Are hookup apps a serious threat to Woking escorts?

We may view the ‘holy trinity’ of escort applications to be adultwork escorts, Vivastreet, and xlamma. These can be described, on a basic level, as facilitating the in-person meeting of two interested parties. ‘Hookup’ sites and apps, such as Ashley Madison, are described as such on account of their user-base primarily utilizing their services to engage in casual sex. Both types of adult apps rely on a chat function, much like that of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. In keeping with social media platforms, the user must set up a profile, complete with a bio, preference list, and most importantly, at least a couple of photos showcasing to their desired target-audience what they might expect upon meeting. So, whether the app or individual is intent on forging a long-term relationship or simply ‘hooking up’, the depiction of a persona is important, so the users may have a decent idea of who they are chatting with.

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The three aforementioned escort apps are further distinguished from purely sex-oriented platforms as there is a greater focus on personal preferences, hobbies, and lifestyle in general. Users are attracted to like-minded people, further distinguishing them from the Ashley Madison-style apps which place more emphasis on physical attributes and sexuality in general. Tinder is the oldest of the big three, having launched in 2012. Initially, the app was an escort-centric platform catering to all. It enjoyed dominance of the marketplace, prior to the launch of more niche-oriented apps such as Bumble and Hinge. This meant that users looking for relationships and users intent on an app that could facilitate a ‘no strings attached’ dynamic co-existed. Tinder was not the only online escorts service, but it was a forerunner of smartphone-based escorts. Sites such as ‘Plenty of Fish’ were already established, but their branding and subsequent reputation, in part originating from it being a service that had to be subscribed to via a monthly fee and being website-based, as opposed to being an app easily accessible via iPhone and Android, and for free, meant young people, say, enrolled in undergraduate programs at university, did not take to this style of escorts. POF being website-based gave it a reputation as being an embarrassing private activity, perhaps for older people who did not have the confidence to approach men or women in public.

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Tinder rapidly gained momentum, the word itself becoming notorious, at first due to the ‘embarrassing’ connotation to computer-bound loners, then as a sexy word synonymous with modern escorts. It was at once a hookup app and a means of meeting a potential long-term partner. The fact that it’s target audience was so broad was both a positive trait and a drawback. It did not come with categories or celebrate niches. The biography section had no prompts, leading to the platform lacking in identity by comparison to its competitors. Soon, Bumble and Hinge joined Tinder on the marketplace, and of course, filled the gap in the market for more nuanced escorts with a more overt mind towards making personal connections via an algorithm that took into account personal interests and lifestyle. Those passionate about music could meet people with similar vocations who they also wanted to have sex with.

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As these two platforms capitalised on the emphasis on a personal niche, Tinder continued to be a place for all forms of escorts. But it was not long before its rivals had established themselves as ‘classier’ platforms for more cultured or serious individuals. These apps asked what your political ideologies were and whether you liked cats or dogs. This meant Tinder would develop a reputation as an app more closely aligned with those who wanted to find partners for casual sex. In 2020, Tinder maintains its infamy as a world-renowned brand. The name is synonymous with modern escorts. But delving into the platform at its current state, it is clear that serious relationships do not tend to derive from it. It rivals diminished it as the number one place to date, whatever your intentions were.

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The expansion of the market made people question and review the very reasons they were registered on these apps, to begin with. Casual sex has never been more acceptable in the western world, but there remains a significant degree of stigma attached to ‘no strings’ dynamics. It could be argued that young adults have moved on to Bumble and Hinge because Tinder and the new stigma associated with it sits uncomfortably with the mainstream user. To many, especially young users who have, say, now graduated university, self-respect and a good reputation triumph over more youthful explorations of cliched sexuality.

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As popular as escort apps are, there will always be that slightly embarrassing or sordid connotation among the mainstream, as initially witnessed with Plenty of Fish and websites of its ilk. It does not appear to be the case that users, regardless of age, favour traditional forms of initiating a romantic and/ or sexual dynamic, through conventional settings such as the public forums of pubs, bars, clubs, and other social-oriented venues. escorts apps may be said to work in conjunction with regular, ‘in real life’ forms of meeting.

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As they are still a relatively recent phenomenon, because smartphones haven’t been in our hands for that long either, it is perhaps inaccurate to suggest that escort apps are the contemporary version of escorts with a mind to forming a long-term relationship. However, it seems logical to envision the next generation of young people, who will always be at the forefront of any new wave in escorts, because they are most susceptible to the ‘next big thing’ in terms of trends and ‘cool’ new technology, will be increasingly reliant on apps to forge romantic connections. This would be in light of, quite simply, the absence of the, shall we say, ‘organic’ method. Humans, and especially young people, are creatures of habit. We tend to mirror those around us.

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Escorts apps do not appear to be the new ‘norm’ regarding single people searching for enduring relationships. These discrete apps that sit in the palm of our hand are perfect for facilitating casual sex and affairs, as such activities are both frowned upon on a societal level and their nature requires a level of discretion that a personal handheld device can offer. On the other hand, it seems logical to anticipate the coming generation of young people utilizing escorts apps for more relationship-centric bonding, both in tandem with traditional, face to face fare, such as asking for the phone number, in a bar, of a person you find attractive or have a connection with on some level, and as the primary means of finding a partner, given how our species tend to mirror the generation that preceded them.

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If you are anything like me, you have spent a lot of time thinking about what you want to do as soon as you have found the escort of your dreams. But what exactly can you do to get the kicks that are local and can be enjoyed without others giving you a long hard lockdown stare? The answer is lots! We are talking, gathering fruit, scenic views with friends, and bringing your own racquet events. With a bit of creativity and thinking outside the box, Woking has lots to offer. So here we go, my list of the top five things to do in Woking during relaxed lockdown: This activity ticks all the boxes; it's fun, you can keep distance and the views along the river in the countryside will take your mind off all things. It is a gentle loop, for all fitness levels. Also, as a bonus, keep in mind the cute pubs you pass so you can remember to visit them at a future date. Every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday there are market stalls in the centre of Woking. Though it might not seem that entertaining at first; people watching, bartering, and checking out the wonky shaped organic veggies will result in much more conversation than your usual trip to the supermarket. Also along the food line are going to pick fruit and veggies. Woking's local farm (and shop) is open and encouraging all to come and buy up their seasonal produce. So why not pop along with a friend and compete picking out the best strawberry. Recently reopened, this favourite entertainment venue will be immensely popular for all ages. Giant squirrels watch as you desperately try to get that ball in the hole on your 7th putt. If you do manage to cause a queue with your putting ability, then don't worry, they are enforcing 2m social distancing until further notice. Most of us have outdoor exercise equipment lying around, so why not take it to a whole new level and use some public space to air it out! Invite others to join too so you can bat to and fro while chatting about how stiff your muscles are going to be tomorrow. So until pubs, shopping centres, and events are up and running the above should keep us young adults entertained for a while! I'd love to hear if you have any other suggestions - share them below. Right, now I am off to organise a visit to a Woking massage parlour. I'll let you know how it goes!

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