Ask an escort; Katerina is a Ukrainian  girl working in Maine.

Do you regret becoming a Bridgton escort?

Absolutely not. What else would I be doing? I told you, I was working in a beauty salon before this for barely over minimum wage per hour. I had no skills or education. No other career could have made me the money I've made over the last 6 years. We are talking more than a 100k a year - cash. I'm not saying every girl will make that. Some might even make more! But that's what I've made and there is no way I could've done that any other way. 

Would you recommend becoming an escort in Bridgton?

My kids have a good childhood thanks to their mother working as a prostitute in Bridgton . I've also been able to spend more time with them than if I'd been working all of the hours at another job. I'll probably go into independent escorts in Bridgton. This will give me even more freedom and more money. We'll see. Working at the Bridgton massage parlour is so easy and I've become very comfortable there with lots of friends. For a new girl just getting into the game, I recommend you go try a few different escort agencies and then find the right massage parlor in Bridgton for you.

What type of girls are attracted to a life working as massage in Bridgton?

Most men are ready to spend their money to satisfy their sexual desire. many Bridgton escorts and massage girls require money, so the easiest way for them to get it is to offer their bodies to those who want to satisfy their sexual desires in exchange for cash. In todays fast moving communication age it is easier to start working in a Bridgton massage parlor for lots of money than to get a job serving french fries in a fast food joint for very little money. What would you do?

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