Ask An Escort; Alicia is a Muslim escort in Southampton:


Q; What made you come to the South Coast escort scene?

A; There are a lot of escorts in Southampton but not many Muslim girls who sell sex for money so I am quite unique. A lot of my English clients never get the chance to have sex with a Muslim girl so I get a lot of business. I fell into prostitution when I lived in East Java, many women work secretly in red light areas to make money.


Q; How many men do you have sex with in an average day?

A; Probably around ten clients a day visit me, not all of them want sex, many just want oral sex or a hand job.

Q; Do Muslim escorts offer anal sex?

A; Yes, it is traditional in Arabic countries for girls to have anal sex, especially before marriage because girls want to protect their virginity. I do offer anal sex with clients for an extra payment.

Q; Do you see Muslim men as clients?

A; Mainly English punters visit me. Absolutely, Muslim men are very hypocritical in there approach to sex, on the one hand they want girls to be virgins and then they want to fuck any girl they see. But mostly Muslim men visit English escorts in Southampton.

Q; Do you know many Southampton independent escorts there are that will perform actual sexual intercourse?

A; I know a few Muslim escorts, they are very popular with clients especially if they wear traditional Hijab. In fact there are lots of girls that are not Muslim that wear the Hijab because Western men find it a taboo, forbidden fruit, and everyone likes to be able to taste the forbidden fruit.

Q; Do Muslim escorts work on adult webcams?

A; Oh yes there are many Southampton escort girls working on adult webcam sites. It is a very good way for an escort to make extra money between clients.


Q; How else can cheap escorts in Southampton make more money?

A; There are lots of ways for escorts to make more money than just having sex with clients, girls who broadcast on adult webcams between clients, escorts phone sex, selling porn films that they have made with punters, many girls let clients film them today, so there are many opportunities for escorts making money other than being a prostitute.

Q; Do escorts in Southampton offer bareback sex with clients or are is all actual sexual intercourse condom sex?

A; I do see on some escort directories such as adultwork escorts,  girls offering bareback sex with punters, the problem is that lots of men want this service these days. I can remember about ten years ago girls started offering oral without condom, which wasn’t a service many girls would do. Now every girl does OWO, if an escort in Southampton doesn’t give oral without a condom she wouldn’t do any business. I hope this bareback sex with Southampton escorts doesn’t go the same way.


Q; What’s the difference between a Southampton escort, agency escorts and a prostitute in Southampton?

A; None really, all the Southampton escorts that I know have sex for money. By definition a prostitute usually is associated with a street escort in a red light district, whereas an escort is paid for her time with the client and anything that occurs between consenting adults is a matter for them.

Q; Do you make a lot of money as a Southampton escort?

A; Working as an independent escort in Southampton is much easier than it was in my own country, here you can openly advertise yourself as a sex worker. A Muslim escort in Islamic countries has to disguise the fact she is a prostitute, usually by wearing the hijab, which is the traditional Muslim ankle length gown with the hijab covering the head, which makes attracting clients quite difficult. Here in Southampton there aren’t many Muslims so I can openly work as a Southampton escort. Muslim escorts with asexy body is a big attraction especially if the independent escort does sex positions on adult websites.

Why are university students signing on with escort agencies in Southampton and do the girls provide full service?

In a world that is constantly connected by a stream of virtual platforms, is it surprising how easily we can construct a double life? With university students facing tuition fees of £9000 a year, and most of them beginning their undergraduate journey straight out of school with no work experience, a sense of desperation for quick cash starts to overwhelm their every waking thought. Though the primary reason students attend university is to strengthen their knowledge in their chosen subject area, and to become more appealing to employers once their course has ended, it doesn't take a genius to know that there is another side to university life. House parties, bar crawls, pub nights, club nights. There are no stepping stones guiding you into uni-life, a student is thrusted into it at 100 miles per hour. They are impressionable, and they are without the all-knowing glares of their parents and loved ones. They are alone. 

With the stresses of studying wedged upon their shoulders, they struggle to work out how to balance their responsibilities, expectations and new sense of freedom. They begin to clutch onto the social aspect of university life; it is their escape. With events usually laced with booze and drugs, and most students exploring their developing sexuality, the party-lifestyle is the perfect place for them to strengthen the skill-set needed in the escorting industry. Once a student has parted ways with their inhibitions it is easy for them to tumble down one long rabbit hole that leads them to a quick-cash-making solution.


What type of students become Southampton escorts, do they love sex and can they provide pornographic pictures if they are such a beautiful girl?

There is a trend for medical students to learn quicker into this type of money-making industry. Their courses are long and arduous, they have pressure pushed towards them by their families – not to mention the pressure they put upon themselves. Escorting is a release for them on multiple levels. It gives them a sense of control and independence. With some teen 18 year old escorts in Southampton making as much as £1000 a night, students are able to afford their lifestyle, and sometimes even give back to their families. 


Where can I find the best escort with explicit content who offers role play?

Once the figures start rising in their bank accounts, and their confidence levels sky-rocket too, the students, unknowingly, step into a cycle that can start to impact their mental and physical health and their wellbeing. Most students don't want to take on bar work or waiter work, which is why they get lost in their secret lifestyle. There needs to be more paid internships and paid work experience opportunities available to students so they can strengthen the skill-sets needed for their ideal industries. This would immediately decrease the number of students stepping into the world of escorting. Many deep throat escorts are skipping the dinner dates and opting for the pornstar experience instead. but for legal purposes the ultimate experience is for bareback sex which would include the pornstar experience followed by good conversation.


Is it best to work as an independent female escort in Southampton or work for an agency?

Many Southampton escort agency girls are professional, and employees are well looked after. Some escorts work the industry for years, leading to a successful and luxury lifestyle that they fully enjoy; they are honest and open about their line of work with their families and loved ones. A student, however, is more likely to hide their secret lifestyle in the dark. Escorting is a tough first job for a student, and more and more are turning to it because they are desperate to claim a piece of this world. Students need safe places to air their stresses about money and responsibility, and someone to offer them work options and opportunities before the escorting industry is inundated with impressionable young minds that just want to make a fast buck.

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