Ask An Escort; Sarah is a local female escort in Hull:

When did you start working as a Hull escort? A friend of mine was working in a local massage parlour and suggested that I come and work as a receptionist, you know answering the phones and trying to pull the clients in. I started on Monday and on Tuesday morning the boss told me that a few of the clients wanted me to go in the room with the guys, he told me that I could make more money in a day than I could in a month of being a receptionist. The question that I had to ask myself was whether I was prepared to give sexual services, which is what all the clients wanted from the massage girls.

Do you remember the first client who wanted sex with you? Yes, he was a really nice guy and he just wanted oral without a condom. On that first day, I saw eight clients and had some form of sexual encounters with all of them. In Hull massage parlours most guys just want oral or hand relief.

Why do married men visit female escorts in Hull? Well, firstly it's not the wife's fault that over 70% of married men regularly visit a massage parlour girl or hire an escort for an hour of uncomplicated sex. For some reason men just don’t see an extramarital sexual liaison with a younger woman than his wife as wrong, they see it as just a quick orgasm. I wonder how men would feel if the boot was on the other foot and the wife went to visit a hunky male escort for an hour of quick sex, would that be ok? I think not. As always it is one rule for men and another for women.

Is it legal for an escort in Hull to offer sexual services on her website? When you hire an escort you hire her for a specific time period, in that time period the hirer can take the escort to dinner, to a show, a function or basically whatever occasion. If a female escort details things that she likes on her website it usually includes some sexual details together with functions that she likes, the theatre, shopping, cinema, etc. If during the booking there is a degree of sexual chemistry between the escort and the client then it is always possible that two consenting adults will have some form of sexual contact.

What sexual service can an escort provide to a man that a wife can't? It is quite common for men to watch adult entertainment videos and think that they find certain fetishes arousing and want to try them out. The problem is that the average man cannot go home to his wife of twenty years and all of a sudden say I would like you to dress up as a schoolgirl and let have anal sex with you. So the man tries out these fetishes with an escort in Hull. It makes sense for a man to not go home one evening and upset his wife for a short sexual fantasy that you may not want to continue after you have tried it once. So practising these one-off sexual fetishes with an escort is prudent.

Are there any Asian massage parlours in Hull? Finding Thai massage girls or sultry Japanese escorts who give body to body massage is easy because escort agencies can advertise for free on Xlamma. We have 100’s of Asian babes and sexy Indian escorts in Hull who are all here to entertain their clients.  Whether you’re looking for alluring Oriental girls from China or a Korean beauty you can be sure of finding all the best and most erotic massage girls in Hull on the listings pages. Don’t forget that all the escorts listed are online and available now.

I am looking to find a mature escort who does anal? Escorts in Hull who will do anal sex are on the increase, it seems that men wanting A levels from mature escorts has become the new norm. I blame the porn industry for this because almost every porn video these days features pornstars engaging in anal sex. When men see these videos on pornhub or xvideos they feel they want to try it so they book an escort who will offer these services.

Should sex workers have the same rights as any other workers? As a sex-positive feminist, I've always strongly believed women should have the opportunity for their sexual freedom and what they chose to do with their bodies is their own choice. If you want to wait until marriage, that is okay. That's your choice. If you want to attend a swingers party, then that's cool. That's your choice. You want to bring home three different guys, then knock yourself out. That's your choice. Your body is yours and as long as your choice isn't hurting anybody I've always been a firm believer that you can do whatever you want with it.

Why are more students signing on with Hull escort services? I watched The Stranger the other day with my parents. They were appalled that one of the characters was a member of an escort site and paid off her student loans with the money she'd earnt. Me? I sat there thinking 'You go girl'. Frankly, you're going to spend your entire life being sexualised by men who have no right to your body so you might as well charge them a pretty penny and veto who gets to touch you. This negative stigma surrounding sex work has always fallen negatively on the women, and yet who is paying for it? Not the girls doing the work, that's for sure. This element of sex work is fairly safe, a high percentage is done from behind a screen and everyone is in a position they're comfortable with and they have placed themselves. People want to pay for sexual acts, and people happily perform for money. Everyone is safe, everyone is happy and if there is a market there with money to be made why shouldn't they be allowed to?

Should Hull escorts and massage girls in Scunthorpe be able to work in a safer environment? However, there's a dark side. Sex work is the age-old profession and that won't be changing anytime soon. Escorts in Hull and Grimsby massage parlours work is very different from prostitution. In 2016 the UK Parliament suggested there are around 73 thousand escorts in the UK and 80% of them are female. Who is protecting them? The same report said that from their survey, 49% were worried about their safety. Human trafficking and exploiting children are awful crimes. Both abuse human rights and both should be heavily monitored so why is time, money and resources being wasted on consensual sexual relations between adults? A vulnerable part of society can fall into sex work and these people need to be protected not prosecuted. Often it is the system letting them down which is how they end up doing sex work in the first place.

Isn't it about time society accepted Hull escort agency websites as legitimate businesses? Last year the English Collective of Prostitutes called for the removal of laws relating to consensual adult behaviour. Criminalising sex work reduces their ability to organise fair treatment, to officially negotiate with clients, to publically advocate their rights and to make sure their safety is a top priority. Sex workers can often be surrounded by danger and high levels of violence but yet if their work wasn't in an already criminalised environment wouldn't they be safer? Children must be protected. Trafficking must be prevented. Sex Workers are humans and they deserve their human rights. They deserve to be kept safe. They deserve to be in control of their own bodies. For as long as there is humanity there will be an interest in sex. For as long as there is an interest in sex there will be people willing to spend money on it. Make it illegal as much as you want but that will not change. I firmly believe that sex work should be decriminalised so they can live their lives without the fear of stigma, violence and exclusion.

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