Has the internet irrevocably altered the way clients find escorts in Bellevue WA? 

The internet is a toxic human invention. That is not to say that it has no benefit. Were one to completely eschew the internet, many services and utilities that we now take for granted would be inaccessible. But the internet is also home to some of the most abhorrent human behaviours: racism, homophobia, and prejudice of all kinds are commonplace, with perpetrators buoyed by the relative anonymity that the web provides. Internet escorts has certainly become the “New Normal” in recent years: but in this context, the terms normal and beneficial are mutually exclusive. While internet integration has improved availability and accessibility on a global scale, it has also created a culture that is, upon reflection, deeply unsettling.

The internet has contributed significantly to the escort industry’s evolution into an inherently capitalist marketplace. This is where my most vehement objection lies. According to Statista, the internet escorts industry is forecast to generate $241 million in revenue globally in 2021. This figure is staggering and represents double digit growth year-on-year. I will readily accept that the matchmaking industry, even before the advent of the internet, was a subscription-based endeavour. But the extent to which platforms such as Bumble, Tinder or Hinge have monetised people’s love lives is distressing. 


In the modern era, the capitalist market has held a tight grasp on the escorts industry, with beauticians, fashion labels and gyms being some of the prime beneficiaries. But internet integration has helped the market to tighten its grasp substantially. The escorts in Bellevue provide a perfect example. It has developed a reputation as a ‘Premium’ internet escorts platform since its “Made to be Deleted” rebrand in 2019.  As a free user, one’s benefits are limited. However, if one is willing to pay a subscription – currently $19.99 per month – one has access to a plethora of filters, unlimited ‘likes’, and the option to see who ‘likes’ you. This is a significant expense, and anybody who argues otherwise is either incredibly naïve or speaking from a position of supreme financial privilege. If we then factor in the fact that since 2019 subscription costs have doubled, my objection grows more fervent. Match Group Inc., the conglomerate that owns both Tinder and Hinge, went on record in September 2020 claiming that Hinge was on track to triple its revenue for the calendar year. Let’s not even discuss the targeted advertising that has appeared on platforms such as Tinder. It is evident that internet integration has had a significant financial impact upon the escorts industry, and that this impact benefits businesses to a far greater extent than the users. The desire to find love is universal, and it ought not to be exploited for financial gain. The market’s profound impact upon the escorts in Bellevue is deeply unsettling.

No matter how hard it tries, internet escorts cannot fully replicate human interaction. There is something innately beautiful about two people meeting organically, sharing a palpable chemistry and building a relationship based upon their connection. Meeting organically does not provide any guarantee of success: in fact, my past two relationships are testament to that fact. But there is something unique about an organic connection that is impossible to recreate online. It is true that internet escorts and massage parlors in Bellevue offer us significantly more options in a more accessible environment than meeting organically: but is this actually a good thing? I would argue not. Internet escorts make us lazy; it makes us shockingly fickle; and, disturbingly, it’s created an environment that is rather homogenised. It would be all too easy for someone to copy and paste the opening five or six messages of a conversation with multiple online matches. It completely removes any spontaneity and chemistry upon which organic connection relies. I cannot see how removing that from the equation can be seen as anything but negative.


That being said, I am not oblivious to the fact that it is entirely possible to build successful and intimate adult personals in Bellevue. In my friendship circle there are multiple examples of internet escorts success stories. There is evidence suggesting that internet escorts can be highly effective: research conducted by psychologists at Chicago University found that just over a third of couples who married between 2005–2012 met  wife swapping  in Bellevue WA via the internet and had a 25% higher success rate than those who met face to face. Yet this bears no conclusive proof that internet escorts are the long-term solution to humankind’s quest for love. I cannot bring myself to fully embrace this homogenised world. Call me old-fashioned, but I want chemistry.

A vain new world

In the digital age, Bellevue WA escorts have become an alarmingly vain and superficial exercise. No matter the platform, there is a significant focus on visual aesthetics. Even on the ‘old-school’ platforms such as Match.com, users upload a gallery of images to attract potential lovers. Tinder changed the game in 2012 and began the swiping culture that is now seemingly ubiquitous. Even the more ‘sophisticated’ platforms such as Bumble or Hinge use this visual interface. As children, we are taught that it is what’s on the inside that counts. Shrek, a sensation of contemporary pop culture, serves as a perfect allegory for this message: “Ogres have layers” is an epic refrain. Yet internet escorts are completely at odds with this message. It is a platform that embraces outer rather than inner beauty. For anyone who wants to argue that platforms such as Hinge, who insist upon their users including answers to a variety of questions on their profile, are not superficial, I call bullshit. One might have to provide frivolous and humorous refrains to a couple of questions: but when one considers that as a Hinge Preferred Member one can filter matches based on age, ethnicity, and height just to name a few, it is futile to argue that Hinge is anything but superficial. While physical attraction is of paramount importance to any romantic liaison, it is not the be-all and end-all. So why, then, is it acceptable for internet escort platforms to be so inherently superficial?


My distaste for the internet escorts equilibrium is exacerbated when one considers its links to social media. Social media, much like the internet, can be a deeply toxic invention. It promotes a distorted view of reality that has the ability to negatively affect people’s mental health; it provides trolls with the perfect environment for their nefarious activities; and it is a hotbed for misinformation. I use social media as a professional tool, and even in that context it has negatively impacted my mental health, especially over the past twelve months. That the superficial worlds of internet escorts and social media are so closely entwined concerns me. Of the many Bellevue escort agency sites, it is possible to link one’s Instagram profile and escorts profile. This serves only to strengthen the superficial culture that internet escorts have created. It has also been revealed that an increasing number of women are using Tinder solely as a means to accumulate countless more Instagram followers. If this link between internet escorts and social media continues to be abused in this way, it ought to be severed permanently. 

Finding love has never been easy. It is a universal voyage of discovery, and there is simply no guarantee of a happy ending. Yet we are all too ready to rely on technology to find success in a pursuit that is innately human. While I will readily accept that internet escorts represent our “New Normal”, I cannot unequivocally extol its virtues. It is a catalyst for vanity and manipulation; and, while escorts online might currently be a necessary evil, its pitfalls more than counterbalance its benefits.

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