Is money the reason for so many students signing on with escort agencies in Alexandria VA?

Once there was big money to be made in social media, people asked the inevitable: how can we  bring sex into this? So along came OnlyFans, soon followed by JustFor.Fans - sites where anyone  can upload photos or videos, viewed by the public in exchange for a monthly subscription. The  porn industry had been dominated by male producers for a long time, but here was a site that put  the power in the hands of the performers. Although most of the public still turn their noses up at  the sex industry, despite taking much pleasure from it, the younger generation are starting to  realise that exposing your privates is far more admirable than the way most social media celebs  make their money. 


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Sponsorship deals can make a killing on social media, with Kylie Jenner reportedly earning $1.2  million per sponsored post on Instagram. But how did she get that deal? By exposing every  second of her private life in numerous photos, ‘Stories’, and featuring as part of the Kardashian  dynasty in ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’. Every argument, relationship, and divorce - of  which there seem to be many - is documented. This is the same for so many of the major  influencers. They might not have a TV crew following them around but the pressure to perform for  the camera, document their life, and gain followers is constant. KSI, one of the biggest YouTubers  in the world, has had such a major spat with his own family that they have almost disowned him.  That hardly seems like a healthy way of living, yet they are adored by millions of teenagers. 


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The amount companies are paying for promotion has to make you question why they need to pay  so much. If these were reputable products, surely they wouldn’t need to market themselves so  hard. The tea is a particularly lucrative sponsorship offer, often criticised for having no  scientific backing at all, and likely being nothing more than a laxative (that may also reduce the  effects of the birth-control pill). Celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Cardi B have endorsed  these products, causing their young and impressionable followers to rush to the toilet all hours of  the day. What the followers often aren’t told is that the secret to their bodies is often an expensive  personal trainer and an even more pricey plastic surgeon. But still, people in sex work are shamed  for selling their bodies, something the media has been profiting from for decades. 


The demand for sex workers has never changed throughout society,  If Alexandria VA escorts, escort agencies and massage girls were taxed wouldn’t that bring more money into the system? 

There’s a heap of reasons why people might disregard sex work, though none stand up to much  criticism. In recent years, podcasts such as Jon Ronson’s ‘The Butterfly Effect’ and ‘The Last  Days of August’, as well as TV shows such as ‘The Secret Diary of a Call Girl’ and Louis Theroux’s  ‘Selling Sex’, have given us a window into the reality of life as a sex worker. The common opinion  is that it’s half hours work (or however long it takes) then you’re free to spend your day how you  like. It’s easy money, people might think. This is far from the truth. Whether it’s selling sex, making  pornography, or running your OnlyFans account, these can be 24-hour jobs. One OnlyFans user,  who goes by the name ‘miss_swedish_bella’, makes six-figures a year but states that the job is  non-stop. Her days are filled with carrying out personal video requests, responding to messages  from fans, or uploading content for her wider fanbase. It may not sound like the most strenuous  job in the world but I’m sure many CEOs earn much more for doing a whole lot less. 


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Sites like OnlyFans put the performer in control. Since Fabian Thyllman created porn-streaming  site PornHub, he has provided free porn to the world, putting millions in his own pocket and little  in the hands of the performers. He went on to buy up the competition, owning a free-porn empire  before selling it for millions. He’s now so rich, he needs a scuba-diver to clean his aquarium, and  he’s barely set foot on a porn-set. Sex work might seem like a pretty bad idea if this is the man  profiting from it.  


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But with performers owning their accounts, everything about the industry seems to improve. Look  at the titles and comments of the videos found on Pornhub and it’s not a pretty sight. The titles  throw about words like ‘bimbo’, ‘slut’, and ‘whore’ in order to hit the most searched keywords, with the comments reflecting this too. It’s easy to see why some parts of the feminist movement  have been firmly against the industry when this is its most popular site. But the messages  received on a subscription-based service come from a different place, often from lonely men in  need of a self-esteem boost


How has society's attitude change towards the women that are involved in the sex industry? 

People pay for sites like OnlyFans for the intimate connection. The content a subscriber gets is  often less explicit than you’d get on any of the streaming sites because that’s not the whole  appeal. Sure, the majority of subscribers are men who use the site to climax, but they’re also after  something deeper that you can’t get from the free sites. The personalised videos are one thing but  subscribers can also expect to be able to have a conversation with the performers. If pornography  can be said to objectify the women, then sites like OnlyFans bring back the humanity. Sex work  will exist forever so it’s only a positive to create the most empathetic version of it. 

Thanks to the internet, sex workers in Virginia can now be entrepreneurs in charge of their own destiny, so  opinion is starting to shift. The opinion that sex work is a last resort is changing. It might not be  your preferred career but the freedom it gives makes it an empowering step in the right direction.

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