Ask An Escort; Donna is a 19 year old teen escort in High Wycombe:

Q; How did you get involved in the sex industry?

A; I started making porn videos with a UK amateur porn video company. I made a few films with them, gangbang teen videos, old and young videos where old men had sex with teen models, I made some teen dogging in Windsor videos. But there are so many  girls who want to be porn stars. The competition was too much and apparently the porn industry always wants new girls, so I decided to become a High Wycombe escort instead.

Q; Do you see lots of different men everyday?

A; Being a teen escort in High Wycombe I am in demand, especially from the older punters, the more mature guys like a teenager.  All of them, even though I advertise as massage in High Wycombe, everyone knows that massage girls offer sexual services.. That was when I did party girl escorts with another teen escort in Henley, we were booked for stag parties and let as many as twenty guys fuck both of us in an evening, we got a grand each, so it was good money.

Q; Do you still duo escort with the Henley teen escort?

A; not at the moment, we fell out, so I am looking for another teen escort to work with. There is another teen escort that wants to work with me as a lesbian escort duo but I haven’t meet her in person yet, we contacted each other on the adult contacts page. If you search escorts in High Wycombe you will be sure to find me and lots of other teen escorts.

 All my friends know, not only do they know they want to work as escorts in High Wycombe as well. I mean, my friends work normal jobs and take home about a grand a month, I make two or three grand a week.

Q; Did you ever consider working for an escort agency in Windsor ?

A; I did a couple of weeks in an escort agency but the boss kept wanting to have sex with me so I quit. I thought if I rented my own flat I could work as a High Wycombe massage girl and offer sex as an extra with happy ending. Guys like it when I give full girlfriend experience with erotic massage. I know a lot of escorts do offer A levels and they get a lot of business, so yes I would do it, but I have to charge extra for anal sex with an escort. I guess nearly all of them are married. I think most escorts in High Wycombe have sex with men that are married. With street prostitution in Maidenhead almost eradicated punters have turned to local Maidenhead escorts to provide sexual services, there are a number of escorts in Maidenhead to suit all tastes, from teen escorts in Maidenhead to Asians, Oriental girls and of course local Maidenhead escorts.

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 Q; As a local escort in Maidenhead do you worry about what people say about you?

A; I’ve lived in Maidenhead all my life, I have never been concerned about what people think about me. I’ve been called lots of names, mainly by other women, they have called me the local Maidenhead prostitute , the slut of Maidenhead, it’s funny though, most of my clients are their husbands. Absolutely, I’ve had sex with lots of my neighbours husbands, if their wives knew that the famous Maidenhead escort in their street, that they all hate, was letting their husband fuck me up the arse and I was sucking their husbands cocks and letting them cum in my mouth, there would be a lot of divorces in Maidenhead. I can see the headlines in the Yorkshire Post now; local Maidenhead prostitute has sex with neighbours husbands. I’m a Maidenhead girl, the women that hate me only do so because they are jealous that their husbands want to have sex with me.

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Q; As an escort in Maidenhead do you offer girlfriend experience?

A; Of course, most men today want a kiss and cuddle before sex. There are many men out there that just want to spend some time with me on the sofa, kissing, having a glass of wine and talking about their wife. I know it’s a cliché but there are a lot of men that actually tell me that their wives don’t understand them. It’s funny really, but being a Maidenhead prostitute I am sometimes more of an agony aunt, men tell me lots of things about their lives that they would never tell their wives, not just things about sex, could be anything, how unhappy they are in there jobs and so on. So if you want an intimate chat find your local escorts and ask for GFE.

Q; What service does an escort get asked for most?

A; A lot of guys want bareback sex these days, I will do bareback sex with a punter that I know, for example, one of my local clients that I know is married.

Q Do you advertise as local escort in Windsor does bareback sex?

A; That’s a good idea, there are a lot of teen escorts in Maidenhead that will do bareback sex and bareback anal sex, so a teen escort in Maidenhead does bareback anal sex would get hundreds of calls everyday. It depends, I have a lot of regular clients in Windsor and if they really wanted to fuck me up the ass I would let them rather than let the visit another escort in Windsor.

What is the difference between a sugar baby and an escort? 

The subject of escorts and sugar babies is somewhat taboo, with many of those who work within these industries keeping it hush hush. Despite not shouting it from the rooftops, it can provide them with a means of income, but is not without risk. The prostitution laws in the UK legalise the exchange of sexual services for money. As of yet, there are not any laws that specifically govern ‘sugar dating’ however, in the event of payment being exchanged for sex it potentially could be covered under the UK prostitution laws. Both High Wycombe escorts and sugar babies have one thing in common, they are both paid for their services rendered. With that being said there seems to be three main differences between sugar babies and escorts in Winsor. 

Are sugar baby relationships just escorts by a different name?

The first difference is sugaring babies into a mutually beneficial relationship that does not always involve. Whereas escorts in Windsor provide sexual services in exchange for payment. The second is that escorts are paid monetarily for providing their services. Sugar babies however can be compensated in a range of ways that are not always monetary, including but not limited to trips, meals, material goods, in exchange for their company in the form of relationship sex. For sugar babies, payment for their companionship can go beyond wining and dining. It has been made known that some sugar daddies/mamma’s help with tuition fees, provide a weekly allowance and will even supply them with drugs. The type of compensation offered to sugar babies is often reflected by what is agreed between both parties. Usually, in simple terms this pertains to whether sex is on the cards or not. If the latter, SB’s often see their wealthy SD/SM’s ghost them. Additionally it is common knowledge within the ‘sugar bowl’ aka the sugar baby industry, that sugar babies will have more than one companion at a time, making it a lucrative prospect for themselves. 

Do High Wycombe escorts always have sexual relationships with their clients?

The third, not so obvious difference between escorts and sugar babies is ‘physical presence’. Escorts of course will be present to facilitate their services in exchange for payment. Sugar babies however can have met their companion just once but can have an ongoing relationship for months almost all of which is conducted via email, text, phone and video messaging.Typically the ‘Sugar Daddy’ OR ‘Sugar Mamma’ are wealthy and older men or women. Sugar babies are more traditionally young students in university who are looking for alternative ways to make money. According to a 2018 BBC interview with a real ‘sugar baby’ the reason she and others alike are turning to the ‘sugar bowl’ is the lack of real job experience stopping them from earning money through more traditional jobs-a common pain point across the board it seems. 

Though some have a perspective that sugar babying is temporary with companions; and with the view that escorting is somewhat long term; many sugar babies continue their line of work suitors having a preference for younger well after graduating. Despite the pool of post grad jobs growing, many SB’s have the perspective that they can’t get a job that pays as well as being a sugar baby and so continue working within this field. What is universal across both industries is the danger presented to these vulnerable men and women. They often find themselves in circumstances where they are unsafe, where they cannot leave and are forced into having sex if they are sugar babies but have not agreed to. Additionally they keep this part of their lives private, with family members and friends not knowing where they are during meetings with companions, putting them at a greater risk. It appears that the earning potential is what outweighs the negative impact of the industries on their mental health and well- being. 

This site does not promote human trafficking or any type of illegal sex work, nor is any content within this site an offer for Craigslist adult contacts in Windsor to advertise or sell sex in return for money.  Adultwork escorts in Windsor are paid for their time as a companion only.