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Why a betrayal in the bedroom with a sexy blonde escort in Sutton Coldfield could help rather than hinder your love life

In the wake of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith revealing intimate details of their open marriage, it proves you can have sex or date outside of your relationship but remain with your soulmate. But not everyone agrees. They see it as cheating. Monogamy is instilled in us from such a young age, that for the majority, it’s an impossible concept to shake off. Sex isn’t always the issue, it’s the emotional affair they find a betrayal.

However, as a species, we crave change. We find boredom in the familiar. But love binds us into connections that can last a lifetime. For those who thrive on excitement, this can be challenging. At the same time, having stability reduces stress. There is a way you can satisfy both needs. Surviving infidelity isn’t an issue if it remains hidden.

Xlamma is an escort site aimed at discreet affairs. Privacy is at its core.  Originally aimed at married couples or those in relationships, the site now caters to everyone from single people to the sexually curious. It allows you to remain in control and keep your cheating a secret while fulfilling your desires. As their motto suggests: life is too short.

The morally zealous are no doubt outraged that such an escort site exists and add it to their reasons why the internet should be banned, but the concept is not as depraved as they may think. After all, if a person is inclined to cheat, is it not better the betrayal be with a stranger as a physical rather than emotional affair? Starting something with a friend or colleague could lead to feelings developing. 

By seeking out an affair using an online tool, you can find someone who shares the same values as you; this limits the risk of falling for the other person and destroying the relationship you’re trying to protect. What they don’t know can’t hurt them, so long as you’re practising safe sex.

Having a discreet affair or visiting Sutton Coldfield escorts could save a relationship. If you’re feeling unfulfilled, there is a high chance your other half is too. Through engaging with multiple sexual partners, you can discover new turn-ons and techniques to try at home. It may make you more adventurous to the point you no longer feel the need to outsource. A win-win situation where you both benefit. Obviously, with massage girls in Sutton Coldfield you’ll have to be careful if asked why you’re suddenly shaking things up.

Giving in to temptation releases endorphins. It makes us happier. Think about any time you’ve had sex with a sexy blonde escort in Sutton Coldfield, you maybe cheated by breaking a diet. You knew what you were doing. You sought out that pleasure. Ok, you may have felt guilty, but it tasted good having that first bite of chocolate didn’t it? Why not apply that same logic to sex? At least through Ashley Madison, you can keep your indiscretion discrete. Nobody needs to know. 

Many question that if someone is willing to have an affair, then why don’t they just end their relationship and go back to being single? Love. Just because someone wants to be intimate with another human being does not mean they no longer love the person they are seeing. Dr Kenneth Rosenburg, the psychiatrist author of “Infidelity: Why Men and Women Cheat,” suggests that over 50% of married people have had some form of sexual encounter with an escort in Sutton Coldfield, those who cheat are in happy relationships. 

Though Dr Rosenburg points out that happy couples can have affairs, studies in the Journal of Sex Research reveal a myriad of negative reasons behind betrayal. It could be as a result of anger, a lack of respect shown at home or feelings of neglect from attachment insecurity. Leaving an unhappy relationship isn’t always as simple as packing your bags and walking away. You could be staying for the sake of children, fear of reaction from family and friends, religious beliefs, abuse, low self-esteem, or finance. A discreet affair on your terms through a site like Ashley Madison could be the one thing keeping you sane. After all, it’s well-documented that a healthy sex life with a massage girl in Sutton Coldfield boosts both your physical and mental wellbeing. 

For people questioning their sexuality or wishing to satisfy their curiosity, they might want to risk a relationship with a Craigslist adult contact in Sutton Coldfield for something that turns out to be nothing more than a fantasy. Ashley Madison describes itself as an open-minded community. If you have a tryst with one of their members you can relax. You know they’re not going to turn up on your doorstep and reveal your secret.

Let’s turn the tables now. Maybe you are single but want to have an affair with someone who is already married. Why would anyone do that I hear you ask? Well, it is possible they only want something casual with no strings attached. To experience physical pleasure with a sexy Thai escort in Sutton Coldfield without the worry of getting tied down because the other person already is. It makes it easier for them to walk away when they want to without any of the baggage that comes from splitting assets. Whatever your motives, Ashley Madison makes it easy to find that person while allowing you to make it perfectly clear from the off what you both want out of your liaisons.

So far, I have focused on the traditional one on one affair, but as mentioned earlier, Ashley Madison is for everyone. Maybe you and your life-partner want to experiment. The thought of telling your friends this - let alone asking if they wish to join you in the bedroom – can be scary and terrifying. There are plenty of people on Ashley Madison willing to form a polyamorous relationship or be that extra body for the threesome you’re inclined to try to spice up your sex life.

So, before you shun the escorts in Sutton Coldfield or those who use it, take time to think of its benefits. Ashley Madison promotes privacy. Its aim is not to destroy relationships but to preserve them. Fulfilling your fantasies does not have to end in heartbreak. 

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