and would have come to be a male escorts from an upper class background. In the 19th century being a male escort was an in-road to marriage. It could be seen as a business deal whereby a woman without a dowry to get into a higher society. King Edward the second was known to be a big fan of the black male escorts.  African guys were probably the best known of the Kings male escorts. In some ways the modern equivalent would be a sugar baby, not exactly a prostitute, but offers sexual services in exchange for some form of luxury; money or a lifestyle that they wouldn’t otherwise have.


Would you recommend girls to work for Greystones escort agencies?

Now what do I say to my friend? I support them and I back them and most of all I  still respect them, we are lucky to have that choice and we are lucky to have that freedom because in other countries, people do not have that freedom of choice. In other countries, this would not be accepted and could end in death, as family shame would be put upon their shoulders. 

Do you think that all escorts and prostitutes in Greystones should be legalized? 

This isn't an industry just for Ireland, it’s a job that can be done all across the world but are their rules any different? New Zealand is the only country in the world to completely decriminalise sex work. You can run a brothel, sell services on the street and online and more. The legalisation of it will benefit those in the industry, it’ll create safer spaces and better working environments. It’s a step forward for society in accepting the industry and recognising that even though some may not agree, they're people too and deserve the same rights no matter the job. In Japan, the world around the sex industry is dramatically different. It’s not seen as wrong by the public to go into the industry from a young age with explicit drawings and photos of young girls, many having just turned eighteen. Some might call this inclusivity, but is it really exploitation? 

Has the stigma of girls working in erotic massage parlors in Greystones reduced in the eyes of the general population?

Most people have a positive outlook, so I thought we’d discuss those first. Fame. Does everyone want it? That comes with the job. Most like fame, being famous in that line of work can open up opportunities to Hollywood. It can bring independence with the hours and who you work for, a lot of exclusive sex workers who only have top clients on their list and are selected because they can keep their privacy, could end up with a very glamorous lifestyle in London, Paris, Washington, New York, Hollywood and more, including having access to excellent healthcare. 

The one thing that comes as part of the job is keeping yourself healthy and well maintained. For those who don’t have rich clients, you can still have a loyal customer base. With that comes the safety and knowledge of regular work which is far more than what we get in this day and age with a pandemic. Whilst we’re talking of the pandemic, the one thing that is at the forefront is that you don’t need qualifications to do this job. No education required, but it does help to have a level of elegance about you, this can of course be self taught. If your client list becomes that of VIPs, designer goods will be acquired for formal functions. Would these be positives of any job, or is it just the sex industry?

What are the downsides to working as an escort in Greystones?

The judgment that faces a lot of massage girls and escorts in Greystones and even possibly getting the sack from a corporate job or being asked to leave university, is a heavy weight to bear with someone that may have been pushed into the industry in the first place.

What are the longer term risks in later life for women that choose to become Greystones escorts?

Whether you have a VIP client list or just working on the streets with no protection, there is always the risk of assault or being beaten. Despite the fact that many go unreported, personal safety is an issue. Whistles and alarms can be carried, but at the end of the day, who’s going to come running? On some occasions, with people being attacked for a second time by their “rescuer”. That feeling of vulnerability can lead to a drug addiction out of stress, fear and more.If you are attacked, you then have to go home to your partner and explain, does they know you work in the sex industry? Many have said they either don’t tell their partners, or if they do, some will find their partners leaving them. People often associate negative connotations with working in the sex industry, with the misconception that they sleep around a lot with the added negativity of the notoriety fame that can come with job as walking down the street, going to the shop or even taking their kids to school in the morning can lead to unwanted recognition. Your children can also be a target from stalkers and unwanted attention from your line of work, not forgetting that they can be taken into care, as in some cases they can be put in danger. 


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