Ask An Escort; Sonia 22 is a blonde escort in Edinburgh:

When did you start as an Edinburgh escort? I first started as an escort working in an Edinburgh sauna, there were a lot of Thai escorts in Leith at the time so I had to work hard in order for the men to pick me. Well, the saunas and massage parlours are really Edinburgh brothels, girls come from all over the world to work in Edinburgh. Clients come from all over the area Falkirk and Lothian are popular places for escorts to visit clients on an outcall booking.

Where can I find the best Edinburgh escorts? Searching for escorts in Scotland will bring many results and show the best female escorts. A variety of men come for a massage and sexual services, most of the punters that visit me are married men. All escorts that I know of in Edinburgh offer sex as a service. If an escort didn’t give girlfriend experience or oral then she wouldn’t last in business very long.

Which escorts are the most popular in Edinburgh? Most men like the young teen escorts in Edinburgh, the Thai and Asian girls are also in demand. In order to do well as an escort you need to like the work and understand what your clients want, then they become regulars. Regulars are the lifeblood of an escort's earnings, if an escort's regulars in Edinburgh are treated well, almost like a boyfriend they will keep a girl going. It depends where they work and how they work, I’ve seen pornstar escorts in Edinburgh charge £1000 for an hour, other escorts just £60 for an hour, so it really depends on the girl.


Ask An Escort; Mona 29 is a Scottish escort in Edinburgh:

How did you become an Edinburgh escort? I started escorting after I left college and went to Falkirk, a friend was seeing punters with an escort agency in Edinburgh and she asked if I wanted to make some quick money. Not really, I’ve had so many clients it’s hard to remember. I really love sex, having sex with different men is what all escorts in Scotland like to do when a man goes down on me and licks my pussy I climax like a monster. I also love it when a man cums in my mouth. If an escort feels differently then let me know and I will do their punters for them, in general escorts in Scotland love to have sex.

Why do married men visit escorts in Edinburgh? Almost all of the clients that I see are married, the reason for that is because married men can have sex the other girls without any commitments, Men will always want to have sex with different women and visiting an escort is a NSA, no strings attached, arrangement. Married men can get any service they want from an escort that their wife may not give them sexually. If a man wants anal sex or 69 sex and his wife doesn’t like that then they know that escorts in Scotland will. Most escorts advertise in lots of escort directories so I get lots of phone calls.

Should universities do more to help stop young students from becoming Edinburgh escorts to help fund their studies? Some university students are making money working for Edinburgh escort agencies.​ And why not actually? This service pays way better than waiting tables in a restaurant, so it could mean pleasure and quick cash to pay the rent. Or which industry can offer a few hours of flexible work and better money? Sex Workers​ are not criminals. There is no need to appeal to universities to help stop young students from becoming ​female escorts in Edinburgh​. If they are willingly providing these services for fun, receive stable financial income, and if it's legal to be a ​Sex Worker​, they do nothing wrong! Or is there a problem? ​They want to finish their studies and pay their bills! Universities should openly invite all students working as ​Sex Workers​ to meet Welfare Officers who should support all students equally, no matter their job roles.

Is working for an Edinburgh escort agency easy money for students? Students face more financial pressures than ever. Increasing numbers of universities are charging the maximum fee status of £9,000 for their courses, and with institutions offering little aid in the face of rising rents and stagnant maintenance loans, mounting levels of debt have been found to be one of the main factors behind the high levels of stress and anxiety keeping students awake at night. Given such pressures and their impact on wellbeing, it's not surprising that many have made the connection between financial burdens and the number of students involved in adult work, which has more than doubled in the last three years. However, it's not always a story of desperate, cash-strapped students resorting to prostitution in order to support themselves. Adult work has diversified beyond the traditional services of escorting and porn, as sugaring, camming, travel companionship and selling nudes on social media have gained greater popularity amongst both consumers and clients as well as students. Rather than FSSW (Full Service Sex Work), students involved in camming can stream live or pre-recorded content from behind bedroom doors. From sugar daddy matchmaking websites to content streaming platforms, myriad competing websites bring students into their networks with just a few clicks. Whether it's paid-for cuddling sessions or selling used bathwater, the power of the internet is swiftly blurring the defining parameters of sex work. What's for certain is that with the promise of quick money from minimal effort – even without the requirement for physical contact – it's never been easier for students to get involved.

Are sugar babies the same as Edinburgh escorts? Sugaring, in particular, has experienced quite a growth in popularity among students. As part of a standard sugaring service, a wealthy (typically older, and most often male) participant (known as a sugar 'daddy/mommy') treats a less well-off (typically younger, attractive and most often female) sugar 'baby' to regular dates, along with material compensation either per meet or in the form of a monthly 'allowance' in an ongoing contact (known as an 'arrangement'). Allowances can range from paying a few energy bills to sums of money which could blow any bartending wage out of the water. Websites bringing together sugar parents and babies - bright with images of suited silver foxes draped in glamourous young women, advertising 'elite' dating and 'mentoring' - look and feel much the same as the average dating website, with catalogues of profiles to choose from. There's even a market for the Girlfriend Experience', a type of arrangement which prioritises 'genuine' romantic connection over solely sexual hook-ups, offering role-playing as a couple, complete with dates, flirting and emotional support – intimacy on demand, for a price. Some offer opportunities for international travel, as 'successful' members seek beautiful teen escorts in Edinburgh for all-expenses-paid trips to exotic places. So rather than just the appeal of easy cash (and a lot of it), diverse sex work avenues such as sugaring are presented as offering a whole lot more: the mystique of a rich, older 'sponsor', empowerment, and even the ability to be your own boss, managing your own time, commitments – and boundaries.

Do escorts have to offer sexual services to their clients? Such forms of online and web-facilitated sex work may not involve standing on street corners, but behind the glamour and self-proclaimed perks still lies a great deal of risk. The variety of options available gives the illusion of control where the student, as the provider, chooses the services they provide and the level of engagement. However, Edinburgh escorts only have to offer sexual encounters if they feel comfortable and related activities are still part of an unregulated industry, where easy money comes at a cost – whether reputational, emotional or physical damage. For one, once a name and face are up on a site, the internet has a very long memory. A couple of embarrassing, drunken photos on social media might be forgiven by a future employer, but a student's webcam session deepthroating a banana, readily available on a camming platform, might not be so easy to overlook. Transporting arrangements out of the virtual world and into reality has its own catalogue of risks. Although it might seem like interacting with clients online initially would provide more of an opportunity to vet and clearly establish boundaries before a first meeting, there is still no way to guarantee who you might be speaking to, with a very literal screen to hide behind. Sites hosting activities such as sugaring often claim to screen religiously for escorting activity and identity fraud, but there's only so much a website can do to risk checking potential clients. Online, it's very easy to lie about who you are and how much money you're willing to pay – and many do. As the industry is unregulated, operating in a very grey legal area, there is no obligation for clients to stick to any contract, whether regarding boundaries or payments. At the very least, there is the phenomenon of the 'Splenda daddy' – 'fake sugar' clients who enjoy the service but refuse to pay. At worst, amplified by the power of the purse strings, coercion might push potential sugar babies into doing something they don't want to do.

Do escort agencies in Edinburgh actively recruit students from local colleges and universities? Websites looking for 'talent' such as the coveted student sugar baby are highly unlikely to broadcast the risks of sex work online. Many have demanded that, as such arrangements are on the up amongst tech-savvy students, universities need to be doing more to protect them from potential dangers, rather than ostracising and even kicking student sex workers out of their university courses. Selling sex isn't illegal under UK law, however, most universities operate under a policy of complete denial, meaning there is limited guidance specific to students engaging in sex work. This mirrors the grey area around protection for sex work in the UK legal system, so for universities to adopt either supportive or punitive measures, there will need to be widespread structural change. Until then, the appeal of sex work shows no signs of diminishing amongst students, whether it's for the money or glamour. Does the question remain that if sex work is easy money – online, flexible, well-paid – is it worth the price?

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