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Romeo and Juliet's play is often cited as a tragedy that could have been averted with just one call. This Shakespearean tale was actually ahead of its time, with the star-crossed lovers’ romance acting as an allegory for the social network revolution. The problem with being ahead of your time, of course, is that technology needs to catch up.

It is obviously predictable that Romeo and Juliet would have had a happier ending with the benefit of modern technology. But the question that arises is what was the progress of technology during Shakespeare’s time? Was there technology at all? In the 16th century, the complexity of technology was limited to the water thermometer which was invented by Galileo in 1593, or the compound microscope, 1590. This was around the time the pencil was first beginning to be described, and the main method of communication was letters being delivered by men on horses (and sparrows if it is a movie or theatre play).

Gone are the days to send letters via air, with the help of sparrows of course or even a handwritten letter and wait weeks or even months for a reply provided the person has received and has read the letter.

With the advent of technology, distance is now no longer a curse for couples. Technology is keeping us close in all but physical ways, no matter how far the distance. While the feeling of love remains unchanged, technology has affected the way we make and develop relationships. We could go as far as saying that long-distance relationships exist and work only because of technology. With high-quality video calls and VoIP calls – you’re always connected to your significant other.

In tech-driven, interconnected, world, the protocol to court each other is now a lot easier and organized. Technology has allowed us to romantically connect with more people than was possible a couple of decades ago. Bringing together those who would have never crossed paths otherwise. It’s no longer necessary to cross seven seas to meet your soulmate in a massage parlor in Carson City. With the rise of virtual reality and touch technology, your soulmate is now just a call, message or even a swipe away.

Talking of the affair between technology and love, escorts in Carson City NV have been an incredibly valuable asset in helping thousands of people all over the world find their perfect match. And thanks to new technologies, the process of finding love online is becoming more easy, accurate and refined. At times we get too choosy with the availability of countless potential matches and start to find flaws and blow them out of proportion ignoring our own flaws. Too skinny... swipe left. Hair too straight...swipe left. No profile pic? Do they even exist? Swipe left! We’re like people at a super-sized buffet unable to pick one food to sample.

Forget swiping through endless profiles. escorts apps are now using artificial intelligence to suggest where to go on a first date with a Carson City massage girl, recommend what to say and even find a partner who looks like your favourite celebrity. The Carson City escorts sector is turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to help arrange meetings in real life and act as an escort coach.

With AI technology your past behaviour and past preferences and in-app activities are considered to offer the most relevant matches, based on the data it pulls. AI also has the capability to identify the smallest hidden patterns and dependencies. While you may not even think about the level of sentiment in your in-app conversation, the algorithm can easily calculate it — and match you with a person who has the same level of sentiment or responds positively to the one. And with Machine Learning, that is now being applied to the escorts apps’ algorithms, the matching process has become much more advanced. Can you beat that? Who would have thought of something even closer to this reality during the time of Romeo and Juliet?

Another interesting and positive development about the use of escorts apps is the data from an American Sociology Review paper suggests that the partnership rate for same-sex couples has skyrocketed. Apps give them opportunities to connect that they didn’t have before without anyone knowing about it. Privacy and love at its best.

Marriages, it is said, are made in heaven. But now with technology, we can say that they are now increasingly being made on the Internet through matrimonial portals – a perfect match between tradition and technology.  Online apps and matchmaking portals, changed the landscape of escorts forever.

Technology now lets you send a video or even a WhatsApp where before you could only send a letter – it’s really up to you how you put it to work for you. If we go by statistics leaving the app stories behind, according to a Text Request survey, we send at least 561 billion text messages every month – that’s roughly 200,000 text messages every second.

Flirting, courting, romance, breakups – it has all been invaded by technology. Social media and escorts in Carson City are serving as cupid to find your love. The integration of technology in our lives, and now our love lives, seems near impossible to avoid. You can't turn your head without finding someone who has at least one prostitute in Carson City on their phone. Tech is now the perfect wingman in your quest for love. Make sure to use it wisely to your benefit and feel the ecstasy of the purest feeling on earth – Love.

The idea of escorts, generations ago and the idea of escorts today with all of the online apps and matchmaking websites we have now, it's a lot easier to play the field. From the turn of the 20th century to the present day, romantic relationships have been an evolving part of the culture, just like everything else.

We are sincerely thankful for all technological advancements - Now every Romeo meets his Juliet and lives happily ever after. Now we can focus only on love and leave the drama limited to Shakespearean plays.