Vicky is a Blackpool escort who works from her own flat in the centre of town. She is 26, a former stripper who says that the people of Blackpool are the best in the world, they are so accepting of working girls, and they all look-out for one another.

So you enjoy being a Blackpool escort?

I love it, here in my street, all my neighbours know that I am a working girl and they also know that I a not allowed to have anyone helping me to answer phone calls and more especially to keep me safe should anyone try to attack me, which does happen to escorts and Blackpool massage girls from time to time. Here on my street, my neighbours check when I let them know I have a client and they always text me when they think the time is right.

Do you think that there should be a change in the law to allow Blackpool escorts and massage girls to work with at least an older woman for safety reasons alone?

Of course, there should, even the local police think that they don’t want to waste their time arresting girls who are working girls. Some of my regular clients are local cops, they are good guys and they agree that girls should be able to work in a safe environment. Let’s face it, the business is never going away, and it’s much better for the whole society that girls don’t walk the streets as common Blackpool prostitutes anymore, it’s really just hypocritical that the government, who all visit female escorts and dominatrix in Blackpool, can't just pass a law that allows girls to work in safety from secure premises.

What’s the most requested service that Blackpool escorts are asked to perform for their clients?

Hmm! I would say that most guys today want oral sex with cum in mouth, that’s the overriding request that I get. I know that a lot of the new teen escorts in Blackpool are advertising that they will do anal sex, some without a condom, which I personally think is mad, but the business evolves all the time. When I was a stripper in Blackpool, men were always asking me to chrome back to their place or hotel for a quick bareback blowjob.

Do a lot of married men use the services of Blackpool escorts?

People have been cheating on their lovers for as long as love has been a concept. It's mentioned in one of the Ten Commandments; 'Thou shalt not commit adultery'. Even though the majority of society frowns upon cheating, it continues to happen, and with the creation of the internet cheating has become ten times easier than it once used to be, and sites such as the controversial extramarital escorts site Ashley Madison means it's now easier than ever to seek out a side piece. Many people would argue that this is a bad thing and that the ever-evolving art of cheating is something that one should take issue with - but in reality, there are plenty of positives to it, and before you tar every cheater with the same brush, it's definitely worth thinking about how turning a blind eye to your significant other seeking extramarital affection (and even perhaps seeking a little yourself) can vastly improve both your relationship and your life.

Is it possible for a man to stay faithful with so many beautiful Blackpool escorts online and waiting for just a phone call to have a sexual encounter?

Monogamy doesn't work for everyone, and the fact that there are more than 60 million people signed up to Ashley Madison is a testament to that. It's clear that for many people, one partner is simply not enough for them to feel emotionally and sexually satisfied. If this is the case in your relationship, what's stopping you from taking the plunge and ditching monogamy altogether in favour of something a little more open? Consensual nonmonogamy has been rising in popularity in recent years, but it's been around since the beginning of time - polyamory was widely practiced and accepted in ancient times, with records showing its practice in Greece, Nepal, and the Middle East, and that's just to name a few examples. In the present day, polyamory in many forms - including open relationships, relationship anarchy, and swinging - is practiced by many, including actress Bella Thorne, YouTuber Jake Paul, and drag queen Derrick Barry. If consensual non-monogamy works for them, and if it has worked for people around the world for thousands of years, who's to say that it wouldn't work for you? Research shows that people who cheat on their partners are less likely to practice safe sex than those who are in consensually nonmonogamous relationships and that those who practice nonmonogamy tend to communicate their feelings to their partners in a more productive manner - if you're worried that your partner may be straying from your relationship, perhaps the best thing to do to ensure that the two of you are happy and safe is to jump in at the deep end and to open things up.

Can escort agency girls in Blackpool ever replace the girlfriend experience of a real girlfriend?

When it comes to people seeking the affections of Blackpool escorts other than their spouse, whether or not their actions end up ruining their relationship comes down to one thing; trust. If you cannot trust your partner to make smart decisions, then the two of you should not be together. If you're struggling with the idea that your partner might want to see other people, or might already be doing so, it's time to ask yourself; can I trust them to make decisions that won't put them, me or the other person they're getting involved within danger? If the answer to that question is yes, perhaps the best course of action to keep your relationship afloat is to simply continue to trust your partner, keep an open mind in regards to their actions and make sure that the two of you communicate with each other about your feelings. People are constantly evolving and changing, and sometimes it can feel as if being in a closed relationship stifles that; trusting your partner and letting them seek out whatever they need to continue their growth will help to keep your relationship going strong.

If a married man visits a Blackpool massage parlour is it cheating if the Asian massage girls offer to give hand relief at the end of the session?

What if cheating is a dealbreaker for you? Don't worry, you're not alone - a quick Google of 'infidelity deal-breaker' will return a slew of pages upon pages of people writing about how they couldn't move past their partner's unfaithfulness. While it is always sad to have a relationship come to an end, and you may feel betrayed by the fact that your partner chose relations with other people over what the two of you had, breakups - whether they are caused by cheating or not - can be a positive thing. Breakups allow you to find somebody more compatible, who shares your views on monogamy, and the experience gained from being cheated on will help you communicate those views before it's too late. For many, breakups are also a source of creative inspiration; maybe the void left by your unfaithful ex-partner will go on to be filled with a new hobby, new friends, and most importantly a new outlook on life. Having your partner seek out intimacy with others may hurt, but it will give you an insight into their character you never would have otherwise seen and may end up helping you to flourish on your own - after all, you can't rise from the ashes without burning first.

Can a hookup site ever take the place of a Blackpool escort agency?

Ashley Madison has been a controversial site for the entire 19 years it's been online, and a 2015 security breach has made the site infamous, but its existence has opened up a dialogue about shame, trust, monogamous relationships, and whether or not they work for everyone that simply can't be ignored. With the decreasing popularity of closed relationships, it's time we started to look at Ashley Madison as a site that broke new ground when it comes to being nonmonogamous, both in the online and offline world, and a site that for many was their first exposure to the nonmonogamous lifestyle. If Ashley Madison's existence affects you personally, the path you chose to take in order to solve that issue - be it opening up the relationship, ignoring your partner's infidelity, or ending things - is up to you, but the personal growth and the changes it will make to how you communicate within your relationships are undeniably positive things. In the words of the founder of Ashley Madison himself, "Life is short. Have an affair."

What type of entertainment is here other than visiting Blackpool escorts or the erotic pleasures of the Blackpool massage parlours?

Young people today have no shortage of entertainment and activities to keep themselves occupied with, from cinema trips and shopping experiences to cycling, sightseeing, and adrenaline-filled adventures. Blackpool has a variety of activities for young people between the ages of 18-35 to enjoy. These range from outdoor activities and events to indoor entertainment. Beyond the city itself, Blackpool is an area of stunning natural beauty. Whilst walking in nature might not be every young person's cup of tea, hiring a bike and cycling through the countryside promises to be an enjoyable experience. For true nature enthusiasts, there is also the opportunity to arrange a Blackpool Plains Safari tour which takes guests on truck or horse tours to see rare flowers, animals, and ancient architecture. Blackpool is home to a couple of skydiving centres, including the country's leading centre for tandem skydiving. Skydiving is the perfect activity for young individuals seeking an adrenaline rush. A hot air balloon tour also provides a thrilling, sky-high activity. Floating above Blackpool, beautiful scenes of the countryside and the city can be enjoyed. It's a unique experience and, along with skydiving, can be ticked off the bucket list. Throughout the year, Blackpool runs a number of different festivals that can be enjoyed by residents. Ranging from the literary, international arts, and music festivals to the food and drink and river festivals, there's plenty of choices. For young individuals, a festival can be a great opportunity to relax with friends and enjoy doing something a little different. Escape rooms are a great source of entertainment and are fun to complete at any age. However, they provide particular entertainment for the younger generations who can go with friends for a laugh. It's a great way to challenge the mind and have a fun day out at the same time! Cinema and theatre are excellent sources of entertainment. Blackpool is home to a number of different venues, including a cinema, theatre, and arts centre. Whilst catering to children and older generations, these entertainment spaces have plenty of gripping productions and films on for young people in their late teens, twenties, and thirties to enjoy. Perhaps the busiest scenes for 18-35 year-olds are the Blackpool pubs and clubs. From more traditional pubs and bars to the quirky and exciting, Blackpool has a vast range of night time entertainment spaces. Nights out, musical events, dance parties, and more can be found in the streets after dark, providing exciting entertainment for the young locals.