Ask A Sheffield Escort:

Searching for escorts in Sheffield I realized the diversity of the City, walking around with its mix of African girls, Indian girls and Arabic girls I was in a dilemma as to which type of escort or Massage girl to choose from. I had a coffee in Starbucks and thumbed through the massage section of the local paper, the ad that caught my eye was for Rena a Muslim escort, I called the number and was greeted by the maid who told me Rena was a 22 year old, very busty and affectionate girl who does all services including anal sex, oral without condom and unusually for an Arabic escort in Sheffield she will do CIM. I thought long and hard about it and decided it’s not often you get the chance to have an intimate time with a Muslim girl. To cut a long story short, if you get the chance to visit, look for Rena, Arabic escort in the local paper, she has the sweetest pussy and ass you could wish for.

As a Muslim girl do you get any reaction from the local community? Oh yes, many of the local Muslim men are offended by me advertising myself as such, but the irony is that fifty per cent of my clients are Muslim men. I think that attitudes are changing for girls who have been brought up in a strict religious background. I know a few girls who admire what I’ve done, they like the fact that I am choosing my own pathway in life.

What’s the difference between visiting a massage parlour and hiring a female escort? Traditionally a Sheffield escort will visit you in your home or hotel, where you can be taken for dinner or to a show, maybe a business function and then afterwards there can be some sexual encounters, it almost always ends with some form of oral sex or full personal service. A  massage girl will work from a massage parlour or her own apartment. When you visit a girl at her own flat there is only one service that the client is interested in, sex.  The difference is slight as both escort and massage will usually offer some form of sexual relief. It really depends on what the client wants, usually, local married men visit massage girls whereas guys that want a real girlfriend experience will hire a Sheffield escort for an hour or two.

Do escorts enjoy their job? Of all the girls that I know all say that they like being a Sheffield escort because of the freedom and money, it gives a young girl and a mature escort. If you think about it, for a girl like me who doesn’t have a university degree the only other real option of work would be in retail or as a receptionist in a call centre somewhere. If girls didn't like to have sex they really couldn’t do this job, and it is a job. We are like counsellors, girlfriends all rolled into one.

Where can I find an Arabic escort in Sheffield? There are Arabic escorts in Sheffield who will pay-date clients. Finding genuine Arabic escorts is difficult, many girls with dark features like to pass themselves off as Middle Eastern girls but with closer inspection, one can clearly see that they are not really as Muslim girls because they are aware that clients are looking for the sexy forbidden fruit of  Iranian girls.

Are there many local teen escorts in Sheffield? Finding local teenage escorts on xlamma is an easy search. Because all ads are free we have 100’s of independent female escorts, massage parlours and agency girls placing their profiles with pictures every day. The diversity of massage girls and adultwork escorts in Sheffield is a pleasure for all of the punters and hobbyists alike. And it’s not just local girls, here in Sheffield we have an assortment of very sexy Polish escorts, Latvian girls and girls from Romania who all offer erotic massage services.

Does watching porn videos increase the number of married men to visit escorts? Pornography is an ever-growing industry, with a sizeable chunk of the internet dedicated to pornography sites; this $90 billion industry caters to a huge audience worldwide that is always on the rise. Studies online have shown that over 35% of downloads from the internet are pornographic and that the largest consumer group at two-thirds are males. With how easy it is now to access these seemingly harmless sites online, and with the vast majority of porn users being male, it leaves many of us with the question; after watching pornstars on video do men want to try-out and experiment sexual techniques with female escorts in Sheffield? Well it depends, not every consumer of pornography is affected by it the same way not every consumer of pornography watches the same kind of porn. However, with the increase in popularity in porn genres depicting acts of physical aggression towards women and the amount of under-aged minors being exposed to this content, it would make sense this would change some of their expectations of sex and what they want from women.

Are escorts and massage parlours an essential part of a community to help stop violent behaviour towards women? Consumer statistics online have shown that 64% of young people between the ages of 13 and 25 actively seek pornography weekly, and 44% of males between the ages of 11-16 reporting it gives them ideas of what kind of sex they would like to try, essentially conditioning their brains into what sex must be like and what to expect from women. So in cases where young males are watching pornography, it seems likely that it could indeed lead to violent behaviour towards women. They may develop expectations and an understanding of what is acceptable or what isn't based on what they've seen online, especially for those at a younger and more impressionable age.

Do Sheffield escorts perform a valuable service? Even for those who aren't quite so young or inexperienced, it can also shape how they think and approach women as sexual partners. A series of sex therapists interviewed in 2013 from the United Kingdom also came up with interesting conclusions about the impact of pornography on males attitudes towards women. The majority of them stated that watching porn increased men's' expectations of sex with their partner, and often this has left them feeling frustrated and dissatisfied with their partners, resulting in a decrease of their partners' sexual confidence. In 2017, The World Health Organisation reported that 38% of murders of females worldwide are committed by their male partner and that the men carrying out these crimes often showcase a sense of entitlement over women. And just like that, consuming pornography might not seem so harmless anymore. As the above supports the idea that watching porn can lead to violent behaviour towards women through changing expectations and a consumers understanding of sex, it's important for those who still decide to enjoy and consume pornography; to take it for what it is- scripted and unrealistic adaptations of sex and not something to take into their real lives.