Everyone knows that Asian escorts have a sexy body and offer sexual services so should Norwich escorts be decriminalised?

This question is older than the profession of prostitution itself.  Some people say it should be stamped out altogether, others disagree and say it is up to the individuals involved and if it only happens between consenting adults then they can't see a problem with it.  Either way, sex work is one of the oldest professions in existence. It might surprise some people to know this but working in the sex industry itself is not illegal in the UK. However, soliciting, pimping and working in a brothel is. In other countries such as Germany and Belgium working in the sex industry is totally legal.

If two or more female escorts in Norwich work together for safety reasons is this deemed illegal?

As the legal standing of sex workers in the U.K is criminalised they are often forced to work on their own and this can put them in a lot of danger.  One way around this danger is if they all group together and choose to work together. However, if they work in a brothel, they are breaking the law. It is often a lose/lose situation for the workers and many of them are hurt and injured because of this. Some people say that sex work should remain criminalised because workers are being exploited by customers and pimps alike.  This is true in some cases, but a lot of industry workers earn a lot of money selling their bodies and do the job for that reason.  Many of them are not conned or coerced into providing sexual services.  

The criminalisation of the industry can blur the boundaries of the sex worker industry. It leaves women open to exploitation from other people wanting to make money off the back of their work.  It can be easy for exploiters to hide in the shadows as sex workers are afraid to report exploiters to the authorities. However, if the industry was decriminalised the police would find it easier to regulate the industry and it would free them up to solve other crimes. The government wastes a lot of money policing the sex industry and trying to control it.  This is money that could be better spent elsewhere if the industry was decriminalised.  

If the government were to decriminalise sex work this would give the workers a lot more freedom. They could work when and where they wanted, and they would not be at the mercy of anyone looking to exploit them.  Sex workers would be attacked considerably less frequently, and they would not live in fear of assault or rape.  They would have the same rights as people in any other profession and they would not be as vulnerable.


If escorts and massage girls in Norwich could work in legal brothels wouldn't this help to stop trafficking and exploitation of sex workers? 

If sex workers were decriminalised, they would need to pay taxes just the same as workers in other industries. This would free up money that the government could spend elsewhere. Some of this money could be paid back into the sex industry itself and help to stop exploitation. Countries, where sex work is not criminalised, have systems in place that benefit the sex worker. For example, Belgium runs state of the art, perfectly legal brothels.  They use fingerprint technology and key cards for the safety of both workers and patrons alike. The workers know that they can stay safe and their taxes go towards helping them to keep safe. 

Should the UK escort scene follow the Australian model? 

In Victoria, Australia sex workers must have a health check every three months. It is illegal for the worker to work if they have an STI and many brothels do not allow their workers to see clients without an in-date certificate of screening.  There is a very low rate of STI's in Victoria.  If we were to adopt this practice in the UK it would help Norwich escorts and their patrons to stay healthy and save the NHS money. Criminalising sex work is quite short-sighted in this respect. Realistically it should be an individual's right to choose what they do for a living.  If they are not being exploited, it should not be in the interests of society to criminalise people for trying to make a living. It is a waste of police time and resources to criminalise this industry and there would be a lot more safety precautions in place if it was decriminalised.  It is safe to say that while there are people who want to use the service there will be people willing to provide it. 

Is it better to be a sugar baby in Norwich or a Norwich escort?

At times of financial hardship, many of my friends have joked about getting a sugar daddy or becoming a stripper, however, for many students, this joke is increasingly becoming a reality. The percentage of students taking on the official title of 'Sugar Baby' is ever-growing; trading their company in exchange for support and gifts. According to the website SeekingArrangement, a sugar baby dating site, the number of students seeking a sugar Daddy has risen by five per cent from 2019. 

What's the difference between a sugar baby and an Asian escort?

The sugary sweet title diminishes that many consider the job to be the modern-day Norwich escort. The only difference between the two is that a sugar baby enters into a regular arrangement; a dysfunctional relationship where supposedly both parties win. An escort service is hired for one-off events, a  successful date but they don't call in the morning. 

Are sugar babies normalised sex workers? Would it matter if they were? The term 'sex worker' conjures up scary images of CSI episodes where prostitutes are found in dumpsters – so making 'sex worker' and 'sugar baby' interchangeable makes this money-making scheme a bit dodgier and a bit more dangerous. No matter your thoughts on the ethics of being a sugar baby; arguably Universities should be doing more to help the 2,058,362 students who have turned to wealthy sugar Daddies since their uni cannot financially support them. Some scenes in depict actual sexual intercourse between Norfolk escorts having anal sex with other escort girls whilst giving blow jobs.  

Are there many university students working for Norwich escort agency websites?

Money aside, universities should be doing more to protect vulnerable students from entering sex work. A girl I vaguely knew during freshers returned home from a date wherein an older man had taken her out to dinner, given her some class A's and slept with her. She had found comfort in someone more experienced giving her attention since she felt so lost herself but ended up upset about what had happened and more emotionally vulnerable them before. Its easy to see how lack of support from an institution student rely on for years can lead to sex work. The girl I vaguely knew could have ended up in a much worse position than what was already a terrible night. 


Where can I find a real woman who is a working with premier escorts with a sweet smile and has shower facilities?

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What is so wrong with part-time income working as an escort service giving blowjobs and  full services? 

But in the age of #MeToo and the rise of third wave feminism, sex work can be seen as empowering, manipulating a male-centred system and perverted (but rich) old men into paying for something that for centuries women have not had control of - their bodies. Universities should be able to support every student that attends them but *reality check* they cannot afford to. Whilst many Asian escorts in Norwich fall into these categories, universities should be aiming to support the financially unstable and the emotionally vulnerable. Sex workers and sugar babies shouldn't be sneered at or judged – some actively enjoy their work – however their reasons for entering this line of work should be examined. For their safety. 


How many students are working as Asian escorts in Norwich?

More than 10% of students are using sex work to get through their students. Student debt amounts to over 121 billion GBP and it's reported that 83% of students will never be able to pay it off. Sex work pays a lot better than McDonalds. Universities need to ensure that their student population who turn to sex work are protected; whether they range from those selling their nudes, selling their time or selling their body. They should not discourage sex work but instead ensure their students who enter it as emotionally stable and are entering it willingly rather than out of necessity. 


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