If a married man succumbs to the charms of Jalandhar whores is it his fault?

If a couple have open relationships. Having sex outside the relationship isn't cheating, because there is more to the relationship than sex. Yet, for many individuals in open relationships, the idea of their partner going to see an escort, not for sex, would somehow feel like a betrayal. It would probably feel worse than if they'd gone to prostitutes in Jalandhar. Paying for sex that's simple. It's transactional, and it's about gratification. 

Is it wrong for a man to want the company of a younger women occasionally?

It's not personal. But visiting Jalandhar massage girls, especially if they are the erotic Desi girls with firm tits and tight pussies that's different, I mean what man can resist an Indian teen with a tight pussy when you’ve been married to a woman for 20 years to the same pussy, had a couple of kids and sex becomes a bit boring, all of a sudden this sweet Indian girl 18 years old is offering you the opportunity to fuck her tight pussy, that’s like offering honey to a bear; irresistible right? That's looking for a legitimate service, a connection, something more. If you're married, then you've vowed that your partner is the one you turn to. Your partner is the one you connect to. So paying someone else to fill that role, that feels like a much larger betrayal of trust. I guess it all comes down to the relationship you have. Every marriage is different. But if one half of a marriage feels that they have to pay the girls that work in Jalandhar brothels for companionship, then I'm not sure you can still call it a marriage.


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