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Is it possible for an escort in Birkenhead to have a normal relationship with a boyfriend?

It’s inevitable. When introducing your new partner to family, friends, work colleagues – the question comes up. There was once a time online escorts was taboo, it was almost shameful to admit you had joined a site to get dates. But now... I would struggle to find just one of my friends that hasn’t downloaded Tinder, Hinge, or Plenty of Fish to swipe through the masses of men and women available to chat at the flick of the thumb. Not only is it the norm for singles to be on escort sites to find love, but people are also using these to find friendships, friends with benefits, and purely sexual relationships – whether that be for one night or longer.

According to statistics 1 in 7 local men visit Birkenhead escorts and massage parlours every month, can this be true?

According to Sky News, as of April 2019, around seven million UK residents were registered on escort sites, and around a third of relationships starting between 2015 and 2019 began online. Also, escorts site eHarmony states over 50% of couples will meet online by 2031. So clearly, it seems more and more people are looking to the internet for love. There are a number of reasons for people choosing escorts apps to find a long-term relationship. One of those being convenience. I've had a go myself and you can set up a Tinder profile in less than 2 minutes, and straight away start swiping left and right to all these new faces. Also, maybe I shouldn’t say this as I'm in a relationship, but you get a real buzz from it! For me, it’s half the feeling of shame for being so shallow and literally saying ‘nope’ out loud and swiping left, just because I don’t like the look of someone. But the other half feels empowered. How often has someone hit on you in a bar, or wherever you like to hang out, and you’ve wanted to just move them out of your way and tell them to do one. And how often do you end up just being polite and making an excuse to leave, or using the phrase my single friends love, “sorry I’m in a relationship”, to get rid of them. Well on escorts apps, there is none of this! Yes, ladies and gents, you can say NO without any reason, excuse, or words. Each app is different, Tinder you swipe right for those that you like the look of, then if they have liked you too you get a match and can chat – as easy as that. Bumble is similar, yet the females have to be the first to talk – if they don’t within 24 hours, they lose the match. Hinge reminds me of Instagram in a way, you can see who has liked your pictures or comments, and for you to like someone you like one of theirs, then they can match you to begin chatting. Each has its pros and cons; but the point is all are convenient, easy, and used by millions.

What’s the difference between a Birkenhead escort and a prostitute?

There are so many different sites and apps out there that if you’re single and not sure which one to go for, explore a few and see which feels right. The beauty of escort sites is you can date around. You can chat to as many people at one time as you like; all there at your fingertips. Of course, if you’re looking to find a long-term partner, this may not seem ideal for you, especially If you do find someone you like and have the fear that they could be talking to others at the same time. But unfortunately, whether it’s online or not this could happen either way. So just like when escorting anyone, communicate honestly and trust the person you have got to know.

Do escorts in Birkenhead offer a valuable service to society?

I know that looking for something long-term in a pool of serial daters, one-night stands and players can seem daunting; but put yourself out there! You really never know who you might find. Surely one of those seven million users will be looking for the same thing you are and might even be your soulmate. Even those of you looking for something casual, or just to go on dates and get to know different people; that special person might just come out of nowhere and next thing you know you’re three years down the line married with two kids! Scientifically the chances of meeting your ideal person are heightened on escort sites as, unlike in real life, you can filter. You can filter pretty much anything. That person's Birkenhead, age, height, interests, race, religion, political stance - the list goes on. Personally, I believe although we think we know what we want, the people we end up with aren’t always the perfect filtered fit of our ideal. Yet saying that, if I were to look for love online now, I would certainly tick a few boxes e.g. ‘non-smoker’ and ‘non-talks about football 23 hours a day’.

The demand for sex workers has never changed throughout society, If Birkenhead escorts, escort agencies, and massage girls were taxed wouldn’t that bring more money into the system?

What I think is great, is people of all ages, sexual orientations, and beliefs can use these sites and find like-minded people. There are specific sites for those that are gay such as Grindr, ones for those aged over 50 like Our Time, and apps for those that are disabled like Enable escorts. The world of online escorts is so inclusive and I think that’s great and so important. Everyone deserves to find love and it should be no harder for one person than it is for another, so you can see why so many choose to do their escorts online in the hope of finding that permanent relationship.

Are Birkenhead escort agency girls becoming the new way for single guys to have sexual encounters without the preamble of taking dates out to dinner first?

Yes, I think escorts sites are becoming the new norm and I encourage those singles out there who are hesitant about apps to give them a go. The internet is the global home of opportunity, communication, and conversation – so where better to browse, filter and swipe your way to your soulmate!

After guys have visited the female escorts and massage girls in Birkenhead where is the best entertainment in Birkenhead?

After topping the Sunday Times’ list of ‘Best Places to Live 2020’, it’s no surprise that Birkenhead has become a quintessential social playground for millennials. Situated just south of Manchester, the once-sleepy market town now provides a variety of local entertainment that could rival any UK city. Dozens of eateries, bars, and entertainment venues lie within a half-mile radius, meaning you’ll be able to spend a whole day (or weekend) exploring all it has to offer. Here are some of the hotspots we recommend you check out when visiting this fantastic little microcosm of south Manchester.

Birkenhead MARKET

Without a doubt, one of the top reasons to visit Birkenhead is its market house, situated in the heart of the town centre. The multi-award-winning market house is open daily, so those of any age can enjoy the rustic and cosy surroundings while tucking into some of the best local artisan food and drink. Its six resident eateries provide a tempting variety of choices, including a gourmet sourdough pizzeria, eclectic burger bar, and heart-warming pie-maker. There truly is something for everyone. The market-house is also attached to a covered outdoor market, where you’ll find more than 60 stalls selling everything from eco-friendly cleaning products, to local artisan cheeses. Basically, you’re never more than a few steps away from amazing food and crafts once you step into the market’s perimeter.


You know you’re in for a lavish experience when you see an Everyman Cinema. This arthouse-inspired cinema is just a minute’s walk from the other restaurants in town, so once you’ve indulged in some great food, you can spend your evening laughing (or crying) at the pictures. Sprawl across your very own luxurious red velvet sofa as you watch one of your favourite films. The staff will even bring a meal and drink to where you’re sitting - now THAT’S a glamorous way to go to the movies. If you’re a ‘pasta is life’ kind of person, then a trip to Sugo Pasta is an absolute necessity.

You’ll be trying pasta dishes with ingredients you’ve probably never heard of, so it’s a real gastronomic rollercoaster perfect for foodies who want to try something a little different. With fantastic seasonal menus and a great wine list to match, a dinner with friends at this cosy little restaurant is sure to be an evening well spent. Be sure to book well in advance if you want in on the action - this place is ​not ​busy!

No town is complete without its local bars and music venues.

The Green is the bustling social hub of Birkenhead. A tucked-away plaza where locals can enjoy a tipple or two while listening to quality live music, or playing games in one of the surrounding bars. Showcase your pool-playing skills at LōFT, or get nostalgic at King Pong - a self-described ‘bar-cade’ where you can play classic arcade games and beer pong, while 80s music blasts all around you. Wherever you decide to go to Goose Green, you’re guaranteed a night to remember (if drinking responsibly!) After your big night out in the town, you might want to visit Dunham - a magnificent, stately Georgian house, whose grounds are home to roaming deer and thousand-year-old woodland. Explore all the wildlife trails the estate has to offer, indulging in some afternoon tea in the resident cafe afterward.

The estate proves a fantastic venue for a first date with your favourite Birkenhead escorts.

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