Ask An Escort; Monica 36 is a cheap escort in Coventry:

When did you start working as a Coventry escort? My husband left about five years ago and I needed to make some money, I have no qualifications so getting any well-paid job in Coventry was not going to happen. Working as an escort would give me money and independence. When I was married my husband suggested we should go dogging in Coventry, we started by letting strangers watch us having sex in the car, then progressed to me having dogging sex in car parks with anyone that was around, so I was used to having sex with lots of different men, the difference is that now I get paid for it.

Where is the best place to find cheap Coventry escorts? I advertise in local papers and also on internet websites like adultwork escorts and Xlamma escorts. Massage in Coventry is my usual term, although with all the competition with other girls you have to offer all services today. I do most services, oral without, anal, or A levels and I specialize in facesitting. When a guy wants an escort to sit on his face for long periods, it’s a kind of dominant thing really.

Have you ever worked for an escort agency in Coventry? I worked for a few escort agencies before I started as an independent escort in Coventry. The problem for me escorting with an escort agency is the percentage the agency takes. So now I advertise myself as a Coventry massage girl offers all services. Well, I sex my body to men, so I suppose I could be called a prostitute. But we prefer the word escort or massage parlour girls. In a decent week, I will make between £800 to £1000 pw, pretty good for a local housewife escort.

Do you still go dogging in Coventry? I don’t, but I did enjoy dogging, it gives you a buzz being naughty in public, and the funny thing is some of my clients were at the dogging Coventry in Coventry that I used to frequent.

Should escorts and massage girls in Coventry be allowed to work in pairs? At the moment if more than one girl is working on-premises it is classed as a brothel, how ridiculous. Historically referred to as the world’s oldest profession, prostitution and the laws surrounding it are an ongoing topical issue. As it currently stands in the UK, prostitution itself is not illegal however associated activities, such as kerb-crawling and running a brothel, remains illegal. There are mixed reviews on whether brothels should be legalised or not. A study by Rights-Info, a human rights charity, 49% of the British public would like to see brothels legalised, predominantly to ensure the safety of women. Previously, some MPs have also demonstrated they believe legalising brothels would ensure a safer work environment for sex workers as it would encourage sex workers to work together rather than alone and on the streets. The co-chair of the Sex Work Research Hub, Dr Rosie Campbell, agrees with legalising brothels and has said: “brothel-keeping laws are preventing Coventry massage girls from working together for safety; when they take the risk and do so they will be anxious to call the police if any crimes are committed against them which again undermines safety”.

One of the basic rights as a human is safety, so why should this not apply to escorts in Coventry? The other side of the argument focuses on morals, ethics and exploitation. There are many that believe prostitution and related activities, such as owning brothels, exploit women and cause criminal behaviours. Whilst this may be true, the act of prostitution is unlikely to disappear anytime soon and accordingly we should be implementing measures to ensure health and safety for women who are involved in this area of work. It is thought that the police are already turning a blind eye to suspected brothels if the sex workers appear to be safe and there by choice. The future could be the introduction of licensed brothels. It is believed that licensed brothels could help to ensure safety by keeping workers off the streets and preventing health problems, as well as bringing revenue to the Treasury and removing the need for exploitative pimps. Morally, members of the public may have something to say about this if it were to happen. A country in which brothels are currently legal in New Zealand. The Bach is a legal brothel run by Antonia Murphy, who refers to herself as an “ethical pimp”. Antonia runs an ethical brothel service and states that consent is at the core of her business with the sex workers only working when they want to work and being in a safe drug-free environment. It was a concern that the decriminalisation of brothels would cause a dramatic increase in the amount of Coventry escorts and massage parlours. However, they report that since the law change, brothels have in fact decreased. The Home Office describes sex work as one of the most complex and rapidly changing issues in the country. Perhaps it is time the UK took a leaf out of New Zealand’s book.

What type of girls becomes Coventry escorts? What's an escort? A pornstar? A high end, a high-class prostitute? Just a prostitute? Or an attractive woman who's using her god-given 'talents' to make money? Apparently, according to the big wide web, there seems to be no one undisputed definition to the term 'escort'. According to statistics from from 1990 to 2000, the number of men paying for sex increased from 1 in 20 to nearly 1 in 10 men. Also, it is estimated that 70% of clients who visit escorts are married men so what is going on?

Why do married men visit escorts in Coventry? Have they lost their sex drive? Or do their wives not do a very good job when it comes to the bedroom? I think it might have something to do with that. Think about it, we live in a society in the U.K where 59.5% of people are Christians and 4.4% of the population are Muslims. Right, let's do the math. Half of 59.5% is 29.75%. That means there are 29.75% of Christian females who may or may not be open to experiment and try out certain sexual moves in the bedroom due to their religious affiliations. Come on, you can't imagine a recently 'enlightened' born again Christian woman giving their husband a rim job, or be in the 69 positions, do you? Let's do the maths. There are 2.2% of Muslim women in the U.K come on; you can't imagine a Khadijah in the wheelbarrow position in her hijab? Or maybe if she takes it off.

So, if a man 'cheats' on his wife with a Coventry escort or visits a massage parlour in Rugby can you consider that cheating? Despite the points, I've made remember these men are paying for sex rather than getting it for free. Perhaps those escorts they are paying for are more open to trying out certain sex moves, which their spouses aren't confident to try? Plus, these men are paying money and with escorts, the prices men pay escorts can vary. Some men might pay £110 for a booking whereas a rich Premier League footballer might decide to pay an escort £2,000 outright for a wild night of erotic sensations.

If a married woman visits a male escort in Coventry would her husband feel she was cheating? Now let's flip the coin. What if the wife isn't satisfied with the husband's performances in the bedroom? That could be another possibility if I'm honest. You know how some women can be about penis size. Is it big enough? Were you fast enough? Enough stamina in those boxer's babe? If the shoe is on the other foot, then surely if the husband is going to visit escorts then those visits, in the long run, will improve their sex life? Faking orgasms can't last forever that could eventually lead to a divorce. Write down your fantasies, right down your dirty imaginations to your partner whatever you'd like to try out to be honest. To conclude, I don't think a married man sleeping with an escort is that big of a deal even if it's regular meetups. I would call this micro-cheating. Cheating that's on the grey tightrope of honesty and dishonesty, faithfulness and unfaithfulness. If it leads to flirtatious text messages or meeting up for a drink then fair enough, go on to full rage mode and throw all his dirty laundry onto the streets. But if he comes straight home after his 'session' then all is right with the world.