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Mistress Morgan is a dominatrix escort in Cambridge

Q; What first got you into the femdom BDSM scene?

A; I was working as a call girl, escort, whatever you want to call it when I was just 18, but I found the whole escorts in Cambridge scene rather boring, it was just men wanting a fuck for sixty quid or a blow job for forty quid and if I didn’t want to drop my prices the escort down the road would. One of my regulars wanted me to piss on him while wearing my panties, I told him I would only do this if he gave me two hundred pounds, to my amazement he didn’t flinch and handed over the money, no sex just me standing over him and weeing in his mouth. That was the start of my life as a dominatrix.

Q; How did you learn the ropes of being a mistress domme?

A; I got to know Lady Barbara from legs world when I was in Germany, she took me under her wing and became a mentor to me. She taught me how to behave with my gentlemen callers and how to treat them as slaves. She showed me many things that slaves like, foot worship, ass worship and generally being obedient towards me.

Q; Do you ever orgasm when you’re with a slave?

A; If I want to give a slave a treat, maybe he has served me well, buying me expensive gifts. For example I may masturbate in front of him and let him see me orgasm, but he knows that he is not allowed to touch me, ever.

Q; Do you class yourself as a Cambridge prostitute? Or a Cambridge escort?

A; I am certainly not a prostitute as I don’t sell my body for sex, as for being an escort in Cambridge, take a look at their prices, escorts in Cambridge still let guys fuck them for sixty pounds, and some prostitutes in Cambridge are letting men fuck them bareback, without a condom on.

Q; Can a Dominatrix in Cambridge have a normal social life outside of seeing clients?

A; I tend to socialize with people in the BDSM scene, the clubs I go to and the people I hang out with are all either Doms or dominatrix.

Q; do you ever have sex with men?

A; If I have a boyfriend away from work it will be a wealthy mature man who is exceptionally generous towards me. I’m not a gold digger as such, I have my own money, but I like the more mature powerful man that commands respect wherever we go. In restaurants we always get the best table, we get invited to Monte Carlo and Film Premiers. That type of man I will let fuck me.

Q; Are most of your clients married?

A; I really only chose men that are married to be my slaves. Singles guys are a pain in the arse. When a married man who is a captain of industry or a politician, I know that he will be subservient to me, this is something that a mistress requires in order to set the divide for a successful mistress and slave relationship. 

Q; If you weren’t a dominatrix would you still be fucking men for money as a Cambridge prostitute?

A; If I hadn’t met lady Barbara legs world, I would probably still be letting guys fuck me, and I would still be sucking guys off for ridiculously low fees. I will be forever grateful to the dommes of this world for letting me see how men should be manipulated and used as sex slaves.     

Q; What service do your slaves like most?

A; Most of my slaves like me to dress them up in frilly panties and piss on them, some like me to call them names, such as: whore, slut, cum dump slut and so on. I like a man that is into humiliation, I can vent my anger, tell him what a worthless piece of shit he is, tell him to pay for my trip to the Bahamas, buy me a new car, Jimmy Choo shoes, La Perla underwear, anything I want really.

Do you have sex with your clients?

A; No never, no slave would ever feel that they can have sex with their mistress, having sex with a slave would completely break the relationship that exists between mistress and slave. So, no sex, no hand jobs, no oral sex, in fact I don’t even touch a mans cock with my bare hand, I may prod his cock with a whip or a cane, but that’s about it…. 

 Why are students signing on with Cambridge escort agencies?

 Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession probably older than the rock of Gibraltar and sexual intercourse as a universal language is unarguably a therapy for many troubled souls. In many parts of the world, sex sells like a freshly baked bread! It is an open secret that women who work in the sex trade over the years have earned popular sobriquets such as prostitute, call-girl, whore, hooker, model and ultimately the escort. With the sky-rocketing cost of post-secondary education in several countries, many students are desperately looking for alternative ways to finance their quest for higher learning because poverty is only good in sermons but very unpleasant in practice and it is true that education may not take anybody out rightly out of poverty but it will not keep one in abject poverty and the sex trade cannot be the last option for these young souls. 

Is it ethically wrong for a student to support herself through escort work?

Necessity they say is the mother of invention and as the street slogan says, “You need to use what you have to get what you want in life. “According to a research conducted by a University in southwest London, it was discovered that one in 10 female students had close friends who had worked at massage parlours and as Cambridge escorts to support themselves throughout their university education. Many students are not really concerned about the fact that prostitution, either part-time or full-time, is a dark enclave and doubles as a dignity-stripping environment which is extremely harmful and dangerous to women.

Do all escorts offer sexual services?

The coinage "escort" is likely one that involves exceptionally beautiful ladies, paid to accompany wealthy men to classic public events and expensive dinners; elegant women whose aura and splendour are worth several hundreds of pounds per hour to majorly affluent clients. But in the real world, escorts in Cambridge, like all business ventures, is purely about money, and it is strategically driven by the same economic force which motivates the entire exotic industry which is raw sex. Frankly speaking, health concerns related to intercourse, with or without the use of a condom, are prevalent among women in the sex trade and in underdeveloped and developing countries where fetishism is still highly prevalent, many of these young, innocent, and beautiful ladies become vulnerable to rituals especially men who are seeking spiritual powers. 

Do escort agencies in Cambridge actively target young students?

It is like dancing on a sword's edge and any slight error would trigger a devastating repercussion for the victim, friends and family members that is why I term it a dangerous adventure, one that can be compared with sitting on the keg of a gun powder that is ready to explode within seconds before our very eyes. Most Cambridge escort agencies are just exploiting the vulnerabilities of struggling students by paying them pittance when compared to the average wages earned by unregistered street prostitutes, they take advantage of the fact that these young girls do not have their heads and eyes open enough to see other better opportunities around them except that of an escort.

 Are exorbitant University fees the reason students are turning to sex work? 

Debt management is another major factor pressuring many young University students, due to student loan repayment policies, which can eventually affect their credit rating when trying to apply for mortgages or credit cards from banks or other financial institutions. To curtail the temptation of joining the sex trade, Universities and Colleges can reduce their tuition fees, advocate for scholarships, grants, interest-free loans, and bursaries for students from low-income family backgrounds or even offer very low-interest-rate where it is impossible to offer interest-free loan. These measures if strictly adhered to, would certainly discourage the financially disadvantaged students from becoming teen escorts in Cambridge at the detriment of their health and university education. It will also help in maintaining the status and the reputation of our institutions of higher learning as a place where morals are being instilled in students as institutions of learning are not only meant to certify students based on their academic performance alone but also on their character. In a nutshell, the reality remains that, in general, a student who is aggressively desperate enough to sell their body for “quickie” cash is likely to qualify for financial assistance from government student loan programmes or local credit unions as long as that student is working part-time with original payslips to show.

 It is estimated that 70% of clients who visit escorts are married, so why do married men visit Cambridge escorts? 

Many married men are in sex-starved relationships and a visit to a nearby brothel to meet an escort would take them to another “Sugar candy” planet while still on earth! It is still an open-ended debate. This visit is indeed a lifesaver for some frustrated men to cure their depression and boost their libido, confidence, and self-worth in life. According to research, married men flirt for six main reasons: to get sex, to explore what it would be like to be in a relationship, to strengthen a relationship, to try to experience new feelings, to increase self-esteem, and above all, to have fun. Just as we have female escorts in Cambridge, so are there male escorts who work in different gay clubs just like their female counterparts, fighting against all odds to use their bodies to earn a living. It is like a rat race or a Catch-22 dilemma.

Is an escort just a glorified prostitute?

Although feelings towards their clients must be mutual, temporary and consensual in order not to cross the boundary or break the rules. In conclusion, the legendary Irish writer, Oscar Wilde, opined, “I can resist everything, except temptation.” and that is why all men should resist the temptation of illicit sexual intercourse and be faithful to their partners.

Where can I find cheap escorts in Cambridge that do anal sex?

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Do all 18 year old teen escorts have a tight pussy?

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