I am a married man and I want to have sex with trans escorts in Ranchi, does it mean I’m bisexual?

There is a huge trend in guys wanting to meet and have an intimate experience with TS or trans escorts. Some clients visiting a transsexual escort for the first time are experimenting with their own sexuality, exploring what it’s like having a cock in your mouth for the first time with someone who looks and acts like a woman, in fact TS escorts are very feminine in their approach to their men callers, they know the clients needs and respect their feelings. Looking at TS, trans and ladyboys in Ranchi on webcam sites like livejasmin for example it’s easy to see the attraction of a sexual encounter with a trans woman, they can be extremely beautiful and very sexy and in some cases it is difficult to believe that they are not real girls. So in answer to the question above, it doesn’t mean you are gay, you a just exploring your own sexuality, which can happen at any time in one's life.

Why are trans escorts becoming the must visit with heterosexual guys?

Finding sweet, beautiful and sexy Transgender prostitutes in Ranchi is not an easy task. A lot of Transgender girls still work the streets in many Cities throughout India and of course guys are becoming more interested in dating trans girls. But when Trans girls in Ranchi with good looks want to make real money as a VIP Trans escort then she needs to promote herself on a website like escort directory - AUS  or sign-on with a Ranchi escort agency. As Transgender models become more popular on the catwalks of Europe’s fashion industry more and more ex-models are turning to India trans escorts to supplement their incomes, great news for connoisseurs of Transsexual girls wanting to meet escorts from the modelling world.

If a married man visits Ranchi massage parlours for a straight massage and the sexy Indian girls offer extra services that include sexual hand relief, girlfriend experience, sloppy blowjobs or full sexual intercourse, is that the fault of the client if he succumbs to her charms?

If a couple have open relationships. Having sex outside the relationship isn't cheating, because there is more to the relationship than sex. Yet, for many individuals in open relationships, the idea of their partner going to see an escort, not for sex, would somehow feel like a betrayal. It would probably feel worse than if they'd gone to prostitutes in Ranchi. Paying for sex that's simple. It's transactional, and it's about gratification. It's not personal. But visiting Ranchi massage girls, especially if they are the erotic Thai girls or 18 year old Japanese girls with firm tits and tight pussies, that's different, I mean what man can resist a tight pussy when you’ve been married to the same woman for 20 years. The same pussy, had a couple of kids and sex becomes a bit boring, all of a sudden this sweet teen Thai girl, 18 years old is offering you the opportunity to fuck her tight pussy, that’s like offering honey to a bear; irresistible right?

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