Ask An Escort; Carla is a high-class VIP escort in Westminster:

Do your family know you work as a Westminster escort? Absolutely, I remember the day I told my Mother that I was quitting my job as a marketing executive and starting work as a high-class escort in London. Her reaction was quite calm, she simply told me to be careful and to always use protection. That was it really, now I can talk freely with her about my life as a working girl in the sex industry, I think she is secretly envious of my lifestyle, the generous men I meet, the places in London that I go with some of my regular clients before we go back to his hotel for sex.

Do you have any moral problems with selling sex for money? None at all, as long as it’s safe I have never had a problem with letting a man fuck me for money.

How much do VIP escorts in Westminster charge their clients? It varies, a top girl working for an exclusive escort agency in London can charge up to £1000 per hour, but I think the average is around £500/£600 per hour, which is what I charge.

How many escorts clients are married men? I would say almost all of my clients are married men, and I really don’t have a problem with that, I’m sure their wives would hate me, but in some ways, prostitutes are doing them a favour, if it wasn’t for Westminster escorts their husbands would be out having affairs, with a working girl there are no strings and they keep their family life intact, so there really is no harm done.

Do you think prostitution should be legalized? Of course, it should be legalized. The hypocrisy that surrounds the oldest profession is just that, hypocrisy. Because I work as an escort in Westminster borough, which includes Westminster escorts, Park Lane and Knightsbridge I get to meet lots of men in the legal profession, men who work in government, I’ve had clients who work in Parliament and a few judges as well. If you asked any of them the same question, should prostitution be legal they would all say no, and yet they all visit escorts and prostitutes.

If prostitution were made legal, do you think it would affect your earnings? It may, but I don’t think it will ever happen, certainly not in the UK. The police turn a blind eye to massage flats, escort agencies and to lots of brothels where there is more than one girl working. So to all intents, there is no need to make prostitution legal because in some ways it already is.

What do you have to do to become an escort in Central London? If you are a decent looking girl who has no scruples about selling your body to men in exchange for money and especially if you like sex, then that’s a good start. My advice to any girl is, if you are thinking about working in the sex business as an escort or call girl in London do it while you are in your prime, don’t wait until you are over thirty because all the VIP escorts in London are in their early twenties, that’s the type of girl the men who contact my London escort agency ask for, a 20-year-old blonde escort in London can earn a lot of money, but by the time she is thirty, there will be new young blonde escorts taking her place.

Should Westminster escort agency girls be legalised? Brothels are places where people can pay for sex with prostitutes. Legal in some countries and illegal in others, they are sometimes disguised as Bars, Strip Clubs and Kings Cross massage parlours. If brothels were legalised medical checks would be put in place to assure the safety of the girls and customers against Sexually transmitted diseases and infections. The legalisation of brothels will also check that the women who are working are not underage and have not been brought into the county against there wishes as well as fewer cases of rape in the areas. I think that brothels should be legalised to help young women work in a safer environment for their health and the customers as well as keeping them away from dangerous and unpredictable situations. It's also thought that legislation would allow labour right meaning they can expect to work in a clean and decent environment and in countries where there are legalised brothels, 84% of the women have said they now feel safer as they are protected by the police and co-workers in a secure building compared to the back of a car, down an alley or a cheap rented room.

Does watching pornography lead to men hiring Westminster escorts? So what about the impressionable amongst us? Do they buy into aggressive themes just that bit too much? Maybe, that tinge of guilt and disgust most of us have is important. It makes us realise that there is something not quite right about the whole thing. We wonder why the woman's facial expression doesn't change and why her bum is bleached, who the person filming is and how they manage the HR side of the business. And then, after all the humping and exaggerated groaning, there is often a lingering feeling that the man got exactly what he wanted, and the women got what was coming.

Are there pornstar escorts in Westminster? And that is just standard run-of-the-mill pornstar girls. There is more a type of implied domination, which can almost go unnoticed. It's the equivalent to women's treatment in action films, "do you know how to shoot this, darling?" But there's also the muzzle-off type of pornstar escorts that involves humiliation, torture, and submission. Like every morally grey area in every nook and cranny of human culture, some people take it too far. Some use drugs recreationally, for example, others less so. Some people probably have uncomplicated business relationships with prostitutes, others are cruel and aggressive. It's never really possible to categorise an entire subset of human behaviour with one adjective. But in answer to the question are there pornstar escorts in London,  the answer is undeniable, yes. Some people, usually male, can't extract the good parts of this particular underworld without imitating the subtext of violence that is sometimes, and too often, present. Most men, of course, don't act aggressively towards women. Most sex is the nice consensual kind that happens awkwardly at first and then progresses into some korma-strength kinkiness. Sometimes couples even watch porn together and probably have a laugh at how dumb it is.

Where can I find a VIP porn star escort in London? So what's the upshot? We have to ask ourselves whether it's acceptable that some women are subjected to aggressive behaviour so others can get pleasure. I'd say, if I may put my five pence in, that it's a bit like drugs, sugar and alcohol. Generally speaking, as a species that is, we can't be trusted not to fuck a good thing up. If we have a free internet showing people horrible images at random, bad stuff will happen, just like if we sit those same people next to a big pile of drugs or a heap of custard creams. But one joint or a couple of sweet sweet creams never killed anyone, to my knowledge. So it comes down, boringly, to evenhanded regulation. They've got to Goldilocks this shit so we stop getting our mouths burnt. We must find the perfect temperature of porridge when it comes to adult content, happy people, nice interactions, titillating consensual content. Not all pornstar escorts are created equal, after all.

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