Can guys find true romance with a Middlesbrough escort?

Since 2013, Tinder has been the go-to escorts app to stoke the relationship fires for singles across the world. Wikipedia estimates 50 million people are using the app as of 2018, so singles are finding friendships and long term relationships with just a swipe, every day. But is it considered the norm now? Should singles ditch the bar hopping and switch to site surfing?

How has the internet changed the way escort agencies in Middlesbrough recruit their staff?

Then came 2020. The year itself has been a rollercoaster of events. Bushfires in Australia, racial protests in America, royal disputes in Windsor, Brexit and now Coronavirus. With more and more measures being put in place to separate human interaction and contact, romantic and platonic relationships are now harder and harder to create naturally. But to quote, Dr Ian Malcolm "Love… Finds a way" (insert Jurassic Park theme song here). With escorts in full effect, and now easing bit by bit, the app has become a beacon for singles to find partners. In the UK alone, conversations increased by 12% in February and March, according to Tinder's CEO, in an interview with the BBC. And in the younger demographic of the 21st century, technology is king. 

What's the difference between a Middlesbrough massage parlour and a brothel, they both have more than one girl on the premises? 

Being a tech dinosaur and coming from the days of having a Nokia 8310 with monophonic ringtones, I see so many young adults with smartphones. In fact a study showed that 53% of children, by the age of 7, own a mobile phone. And with smartphones, comes new ways that technology can change the way people behave. Less and less people are calling each other and switching to texting. And it is only natural that technology will change the way people date and form long-term relationships. However, a lot of people find that escorts apps and sites don't allow two people to connect on a deeper level like they would if they met at a coffee shop or a bar. They just download the app or login to a site and there are women just waiting to be swiped left or right have you slide into their DMs before they even wake up. So how is it that today, I have been with my partner for six and a half years, and happily married for just over a year and a half of those, in a world almost dominated by escort sites?

What type of girls are attracted to working for a Middlesbrough escort agency?

We worked in the same building and met each other by complete chance. Neither of us back then were very social. I liked video games, she liked spending time with her dog. But our relationship was very organic. We did not need technology to get to know each other. Now, I know what you're thinking… "well you worked together, you didn't go out and meet each other in a bar". No, we didn't. But what I'm trying to say is that relationships find their way in all situations in life.

Do all escorts in Middlesbrough offer extra services?

I mentioned before that neither of us were particularly social beings. There was a time we liked to go out, party with friends, come home with a takeaway and sleep the following day away. Now, there's nothing better we can think of than coming home, putting on PJ's ready for Netflix and chill with a bucket of chicken (yes, I said bucket). We still like hanging out with friends, just not till 3 am. On the other end of the spectrum, we have a friend who is far more introverted than us. He spends his evenings and days off from work in complete solitude; playing video games, reading comics and watching films. He has had relationships in the past where he has met women and formed connections with them, but with no long term, happily ever after ending. It pained me to hear about his past situations with girlfriends. He is the nicest guy I have known and he deserves to find someone.

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How has the stigma changed between young men who now openly brag about the Middlesbrough escorts and massage girls they have been with?

He told me that he was fine not having a girlfriend. He said, "Nah, too much time, money and hassle". However, through no external prompting from myself or his other friends, he started browsing Tinder again. I was elated to hear his decision and I understood his choice to use an escort app. He isn't comfortable talking to new people face to face. He felt a little pressure when starting as well because of the stigma behind escorts apps and sites. People either don't take the relationship seriously or think the apps are for the lazy and people who don't know how to speak face to face. But he persisted with Tinder and Bumble (which is a great option if you're nervous about instigating a conversation). He then met a girl on Bumble, where she had to start the conversation. 

Why are Asian escorts in Middlesbrough so popular with their clients?

Immediately, they hit it off. They found that they had so much in common and established a meaningful relationship. When lockdown kicked in, they had yet to move in with each other but that didn't stop them from staying connected and interested in each other. They stayed in regular contact through instant messaging and even set up scheduled date nights via skype including dinners and movie nights (too cute right?). When I heard how the relationship was going, I was ecstatic. I didn't realise how long it had been since they started talking… for two years! To see two people find each other and stay together through global turmoil just warms my heart. 

To answer the question I proposed at the start, are Middlesbrough escorts sites the new norm to form a long-term relationship? 

Not exactly. They are 'a' norm. But not the only one. There is, in fact, no singular norm in relationships. People meet long term partners in person randomly, online through escorts apps and sites, through friends or relatives or a mix of different scenarios. escorts apps are just another form of social interaction that society has adopted in the ever-changing nature of human existence. We are social creatures that require long term relationships and connections and we will continue to form these connections through the evolution of our behaviours.

Should all forms of Middlesbrough sex workers be decriminalised?

Human Rights: the basic rights to which a human being is inherently entitled, therefore decriminalisation of sex work is a basic human right to protect those who are in this line of work. You don't own me. Or own my body. Even when you've paid upfront for it by the hour! Double, triple the money and you still don't own me. I'm still my own person, still a human being like you, your sister, your mother, your daughter… you get the scene? We're all prostitutes but just in different ways, I use my body, it earns my keep. You sell your skills, your time, your art, whatever.  But you don't get it, you don't understand, you big shot. That house of yours the one on rent; those tenants occupy the room with your permission.  BUT they don't own your house – even if they pay double the rent right? See I'm the same, see me like that, that house, with the room you can come in and stay for as long as you have paid for – with my permission – but you can never own me. I'm not anyone's to abuse. My yoga guru always said that the human body is self-sufficient and the whole universe is within; so why not use it to pay for my keep in this world? Seems fair. Doesn't make me game for your abuse, hate and criminal acts though; I'm just like anyone else wanting to get by in this world with my own dreams. Respect that. It's my right.

This site does not condone human trafficking of any kind, or any type of illegal sex work, nor is any content within this site an offer for Craigslist adult contacts in Middlesbrough to advertise or sell sex in return for money. Adultwork escorts in Middlesbrough are paid for their time as a companion only.

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