Anna's Story - How did I become an Albuquerque escort? She stood out, an exotic butterfly in a field of brash, spotty teenagers high on cheap beer and the prospect of endless parties. It was Fresher's week and the student bar was heaving. I sat alone, nursing a warm pint, hoping to make it last until my friend Katie arrived. I was mid-sip when she walked in. The first thing I noticed was the hair, a thick sheen of golden silk that hung halfway down her back. The highlights were expensive, as were the skin-tight jeans, nude heels and camel suede coat. New Mexico University did not usually attract the glamorous. I should know, as a student union rep as well as second-year student, I'd seen it all before. A full week passed and then I saw her again.  This time stepping out of a silver Mercedes SLK, black heels and trench giving her an air of mystery. She must have sensed my gaze as, before I could pretend otherwise, our eyes were locked and she flashed me a megawatt grin before darting across the road to stand by my side.
"Hi. I'm Laura"
"Jennie" I replied, my voice sounding like a squeak. I wasn't used to being in such close proximity to wealth.
"I noticed you in Dr Stan's lecture last week, are you heading there now?" I nodded, mute with shock and horror that I had caught her attention as this would mean she'd have noticed the windswept mouse-brown hair and Primark jeans that marked my daily uniform. We sat together that day, then had lunch and later met up for drinks. It wasn't long before we fell into an easy friendship. I discovered more about Laura in the weeks that followed. Her poise and elegance weren't the product of wealthy parents or fancy private schools. Instead, these came through hard work and experience. She'd worked for an escort agency in Los Alamos based in the town for the last two years. They paid well, very well and the hours were flexible. She was vague at first, refusing to divulge the exact nature of her job, but by this time, although I'd become used to the admiring glances she got whenever we were out, I wanted a piece of the action. Wherever we went, Laura was the sun and I was her shadow. No one likes to be a shadow.

With so many students in debt, is it any wonder that girls become escorts in Albuquerque? It was about three weeks into our friendship that I suggested that she might put in a good word for me at the agency. My job at the Co-op was onerous and paid very little; it was time to aim higher. I noted the surprise in her eyes as she took in my hair and scruffy trainers.
"Are you sure it's what you want to do?" she asked
"I'm drowning in student debt; I need the money. How hard can it be?"
We arranged to take the train into town during reading week. She'd spoken to her boss and they were willing to meet me for an informal chat. Up to this point, Laura hadn't divulged much information about the job, but my suspicions were aroused. Many nights, she'd be dressed to the nines, meeting a friend for dinner or simply going 'out'. I never met these 'friends' and from what I could tell, knew that she didn't have a boyfriend. It could only mean one thing.

My life as a call girl in New Mexico begins! We arrived at the station and took the short walk to an upmarket Albuquerque massage parlor. I'd washed my hair, applied some makeup as best as I could and Laura had lent me some of her smarter clothes. "First impressions and all that" she'd said, making me feel both nervous and delighted. Ms Daniels was a petite, well-groomed lady who, after the briefest of appraisals (taking in my hair, my clothes, my bag with an almost imperceptible nod) welcomed us through the thickly carpeted foyer into a back office where she explained the job to me. I was to be an escort in Albuquerque. I'd receive a clothing allowance and a starting rate of $100 an hour. My main role would be to provide companionship to the agency's elite clients. The Albuquerque escort agency that she worked for providing a range of services, with the full service including overnight stay and sexual favours. She stressed that I did not have to accept a job that included 'full service' until I was ready and comfortable. $100 per hour as more than I had ever earned or was ever likely to earn in the foreseeable future. This amount alone would be a game-changer. I glanced over at Laura, took in afresh her poise, her elegance, her confidence. I wanted that too. Sitting upright in my chair and sensing the flutter of butterflies in my stomach I spoke as out, "Yes, I'd be happy to sign up with the agency.

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