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Would you say that society’s viewpoint has changed towards girls working as Basingstoke escorts?

Since ancient times prostitution has been viewed as degrading and generally a sin that will eventually lay you in a bottomless pit of hellish fire. Has anything changed lately? Has the world matured enough to not act coy at the mere mention of “sex”? As with other controversial topics,  humanity has a long way to go. There are billions of people on this planet which results in billions of different opinions.  Humans are known to have their say in anything even if nobody asks, which in turn means that people have voiced their beliefs about the sex industry as well. We can divide these into three main categories: the ones that tolerate it, the ones that don’t tolerate it, and the ones that don’t tolerate it but want people to feel safe while doing their thing.

The demand for sex workers has never changed throughout society, If Basingstoke escorts, escort agencies, and massage girls were taxed wouldn’t that bring more money into the system?

Depending on the country, there are different rules around the sex industry. In most countries, it is criminalised and punished, but there are some, such as New Zealand and some countries in  Europe, where it has been legalized. In the UK it is legalised with some exceptions: sex workers cannot loiter in street corners to gather customers and brothels are not allowed, at least pornography is a go. It is like saying you agree with prostitution as long as you can’t see it, an excuse often used by homophobes: “I don’t mind gay people, as long as they don’t hold hands/show affection in public.”, meanwhile heterosexuals are tongue-deep down someone’s throat on a busy street.

The law on escorts in Basingstoke is obviously flawed and Ineffective, Isn’t it time to try something different?

Currently, in the 21st century, the general public, and most of the users of these services, are pro legalising the sex industry and are comfortable admitting this is a real job. The problem lays in the fact that the public opinion has not overwritten the authorities’ and the workers are the ones to pay. They feel like they can’t call the police if they’ve been assaulted and thus rape and harassment have become a norm, for both male and female prostitutes. There are some laws where the client is held accountable for purchasing the services, but that only enables the man/customer to have power over the females thus rendering their consent irrelevant like it didn’t matter in the first place.  This has been confirmed by many sex workers over the years, such as Maggie McNeill in various interviews and on her blog “The Honest Courtesan”.

Do the majority of people support the view that Basingstoke escorts and massage girls in Basingstoke should be legalised?

We all know at least one person that will quote the Bible for you when you as much as mention something “unorthodox”. Today I’ll do it for you so they don’t have to: “Just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities, which likewise indulged in sexual immorality and pursued unnatural desire, serve as an example by undergoing a punishment of eternal fire.” Jude (1:7). Coming from someone called Jude, I know how this sounds. Religion is great until it threatens people with damnation to believe some imaginary morals. This type of thinking isn’t necessarily nurtured by all religious people, but it is one of the main reasons people are uncomfortable with sex.

Do teen escorts in Basingstoke offer a valuable service to society?

Teenagers have no idea how intimate relationships work because we don’t teach them, but what can we really expect from adults that can’t face issues like these with maturity? Thinking that in contemporary society sex can’t be done outside of a relationship because it’s intimate and should be done with someone you love, is plain childish. There are plenty of people working 9 to 5 or coming home exhausted, people having a hard time maintaining themselves let alone a relationship,  and we can’t expect them to be chaste until they find the right person after a thousand years when they have a day off. People are outspoken and offended on the outside but they’re the same people on pornographic websites at the end of the day.

People show their support for massage girls in Basingstoke in different ways. Let’s have a look:

Cory is a former Christian and current atheist. He believes that it is only fair for prostitution to be as legal as pornography is. He affirms that the sex industry being legal on its whole would harm no one and in fact, would create more jobs. Let’s give him a round of applause for growing up past the age of 10. Andrew who lives in the North of England and has religious views sends his blessing over consenting adults in the business. This goes to show that doctrine and religion don’t always have a  say in the opinion of people. This is a comment from someone that lives in a part of Australia where sex work is legalised, thus better controlled and safer for all parties involved. The truth is as he states: “The sky didn’t fall in, civilisations didn’t crumble, people didn’t start marrying their pets…”.

A perfect communistic specimen would utter those exact words, saying how the world is defamed because of such acts, especially legalised. This goes to show how much politics affect the views and freedom of people. Here is a perfect example of someone that can admit to not tolerate something in particular but still be mature enough to think of the better of people over their moral views. They say “I don’t think women turn to it by choice” which in some cases might be true. Some people turn to it because they have to, and then can’t get out because it’s not legal, it’s a vicious circle. Someone from the industry shed some light on the matter as well. Ember says that it is equivalent to any other industry that sells services. In truth, sex work is on the same level of intimacy as massages, therapy, and visits at the gynecologist, so that as a reason against is ruled out.

We shall end this prolonged monologue with the comment that has the soundest reasoning and the most articulate arguments. Surely if everyone spoke with such ease about unorthodox topics, the world would be a much more accepting place. Barbara doesn’t refrain from calling a spade a spade. The ultimate truth is,  there are worse things you can give someone than an orgasm. We can conclude that people see the sex industry as more acceptable nowadays due to the increased market, through either prostitution, striptease, or pornography. Society evolved and feels more comfortable with Basingstoke massage parlours, escort agencies, and independent escorts, but there are still people left that prefer to be bought a drink before being thrown between the sheets with someone.