When I first decided to become a call girl or a night-bird as some people call me I wanted to be the best black escort in Pennsylvania. I knew that white men found me sexy and wanted to sleep with me but that was as far as they wanted to go with me. I had lots of dates with white men, but they just wanted me for sex and then would never want to see me again. So I set about capitalizing on my looks and sexy demeanour by becoming a Pennsylvania escort. I now happily see many married white men during the course of a day, all of them want to have sex with me, which is ok now because they pay me. Before I used to have sex with them because I thought the genuinely liked me. Like most black prostitutes in Bethlehem I have to be one step better than the white girls who work as sex workers in Bethlehem. To find black escorts in Bethlehem you can see them here.


How did I become a Bethlehem escort? Yoyo’s story; 

Like many Japanese escorts in London I started my career as a working girl giving erotic massage parlor with two other girls. I didn’t know at the time that anything more than one girl offering sex in an apartment constitutes a brothel, so the first place I worked was raided by the police. A lot of Oriental escorts now work on the coastal towns so I decided to move to Bethlehem. I set up my own massage parlor and started to advertise as a Bethlehem escort in local newspapers and also on some escort directory websites. Oriental escorts in Bethlehem are very popular with local men because they like the very petite girls, they also like the young Bethlehem escorts very much. If any girls want to start as escorts Bethlehem is a good place because there are lots of rich men in Bethlehem. Japanese escorts are in demand because we know how to treat men, back in Japan it is traditional for Mothers to instruct their daughters how to pleasure a man so that he wont stray and visit other women or local prostitutes. Which I guess is quite ironic being as I am now a local Bethlehem prostitutes and local married men come to me for sexual services rather than being faithful to their wife.


What is the difference between a Bethlehem prostitutes and girls working for massage parlors in Bethlehem?

 Escorts generally work for an escort agency or they are what is classed as independent escorts. They are booked ahead of time and are hired for companionship. Unlike prostitutes who accept clients from wherever they find them, street corners, stopping in cars, areas that are known as pick-up beats where prostitutes ply their trade. Escorts can pick and choose their clients and what level of engagement they are comfortable with, also they would have a level of verification of the clients they are going to visit. 


Prostitutes who work in brothels or on the street corners of certain areas in city centres can have pimps, are known for their drug addiction and they don’t earn as much as escorts and are hired solely for sexual gratification. Even with these differences, escorts face the same societal stigmas as Bethlehem prostitutes and other sex workers. The overall majority of student sex workers in Pennsylvania have had a positive experience, with many even enjoying their work.

But there is a downside too. The same study revealed that students who are engaged in the sex industry face “institutionalised stigma and prejudice which hinders their health and wellbeing as well as social inclusion.” Besides the obvious safety concerns, the job can be emotionally demanding. Off duty, the pressure to conceal their occupation from their friends and family can take a huge emotional toll. There is the fear and anxiety of being ‘outed’ and the subsequent shame and humiliation, which can take years to fade. As with any career path, there are pros and cons and it really depends on the individual. Society may still raise an eyebrow but the notion of sex work is definitely becoming vanilla, and society is becoming more accepting of the women that, for whatever reason, at some stage in their life, decided that becoming a sex worker and engaging as Bethlehem escorts was the right course of action.


My life as a Bethlehem escort 

Rosalind’s story; Working as a Bethlehem escort has a lot of advantages over working as an escort in Pennsylvania. For one thing the competition isn’t so fierce. I used to be a porn star. I’ve appeared in many porn films and had a big following from guys who liked to watch my videos on adult porn sites. Moving from the porn business to becoming an escort in Bethlehem was the best move I ever made. A lot of people don’t know that porn stars don’t make a lot of money per film, there are so many girls today who want to make porn videos that the price has dropped to ridiculous levels. The average fee for a full-on porn shoot is around $500, if you’re lucky, and, you’ll probably only get one video a month, again, if you’re lucky. I can make that working as a Bethlehem escorts in a couple of hours. It’s the same with the webcam models, when you first start and gain a good amount of followers you can make a lot of many, but there are always new, young webcam models coming into the industry and men always want the new fresh meat, pretty soon you will see popular webcam models in Bethlehem turning to escort agencies as well. In short, the oldest profession will always be around. Working as a prostitute in Bethlehem, which is basically what a Bethlehem escort is, is where all girls in the sex industry will end up and probably make more money than they have during their entire career in the business.    


Does the evolution from prostitute to escort haunt the girls who are now trying to upgrade the profession into a legitimate business. To the bona fide escort agencies in Bethlehem they are looking to a time when their escort agency can become a franchise 

Almost all social trends are considered risqué when they first arrive on the scene. Only a few years ago the thought of telling your friends, let alone your family that you have a penchant for visiting escorts and massage girls in Bethlehem would have been met with gasps of incredulity. But now the admission would be met, by some more liberal thinkers, as a thumbs-up, well done, what’s it like, and so on. 


How safe is it for working girls becoming escorts and massage girls in Bethlehem?


Many programmes have been designed to keep Pennsylvania call girls safe, but one app in particular by the name of Ugly Mugs has gone the extra mile to keep them safe worldwide. It helps connect sex workers by exposing dangerous clients, guys that, in the past have been violent, abusive towards the women they have hired. This for all intents and purposes a blacklist of dangerous clients from Ugly Mugs users with the common sense to steer clear of dangerous individuals. Whilst these measures do not entirely eliminate the dangers for female escorts or massage girls in Bethlehem being safe, it certainly diminishes the danger, and as the online escort business continues to develop, new strategies may reduce this risk to the Bethlehem escort agency girls and the massage parlor workers even further.

What is the main reason why so many single guys under the age of 30 prefer Bethlehem escorts than the more traditional boy meets girl route?


Availability, no rejection, a choice of girls at your fingertips, whatever sexual position you want is ok, need we go on? 

The main reason for the rise of online escorts’s popularity, however, lies in its ability to fill the hole left by the decline of more traditional means of meeting a partner and the fuss-free convenience it offers in a social landscape that has transformed vastly in the last few decades. One of the most significant social consequences of the internet had been something called availability of Bethlehem escorts which refers to the removal of the human intermediary between two parties. We no longer need store assistants to access groceries when buying online. Even medical advice can be procured without any interaction with the two or three real-life humans required just a few decades ago. And the same is true of escorts. Whereas traditionally friends and family members were the intermediaries through which most singles meet new people, the internet gives us direct access to far larger pools of potential partners without the need for a third-party introduction. This transition, of course, mirrors trends in virtually every other aspect of life, from the way we work and do business to the way we enjoy art and act as consumers, and represents an almost organic shift towards meeting the romantic needs of singles in a radically altered social landscape where time is at a premium, convenience is king, but the human longing for long-term connections with Asian massage girls in Pennsylvania is as strong as ever.


Do girls talk to their friends about the sugar daddies they have been with?

I don’t talk to my friends about me being a Bethlehem sugar baby because I don’t want them to assume I have “daddy issues” and I also don’t want them to ask me if I would let let fuck me for money.


 I never go without a condom, including giving head ladies and gentlemen, and I get checked for STDs once or twice a month. Not to mention, I don’t talk about it because it isn’t necessarily something attractive to future employers, ‘oh yes! I used to let guys fuck me for money’. I don’t look down on it, but I know I could be doing something that would actually be useful on my resume besides being a sugar baby in Pennsylvania.


Apart from Bethlehem escorts what other sexual contacts can I find on Edusa?

Whether you are searching for girls who are still in college and are working for escort agencies to help pay for their studies or experienced mature blonde cougars, here on Edusa we have it all. 

Placing ads as Bethlehem escorts is free for all, whether you’re an escort agency in Bethlehem, an independent escort, a massage parlor or even good old fashioned call girls all the ads for the above are free in Pennsylvania. We have 100’s of local massage girls and call girls from all nationalities and ethnicities; Oriental, Indian, European. Latina and African escorts are available . There are 100’s of craigslist adult personals in Bethlehem where you can find local women wanting no strings attached sexual encounters for Free, yes FREE. Within the pages of Pennsylvania biggest escort directory you can find sexy pert teen 18+ Chinese escorts, the sauciest massage girls and a host of adult vacancies in Bethlehem, how would you fancy working for a local escort being her driver and earning $$$$ a night.


What type of women are becoming Bethlehem escorts?

The sex industry, which includes the escort business is becoming more acceptable all the time. Gone are the days when it was scorned upon for local girls choosing to work for escort agencies in Bethlehem. Today it is almost admired by some that girls who could only have worked in retail are now commanding an income of $1000 a day working as an escort or providing massage services to the local residents. 


Why are so many college girls signing on with escort agencies?

Some agencies are actively recruiting college and university students to work as Bethlehem escorts because the business has a huge demand by the customers for fresh new girls. With every business, where there is a demand, there will be entrepreneurial individuals that will supply that demand. So when a Bethlehem escort agency is consistently requested for teen 18+ escorts in Bethlehem they will obviously try to meet that demand. 


Where can I find Arabic escorts in Bethlehem?

Search for Arab escorts or Muslim escorts on these pages to find the exotic pleasures of a date with an Arabic sex worker, sample, what for years has been underground, is now open and available for all hobbyists and punters in Pennsylvania. Arabic escorts will still offer anal sex together with oral sex without condom, these are just some of the services you can expect from Arab girls on these pages. Lots of Arabic and Muslim girls are now working as webcam models, wearing their hijab is alluring for the taboo nature of having sex with forbidden fruit, so girls are covering their heads knowing men will want to see naked Arabic girls on video and Muslim webcam girls who will perform intimate sex acts just for you. Contacting Arabic escorts in Bethlehem is easy today. You can find Arabic massage girls in Bethlehem and Muslim escorts by searching in the search bar at the top of the page.


Are all Bethlehem massage girls sluts whom sell sex for money, or are they a welcome and very valuable source or the best erotic entertainment in Pennsylvania?

We would certainly hope so, when a client visits a massage girls apartment he’s not there for conversation, he’s there to get some dirty sex from a slut girl who is willing to do almost any sexual act you can name. Some massage girls can get very busy and don’t be surprised if you have to wait in the kitchen or spare bedroom while the massage girl finishes with her current client. Also expect that when you are having your erotic massage you hear the doorbell ring with the next guy that wants a quick fuck.


Where can I find local massage girls in Bethlehem?

Before the advent of online escorts and online massage girls the place to find local Bethlehem massage parlors was only to be found in local weekly newspapers.  


Do massage girls really give massage?

Absolutely not, if you want a real massage go to a sports therapist. Massage girls are there for one thing and one thing only; sex. And long may it remain that way.