When did young men reviewing the Baton Rouge escorts they have had sex with become the new normal? In the animal kingdom, the females rule completely. They are the ones in control over the mating and escorts, mostly for recreational purposes, but also for their own pleasure of course. The female Praying Mantis will literally bite its partners head off if they don’t give them a good enough shag, and the extraordinary Bird of Paradise puts on a dance show like you’ve never seen before in hopes of capturing the interest of his chosen lady. If he fails the first time, he tries and tries again until he manages to perfect his performance. Plus, we’ve all seen the picture of how the female lion bites the male in the nuts if he becomes lazy while she is in heat.

Has this behaviour of testosterone filled young men rubbed off on us humans as well? Has there been a power change in the Baton Rouge escorts game? Could it be that at some point, women got so fed up with being treated like inflatable sex dolls that they finally decided to take back control and be the ones on top, so to speak? Not a minute too late, we even minted a word for the male slut; The word Fuckboy came about in the early 2000s, and 20 years on, Microsoft office doesn’t even mark it as a spelling mistake. The definition of the word is basically ‘a man that sleeps around’ and is often used in a negative and down-pointing way by females. Back then, when the phrase first came about, you had designated sites and apps that were a lot more frequented by these male sluts than others; Sites such as Badoo and Plenty of Fish were known as meat markets with very high chances of getting sent the occasional dick pic, whether you wanted one or not. Only males themselves can explain this fascination of exposing their genitalia to unwilling women online. Thank god for the eggplant emoji that is subbed on from time to time! While other websites, match.com and eHarmony just to give some examples, were used by singletons looking for more long term connections, at least that’s what the brands promised in their advertisement. Fortunately, as women are by far the more intelligent species, the bubble of lies and the heaps of men saying whatever it took to pull were exposed for what it really was.

Do guys seriously want massage girls in Baton Rouge as their number one sexual partners? So Instead of the usual behaviour of just taking it lying down to not seem desperate in front of the very same man who wasted their time and humiliated them, women everywhere decided to turn the heartache into a game in which they controlled the rules. The thing about power is that it only works if you allow it to. Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s not OK to be horny, yas girl. At some point along the line, our vision got a bit blurry and the lines between all these escorts sites became a lot harder to see. According to some historians, the so-called ‘hook up culture’ is nothing new for our generation. Some even claim it can be tracked back as far as the 1920s. But back then, certain sexual acts were only performed by ladies of the night. While nowadays; a blow job is seen as business as usual and is even described as empowering by many women. There’s not a lot of men that will win an argument while being deep throated, just saying.

Do guys really want a slut as a girlfriend, is that why Baton Rouge escorts and massage girls are so popular? A sexy and much more outgoing trend within mainstream music and TV are thought to be one of the biggest influences when it comes to the increased search for a sweaty one night stand amongst women. Girl Power singers like Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Beyoncé and not to mention Übersexy Rhianna are just a few strong personalities that have led the way by straddling wrecking balls wearing not much more than their birthday suit and using what their muma gave them to get what they want in life. A more specific example is the one of Taylor Swift, who over time became Hollywood’s favourite celebrity slut. The fact that she got dumped and ghosted by a few men wasn’t enough. The press had to publicly shame her as well, just for having some bad luck in her love life. And what did she do? Did she fall apart, or did she ‘Shake it off’ in a song that became the 8th best selling single of 2014 (in the US)? Respect!

Can a massage parlor in Baton Rouge ever take the place of a girlfriend? This has also led to a shift in inspirational sources when it comes to sex, at least from a female perspective. From porn, where women are displayed as submissive sperm banks and where stash wearing studs can make a women scream with pleasure, simply by being in the same room; to modern TV shows and films that has helped cast a more positive light on the female sexuality, especially in connection to the free spirited college culture in the United States.

Do guys like the sluts that advertise as adult contacts in Baton Rouge? More and more films are based around strong female characters as well: Think like a Man, staring in the loop Regina Hall, The Hunger Games, Hustlers; where gorgeous Jennifer Lopez and her girlfriends use their bodies to get rich on the expense of simple minded men, are just a few examples of the role models women have to look up to today. Not to mention the countless ‘girls trip’ films where dildos and other sex toys are mentioned as supplements for relationships (diamonds are no longer a girls’ best friend, I can tell you that for free). We were no longer brainwashed with the image of a lady in distress, who gets saved at the last minute by a heroic man that magically managed to solve all their problems.

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