Ask An Escort; Elizabeth 28 is a black escort in Newcastle:

How old were you when you started working as an escort in Newcastle? I was just 18 when I started. Back then there were lots of working girls walking the red-light district and the business was good. But the police started to crack down on street prostitution and the punters were scared off because of the kerb-crawling laws. Now it’s very different, in order to work in this business you have to be more careful about how you promote yourself.

Do all escorts have sex with their punters? Well I do, I know lots of Newcastle escorts, they come from all over the world,  Brazilian escorts, lots of Eastern European girls are working as escorts in Newcastle and all of them wouldn’t do the job if they didn’t like to have sex.

Are there a lot of black escorts in Newcastle? There are only a few, which is good for me because I am in demand if I were a white girl the competition would be fierce. You only have to look at the escort directory sites like, adultwork escorts or xlamma to see how many girls work as escorts in Newcastle.

Are most of your clients' married white men? Almost all of my clients are married white guys, I usually only see men over the age of forty because they are very respectful and know how to treat a girl. Lots of married white guys would never get the chance to fuck a black girl if there were no black escorts in Newcastle.

What do you think their wives would say to you if they found out that their husband was visiting an escort? Personally I wouldn’t want to be around if any of my clients' wives found out about their visits to me. I have some married guys that come to my massage flat in Newcastle at least once a week. One guy, who is a regular, drops his wife off at the supermarket, she does the weekly shop and he comes to see me for sex, when she’s finished he goes to pick her up. I have another guy who visits me as regularly as clockwork on a Sunday morning on his way home from church, he tells his wife he stays behind to help clean the church.

Do you do anal sex? Yes, I started doing anal sex when it became popular. I think porn videos have a big part to play in what clients want. If a guy is watching black girls take it up the ass on pornhub or xvideos then he wants to try that particular scene for real. As a black escort in Newcastle, I have to provide the services that my punters demand.

Do you like anal sex? The truth is that I love anal sex, I didn’t realize until a few years ago how much pleasure a girl can get from a mans cock up her ass. I think most Newcastle escorts will do anal sex with their clients, and from what my friends tell me most girls like anal sex once they have tried it.

Do escorts orgasm when their clients are fucking them? Depends on the guy I guess. I have a few clients that are very skilled in giving pleasure to a girl and I know I’m going to climax. I have had men come to me who were not very good at first and after a few visits got better. I think lots of men practice on prostitutes to get better at sex with their British housewives, they can then go on to fuck their wife better.

As a Newcastle escort do you provide all sexual services? You have to provide most services today, if you don’t provide all the services you can bet your life the escort down the road will.

How has the internet changed Newcastle escorts? Most definitely, with the advent of the internet escorts and now the word escort is synonymous girls who will have sex for money, it’s the same thing under a different name.

Should universities do more to help stop young students becoming Newcastle escorts to help fund their studies? University is billed as the best three years of your life. When talking to parents, family members or friends who have been, the vast majority get a misty-eyed, nostalgic look in their eyes as they retell their experiences and hope that you have the same. But it is not the same as it was, the promise of three years of excitement is now coupled with the necessity to get a degree as jobs are demanding increased levels of qualifications. However, with the government increasing tuition fees, a vast swathe of young adults simply cannot afford higher education. University life is becoming increasingly daunting for young adults as they attempt to navigate the annual £9000 tuition fees coupled with rent and debt. Students are an easy target for landlords as they rent cheaply renovated houses for extortionate prices, making the cost of living in some university cities unsustainable. Not to mention the debt at the end, it is unsurprising anxiety surrounding further education is increasing. For those university students who have no familial support, who and what do they turn to?

Why do so many Newcastle escorts come from local universities? The answer is sex. The rise in young men and women becoming sex workers to pay their tuition fees is more prolific than you may originally imagine. Instead of your neighbour's daughter working in Tesco to pay her fees, she has instead turned to sugar daddies and webcamming. This work offers higher wages, flexible hours and for some the safety of their own home. However, students engage in this line of work is hushed up and swept under the rug as an embarrassing side-effect of university life. This is where the problem lies; with universities choosing to cover up the student sex workers, rather than lend a supportive hand. A 2018 article in the Independent highlights the 'tough love' approach most universities have to this issue; which is to threaten expulsion from their studies. Not only is this immoral and perpetuates the stereotype that sex work is wrong, but it highlights the fundamental lack of systemic care that these institutions have in place. Universities commend themselves on their pastoral care and counselling yet are consistently failing the pupils who need their help the most. By limiting hours students can work; the universities are exacerbating their own issue Instead of further victimising their students, universities should have systems in place which help those who have gone down the sex worker path.

Are student escort agency girls popular with clients? How universities should help these students is not a clear-cut answer, nor is there a clear solution. However, universities could begin the supportive process by ensuring their staff are trained on how to support students should they find themselves employed in sex work. There should be workshops for staff to attend which destigmatises sex work and removes the barriers of class and snobbery which surrounds the issue. Furthermore, universities should work to change their own attitude regarding sex work and abolish the wizened idea that it 'damages university reputations.' Whilst they are at it, they should re-educate their staff and inform them that not everyone who turns to sex work is a victim- the victim narrative is true in some cases, but not all and shouldn't be a blanket statement applied to all Newcastle escorts. Viewing student sex workers as individuals with individual circumstances and not a collective mass would help to alleviate the lack of understanding which surrounds this issue. If there are proper measures of care and support in place, the students who do turn to sex work will at least feel that they have a safe space in which to fall back on.

Should Universities charge less to vulnerable students to stop them becoming involved in sex work? With regards to helping stop students turn to sex work; this is harder to prevent but not impossible. Although universities can't lower fees, there are ways around them. With the rise of tuition fees could come the rise of scholarships. Rather than saving these places for those deemed 'elite', they could be given to the people who need them most. Jobs in university ran cafes, clubs, bars and restaurants could be made more readily available with higher wages to support the cost of living. Universities could abolish the bizarre rules that limit the time a student can work and instead of demonising them, offer increased support to their students as they circumnavigate work, study life balance. University accommodation could be lowered. Let's be honest if a young female escort in Newcastle can earn £500 a night and lives in one room in a shared flat with no en-suite really warrant the hefty cost attached? Financial support measures for those who are most vulnerable could be stepped up so that students don't have the crippling financial anxiety that haunts their dreams. If some of these measures existed, students may not feel the need to turn to sex work and would avoid the unfortunate stigma attached and the anxiety that they may be expelled for trying to pay their way.

Is a fundamental change in attitude needed? Universities need to change the way they view their students and step up supportive measures. Young students who turn to Newcastle escort agency websites for part-time work should not be demonised, victimised or threatened with expulsion. If universities can change the lenses through which they judge people, important steps will be made in ensuring that all students are treated fairly, equally and given the support they need.

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