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The marketplace of flesh and fornication is absolutely heaving with delights in today’s world. Never before have there been so many ways to sell, buy, and trade sex. To be a sex worker in Albany, you don’t have to do home visits, work in a Albany brothel, or cavort on a nightclub pole. A webcam is enough to earn a performer $200 an hour from the private comfort of their own bed, while the rise of OnlyFans, and other pay-to-view adult content sites, means anyone with the inclination can sell sexy snaps online. The result? More sex workers, many of them ‘working from home’. And while an estimated 20% of sex workers are male, it’s largely women, using empowering technology, who are cashing in on the ever-present demand for titillation in the twenty-first century. And yet, what researchers are witnessing in their data isn’t necessarily translating into social debate. The recorded renaissance of Albany escorts around the world is still a subject of tight-lipped secrecy. This, despite a recent survey revealing that one in 25 undergraduates had performed some form of sex work. So why are so many American students working as Albany escorts? From selling used underwear online, to being flown out to meet sugar daddies on private yachts on the Mediterranean these teen escorts and Albany sugar babies are making thousands of dollars every week. For some researchers, this figure is regarded as conservative: the tip of the sex industry’s new gargantuan iceberg. The reason behind the silence is clear: sex work is still taboo, and those who engage in sex work see it as far too risky to ‘out’ themselves to a society with dated opinions about the selling of sex.

Recent history shows us that it only takes a few brave women to speak up about their private experiences for the floodgates to open on a torrent of hidden information. That’s exactly what happened in 2018, when thousands of women shared experiences of sexual harassment via the now-famous hashtag #MeToo. Fast-forward two years, and Jeffrey Epstein is dead, Harvey Weinstein is in prison, and women’s empowerment against men who abuse positions of authority to solicit sex has never been greater. More importantly, society is now armed with the knowledge and the language to address sexual harassment they see around them. Clearly, we need a MeToo for sex work, too. We need sex workers of all stripes - including men - to flock to social media to share their stories, whether positive or negative. What might we expect when the floodgates open to unleash years of suppressed stories of paid-for sexual mischief? How far will men go to get Craigslist adult peronals in Albany to meet sex starved women who are offering men no fees sex in the comfort of their own homes.

Well, we’re already aware of a few ‘household names’ from the pornography industry, who are struggling admirably to get the ball rolling with their own admissions about their lives selling sex. Amongst them is ex-adult actress Mia Khalifa, who told NBC that, after quitting porn, she felt there was no space for her to share her (at times traumatic) experiences. “I feel uncomfortable talking about the #MeToo movement because I do not feel like I’m part of that,” she told reporters. Why should this be so? Which feminist is willing to go on the record to denounce a porn actress? Ex-sex workers like Mia need reinforcements: they need a #MeToo talking openly about the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of their profession.

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If Taxi Driver summed up society’s attitude towards sex work back in the ‘70s, most would point to the hit HBO show Game of Thrones as today’s far more liberating grapple with sex work. In the ‘Tits and Dragons’ series, several brothel workers rise to positions of power in the fictional land of Westeros, becoming key linchpins in the franchise’s overall plot. And then there’s the documentary format, so perfected by stars such as Louis Theroux. The bespectacled presenter has more than once dipped his toe into the sex industry - including a 2019 episode that sought to throw light on the variety of reasons that women choose to perform sex work. The three sex workers he spends time with - all women - are presented as empowered in their own way. If TV is telling us that prostitutes and sex workers in Albany can be powerful, society is surely ready for a #MeToo resurgence dealing with the sex industry as it stands today. It’s time we stopped seeing sex workers as victims, and started seeing them as agents in their own lives.

The benefits of smashing the taboos are endless, Escorts in Albany should be free to express their sexuality and the services they offer on any social media site!

Women interested in entering the sex industry can get safeguarding tips from experienced hands. Sex workers in Albany NY can compare experiences, and learn from one another about profitable new lines of work. Society, as a whole, can see sex workers for what they are: men and women making the considered choice to make their money with their flesh. Moreover, a new wave of #MeToo activism, this time led by sex workers, will send out a very clear message: there’s no shame in the sex industry. Rightly, the movement worked to reposition shame at the feet of abusers the world over. A revamped movement, sharing tales from the bedsides of the world’s sex workers, will do the same: blaming abusers and exploiters, and not those who work in one of the world’s most ancient professions.


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