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Recent statistics show that around 30% of men have tried online dating, and yet only 12% report visiting Asian massage girls in Exeter. So, is online really the way to go if you want to find you forever? On paper, dating apps seem like a good idea. In today's world where people struggle to find a work-life balance, they sound like a Godsend. Gone are the days of investing time, effort, and money in getting out there. No longer do we need the confidence to make that initial face-to-face advance. Now all it takes is our phone, our finger, and a few moments of our time…we could even sneak it in on a toilet break!

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So, you'd think with so little effort involved, online dating would be the number one way to meet your future significant other. And yet that's not the case. While online dating is constantly on the rise, when we start to crunch the numbers, we see it's not the best option for finding that significant other. It comes out as the fourth lowest on the list, with only 'through the family', 'at school' and 'speed dating' rating lower. Top of the list was 'meeting through friends'. Next came 'at work'. After those options, people are meeting their partners 'in public places'.  Then just above online dating, we find 'though mutual interests', which means a hobby or sports club or shared religion. Now all this information is useful, but it doesn't tell us why internet dating isn't leading to lifelong coupling. 

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Well for starters I refer you to my previous point above, internet dating requires little effort. Seems like a good thing on one hand, but when you consider what you are trying to achieve, no effort, in the beginning, is a big no-no.  Serious relationships are hard! They have peaks and troughs. They require compromise. You have to put the other person first, at times when you might not want to. Life throws you obstacles and you must overcome them together. You need endurance, lots, and lots of endurance. In short, they take effort!! So if you can't put any effort in to find each other, there's an increased chance you're meeting someone online who simply doesn't have the endurance to manage a forever connection (and they may not even know it themselves!)

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How many people online are, completely, being 100% honest about who they are, what they do, what they're prepared to give, and even how they look?! And yet again let us remember that some people don't even know the true answers to these questions themselves. Most people wish they had a better job, more friends, were more interesting, better looking, than they actually are. Now when we meet someone in person there's nothing we can do about this. We are who we are. They know how we look, they know what we do, how we interact with people. What they see, is what they would get. But when we move that meeting to online, we become dependent on the other person knowing themselves and being honest about it. And even the best of us can fall foul to a little 'creative exaggeration'. Maybe we embellish that one time we sat on a horse into a full-time love of all things equestrian. Maybe that photo of us surrounded by strangers at our brother's wedding becomes that big birthday party we threw. And who hasn't spent ages agonising over the most flattering angle for a selfie? And then given in to the lure of a filter? Is anybody truly, brutally honest when online?? 

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When we encounter a potential mate in person there's a good chance they come here often. Which means there's a good chance they live local. Online escorts have no such restrictions. We swipe no, and no, and no some more until we're out of options. Or maybe we've already matched with everyone we liked the look of locally. So, what do we do next? We increase our search radius. And suddenly we are seeing new talent, fresh meat, and swipe yes and yes and yes some more! And when those matches come back, we find ourselves hitting it off with someone who lives hours away! And we try to make it work. We tell ourselves true love is worth it. We clock up miles, we book off annual leave, we meet halfway. But in reality, all we are doing is placing increased difficulties in our path. And when you remember how difficult long-term relationships already are, adding long-distance into the mix just makes it more likely to fail.

However, despite all I've said, some Exeter escorts do lead to 'happily-ever-afters' so if you're looking online, how do you increase your chances?

Be honest about what you want – State upfront that you're looking for a long-term relationship, and don't consider anything less. Don't be led to 'starting casual and seeing how it goes'. Set your boundaries and stick to them. Be yourself – No filters, no bunny ears, no carefully chosen poses to hide what you think are your ugly bits. No embellishing the truth. No pretending you have hobbies or interests you don't.  Just you. Real pictures, real opinions, real interests, and real intentions. Be realistic about distance – Yes, I know all the good ones have gone locally. Yes, I know that match in the Outer Hebrides is a real hottie. But get real. What are the chances you'll be able to sustain a 4-hour round trip? Be the partner you want to meet – Are you capable of a long-term relationship? Are you ready to weather the storm? Brave the peaks and the troughs?? Make sure you have the endurance and commitment to make a serious relationship work, otherwise it genuinely might be 'you and not them'.

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Exeter is an old town in the town, famed for its love of pies, Northern Soul and good old grit. But one thing that isn’t associated with this long-forgotten industrial hub is a booming arts scene... Rising from the ashes of the derelict old courthouse situated in Exeter town centre and lovingly restored by a dedicated team of volunteers, trustees and hardworking employees; The Old Courts is the place to go for culture, live entertainment and exhibitions of every kind. Established in 2016 and pitching itself as a multi-arts centre, The Old Courts features three diverse venues that play host to gigs, weddings and crafts fairs, a beautifully designed theatre, multiple exhibition spaces and even their cocktail bar where, if you’re lucky enough to stop by, you will be treated to a live performance by a range of local musicians. 

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The options for entertainment are endless and the inclusivity and enthusiasm that the centre has offered the community of Exeter is something that’s not only a gift but a necessity for a town that has seen resources cut and venues permanently shut at an alarming rate over the past decade. Having a fun place to interact with like-minded people should be essential in every town and city across the UK. Whether you enjoy still-life drawing, poetry evenings or just a great coffee and chat, the Old Courts can offer you a safe haven to do just that. Over the years they have played host to intimate evenings with Ian McKellen, Tony Slattery and Shawn Ryder, to name just a few, propelling this hidden gem into the media and reigniting the community's love of entertainment once again. 

If you’ve never been or indeed never visited Exeter (don’t be scared!), now might be time to try something new. The Old Courts is situated just two minutes walk from both busy train stations in the town centre which are connected to all major cities in the North West and further afield.

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