Would you say society's viewpoints have changed towards girls working as Telford escorts?

Often referred to as the world’s oldest profession, prostitution dates back many years. Back in the day prostitutes were used by people of all powers. Priests used to have sex with prostitutes. Leaders, politicians, soldiers were all amongst the men who regularly visited the brothels. In the Old Testament prostitution was seen as more or less a way of life, and it was completely normal for a man to pay for sex. Women would pitch up tents and hang out a red light when they were available, creating the term red-light district. But after the risks and diseases were discovered, a law was created against this industry. Many started to speak out on their views. “Evil” “Immoral” “disgusting” Many brothels were closed and women were forced to take to the streets. What are society’s views on this industry today? Should prostitution still be illegal? Should women still be forced to work in vulnerable situations? Or is this industry now completely accepted? Has anything changed?

The law on escorts in Telford is obviously flawed and Ineffective, Isn’t it time to try something different?

The sex working industry is still very much alive all over the world, regardless of it being illegal in many countries.  But why? Why are women putting themselves through this? 85% of women explained they only turned to prostitution for the money. They said it was their only option as they did not have the skillset others may have. They felt compelled to get into it as they were unable to get a real job. 89% of women in the industry admitted they wanted to escape as they felt unsafe due to the vulnerable situations they had to put themselves in to prevent themselves from being caught. They had many fears they would be raped or murdered. How will such a dangerous ‘occupation’ ever be accepted? Would making it legal make a difference? Many countries have talked of decriminalising prostitution to take these women out of these situations. Realising it cannot be stopped, is making it illegal doing more harm than good? Although members of the public have expressed their negative views on the industry, many have confirmed they believed making it legal would be the right thing to do.

Do the majority of people support the view that Telford escorts and massage girls in Telford should be legalised?

Why does prostitution have such a negative image? Feminists all over the world have spent years fighting for their equality. They have fought for a woman’s body to be viewed in the same way as a man’s. They have finally succeeded in getting rid of the stereotype that the man has full ownership of the woman’s body. But does this industry completely contradict all of that? “It’s like a shopping list, I make a list of all different types and races and tick them off once it’s done” “it’s like a public loo, you pay for convenience” . 2 quotes gathered from a recent survey amongst men who regularly visit prostitutes. Prostitution takes away all the power the woman may have, allowing men to pay for their bodies, they lose all control. Money being the only reason for their consent… what else would sex without consent be known as? Are they pretty much allowing themselves to be raped?

Isn’t it about time that “working girls” such as escorts, Telford massage girls, and indeed prostitutes were made legal and given protection under the law?

In conclusion, although prostitution may be more ‘normal’ and more talked about, although it may become legal, society's viewpoints have not changed. This industry has been frowned upon for many years. Although the reasons may change, although the workers are not necessarily blamed this will never be seen as morally correct. Women have fought for too long to gain rights that this industry completely goes against. Although this will never be stopped, it will never be accepted.