Is it better for a married man to book a Gloucester escort rather than embark on an illicit affair with another married woman through a website such as Ashley Madison?

'WHAT?' you might say, when first hearing of, the extra-marital-affair-themed dating site whose mantra is, plainly: Life is short. Have an affair. 'An affair?' you might then say, and justifiably ask who in their right mind would condone that, let alone make a business out of it. And hey, I agree with you. But let's look at this objectively. Ashley Madison was founded in 2001 and has grown into a successful enterprise. Whatever your moral objections, the site appeals to a great number of people, which makes the question worth asking.

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Selfish, sick, and twisted as the idea may first seem, does it serve some sort of good? At least it's honest and upfront, I suppose. These are my first thoughts as I land on the site and scroll up and down its lengthy homepage. There's no pretending here. And I suppose, if you're going to go behind your partner's back and have an affair, the least you can do is be honest with yourself. You're not a bad person. You're just living for the moment, seeking some much-needed excitement in your life, making up for the fun you missed out on during university while you were too busy studying, or the adventure you planned in your early 20s but never embarked on. At least Ashley Madison embraces 'living for the moment', and encourages its members to celebrate who they are and what they want, rather than pretend otherwise. Then I think of the Friends episode. You know the one - Joey insists on reminding Phoebe there's 'no such thing as a selfless good deed.' And the most brutal thing about this? It's 100% true. Whether it's tidying your room or helping an old lady across the street, every good thing we do validates us in some way. They group together in our minds and act as our sense of self-worth.

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Usually, these things are heroic – even if just in a small way, Asian massage girls in Gloucester are always willing and up for a good time. Waking up early, doing push-ups, going to work, chopping vegetables. They all serve a kind of greater good and are often thought of as sacrificing the present for the future. Generally, the higher the number of difficult, impressive, and sacrificial duties we perform, the more experienced, competent, and all-around better a person we become. This is part of why adopting responsibility is such a fundamental part of building a meaningful life. The problem with Gloucester massage girls, of course, is that they get boring. People are people. We have off days, we get distracted, we spend days scrolling through Facebook and avoiding the report that should be on our boss' desk by five pm.

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We all need to be selfish at times, otherwise, the routine sacrifices we make can begin to seem meaningless. But selfishness is a spectrum, right? Consider the following acts: Eating the last custard cream even though your partner asked nicely if they could have it. Setting fire to your neighbour's fence because you think it's ugly. These are both selfish acts, but one is considerably worse than the other. (They can just build a new fence, right?) So the case to be made is: yes, be selfish. Go ahead, take some time for yourself. You couldn't have just booked the day off work and sat in your PJs getting drunk in front of Homes Under the Hammer?

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'Selfish' is one of the nicer ways to describe an affair. At worst, they're kind of evil. Let's face it, an affair is a total disregard for the feelings and future mental wellbeing of someone who's placed their trust in you, devoted their time and energy to you and, you know, generally been nice to you, when they could've been doing that for someone else – before all the years went by and they grew old and stopped working out. But with all that said and done, if it must be an affair, it must be an affair. If it's inevitable, it's inevitable.

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It's better, to be honest with yourself. Don't let the itch and won't grow to the point that it makes you resentful and unpleasant. An affair should be with a stranger you met online than, say, that work colleague your partner's always been suspicious of, or your mate's ex from way back when, or their best friend. In a way, Ashley Madison helps keep things clean. Moments of great pain are never insignificant. Your affair might last one weekend or it might last five years but one thing's for sure, it'll change your life. You might feel guilty and confess to your partner; get thrown out of the house and set off on a heroic quest of self-betterment, repenting for your sins, giving back to your community, and what have you.

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On the flip side, you might love the thrill of sneaking about and decide to have more affairs. You'll become such an adrenaline junky that your partner twigs what's going on, breaks up with you and in so doing, sets you free into your new life of consequence-free promiscuity. Either way, you don't get to go back to how things were before. And in a way (and this is a stretch), you have a good marriage partner too. After all, is there any greater crime than living a lie? I mean, which statement is saddest? My partner of twelve years started seeing an Asian massage girl in Gloucester. We broke up. I was down in the dumps for 6 months but then X walked into my life. I'm now happier with X than I ever thought I could be. We have married all our lives but my partner was always a little off. It was like I got 75% of them and no more. I always got the feeling there was some deep, unspoken longing that I couldn't satisfy. Now we're old and it's too late to do anything about it.'

Actions speak louder than words, as they say. So, weirdly, if you can't summon the courage to end things with your partner before setting off on your new sex-venture, joining Ashley Madison might just be the next best thing. This site does not promote human trafficking or any type of illegal sex work, nor is any content within this site an offer for Craigslist adult contacts in Gloucester to advertise or sell sex in return for money.  Adultwork escorts in Gloucester are paid for their time as a companion only.

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Now, Gloucester isn't much of a big town so the entertainment is limited, however in comparison to the near small town Horley; it has a lot more to offer. When in comparison to Brighton however Gloucester falls short. Gloucester's number one hot spot would be its biggest club 'Moka' - formally Liquid and Envy - it is a big nightclub with 2 floors and gets extremely busy with people from neighbouring towns coming over as it's one of the closest clubs. However recently it was announced that Moka will eventually be closing as the club building is being knocked down and turned into flats! So that makes there 1 less club for the youth of Gloucester. On the other hand, there are a fair few pubs and bars in Gloucester, especially on the main high street with about 5 or 6 all within a 2-minute walk of each other. This makes the high street a pretty busy place when it comes to the weekends as there are a large number of pubs and destinations to choose from all offering different things!

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Turning away from the Nightlife there are a decent amount of other entertaining things for a Gloucester escort to do. 1 being the multiplex in Gloucester. The main attraction being Cineworld and Hollywood bowl and accompanied by many different restaurants including Nando's and McDonald's. On the other side of Gloucester, we have The Hawth which is a theatre that holds many different shows, pantomimes, and plays. Although initially, you may think this is for the Older generation they also have many comedy shows on certain dates with comedians like Romesh Ranganathan. Finally, there are also plenty of parks in and around Gloucester if you're just looking to play some football, sunbathe or just chill with the family. In Conclusion, there are plenty of things to do in Gloucester for entertainment especially for the 18-35-year-olds! From Nightclubs and bars to Bowling and theatres and then just the normal parks and country walks. Whatever it is you are looking to do I'm sure there is something similar that Gloucester can offer you!